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									Open Action Items
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  #   Description                                            Owner          Priority                Due Date     Status/Comment

                                                                                                                 11/17/11: Future rail car procurement could take
                                                                                                                 this into account in its design. See action item 60.
                                                                                                                 9/15/11: Due to the location of trains. Technology
                                                                                                                 is difficult. Technology may be incorporated into
                                                                                                                 future station redesign.
                                                                                                                 3/17/2011: Current policy is that those bringing
                                                                                                                 their bikes on Caltrain must be able to lift their
      Address need to help some cyclists lift their                                                              own bikes on and off the trains. Rick Degman
 30                                                        Committee         Low       8/25/2010       TBD
      bikes onto trains                                                                                          reported that conductors can not assist due to
                                                                                                                 liability and injury considerations. Jerri-Ann
                                                                                                                 clarified this is not a request for conductors to
                                                                                                                 assist bicyclists with loading/unloading their
                                                                                                                 bikes. Would some type of technology
                                                                                                                 enhancement/equipment be feasible? This would
                                                                                                                 require investigation, cost, etc. Keep this on the
                                                                                                                 priority list as a low priority.

                                                                                                                 11/17/11: Currently discussing with contractor.
                                                                                                                 Will try to include in the scope.
                                                                                                                 9/15/2011 Staff to consider passenger count
                                                                                                                 scope in November.
      Consider counting bumped bikes in 2012                                                         9/15/11
 35                                                     Michelle Bouchard    Med       12/13/2010                1/20/2011: Michelle Bouchard informed the BAC
      February annual passenger counts                                                              11/17/11
                                                                                                                 that counting bicycles could not be done as part
                                                                                                                 of the February 2011 passenger counts, but
                                                                                                                 would be evaluated for potential inclusion in
                                                                                                                 subsequent years.

                                                                                                                 11/17/11: The public has requested to see
                                                                                                                 Caltrain's policy regarding the Brown Act. Todd
                                                                                                                 will ask the Board secretary.
                                                                                                                 7/21/2011: The adherence to the Brown Act has
      Provide Caltrain's policy stating that Caltrain                                                5/19/2011
                                                                                                                 been reiterated numerous times by the General
 42   requires all committees to be subject to the       Todd McIntyre       High      1/20/2011     7/21/2011
                                                                                                                 Manager to the JPB and in public meetings. No
      Brown Act.                                                                                    11/17/2011
                                                                                                                 other action is required or will be taken.
                                                                                                                 5/19/2011: Rosemary to follow up with legal
                                                                                                                 3/17/2011: Todd will report back at May meeting.

                                                                                                                 11/17/11: Can probably get in place around
                                                                                                                 March. No cost projection at this time.
                                                                                                                 9/15/2011: Marketing staff responsible for
                                                                                                                 producing any new signage. Need to determine
      Update instructional placards in bike cars to                                                    TBD
                                                                                                                 specifications and cost.
 54   include a linear map of stations as an aid for     Todd McIntyre       Low       3/17/2011    7/21/2011
                                                                                                                 7/21/2011: No timeline yet on the production of
      bike stacking                                                                                 3/15/2012
                                                                                                                 new cards.
                                                                                                                 5/19/2011: More info by July.
                                                                                                                 3/17/11: Time needed for design, cost
                                                                                                                 determination and timing of replacement.
                                                                                                            11/17/11: Working through a transition plan to be
                                                                                                            completed in February.
                                                                                                            9/15/2011: Caltrain has recently changed
                                                                                                            personnel contract to Transit America Services
     If five-car Bombardier trains had three bike
     cars, would three conductors be required? If
                                                                                                            7/21/2011: This was brought up in the context of
     trains had six cars instead of five, would three                                          7/21/2011
55                                                       Todd McIntyre     Med    5/19/2011                 adding a third bike car to Caltrain consists, which
     conductors be required? If so, what are                                                   3/15/2012
                                                                                                            is not under consideration by Caltrain. This
     concerns and safety issues that force this
                                                                                                            question was answered by operations, but
                                                                                                            additional information on overall staffing can be
                                                                                                            provided after the award of the new operations
                                                                                                            contract, which is currently anticipated for
                                                                                                            September 2011.
                                                                                                            11/17/11: Caltrain planning team working with
     Ensure short and mid-term access for bikes                                                             city of San Jose. Will bring any new info to BAC.
57                                                       Todd McIntyre     Med     9/15/11       TBD
     and pedestrians with Diridon station planning.                                                         9/15/2011: Staff will update BAC as milestones
                                                                                                            are met.

     Bike locker management: Bring RFI specifics                                               11/17/2011
58                                                       Todd McIntyre     High   9/15/2011                 11/17/11: To be discussed under staff report.
     to BAC (See closed action item 13 for ideas.)                                              1/19/2012

     Review onboard user survey with BAC before
                                                                                                            11/17/11: Expect to be finalized by mid-year.
59   survey is finalized. (See closed action item 47     Todd McIntyre     Low    9/15/2011    5/17/2012
                                                                                                            9/15/2011: Survey to be administered in 2013.
     for suggested survey questions.)
60   Solicit BAC for input on new rail car design        Todd McIntyre     High   11/17/2011      TBD
     Include Brown Act training on January meeting
61                                                       Shirley Johnson   High   11/17/2011   1/19/2012
     Will Santa Clara station undercrossing include
62                                                       Todd McIntyre     Med    11/17/2011   1/19/2012
     a stair channel for bikes?
     Analyze car parking utilization and compare
     with bike parking demand; if low car parking &
63                                                       Todd McIntyre     Low    11/17/2011      TBD
     high bike parking, then consider conversion of
     real estate from car parking to bike parking

     Include bike parking facility at 4th & King on
64   the January agenda: presentation from Warm          Shirley Johnson   High   11/17/2011   1/19/2012
     Planet Bikes and a discussion of new RFP

     Improve access to 4th & King station for
     passengers with bikes; expedite
65   implementation of Bicycle Access and Parking        Todd McIntyre     High   11/17/2011      TBD
     Plan recommendation for curb cut and bicycle
     greeting area on Townsend Street plaza
     Conductors have apparently intentionally shut
     doors on boarding cyclists to try to get them to
     board faster. Address conductor behavior and
66                                                       Todd McIntyre     High   11/17/2011   1/19/2012
     consider giving passengers with bikes priority
     boarding at bike cars, because walk-ons can
     board at other doors.
     Include election of officers on January meeting
67                                                       Shirley Johnson   High   11/17/2011   1/19/2012
     Include 2012 meeting calendar on January
68                                                       Shirley Johnson   High   11/17/2011   1/19/2012
     meeting agenda
     What is utilization of bike parking facilities at
69                                                       Todd McIntyre     High   11/17/2011   1/19/2012
     Menlo Park and Palo Alto stations?
Closed Action Items
# Description                                              Owner          Priority

     Can we post electronic draft minutes shortly
1                                                       Todd McIntyre      Med       8/25/2010
     after the meetings?

  Can we post meeting materials instead of
2                                                       Todd McIntyre      Med       8/25/2010
  using paper handouts to inform the public?
3 Can the meetings be webcast?                          Todd McIntyre      Low       8/25/2010
  Can we set up an auto-response to BAC
4                                                       Todd McIntyre      High      8/25/2010
  Investigate emails to Caltrain customer service
5                                                       Todd McIntyre      High      8/25/2010
  that receive no response today.
     Send Todd emails from cyclists who stopped
6                                                      Shirley Johnson     Med       8/25/2010
     riding the train, copy

  Share data showing that Caltrain could collect
7 over $1 million more ticket revenue annually if      Shirley Johnson     High      9/28/2010
  it had enough bike capacity to meet demand

  What hours are peak commute hours for the           Shirley Johnson
8 statement "98% of user-reported bumps               (for Jeffery         Med       9/28/2010
  occurred during peak commute hours'                 Oldham)

                                                  Shirley Johnson
   Provide access to data sheets of user-reported
9                                                 (for Jeffery             Med       9/28/2010
   Send info to BAC and to Michelle Bouchard
10 about why Caltrain can't put a second bike car   Shirley Johnson        Low       9/28/2010
   next to the first bike car.

     Cite the law that prohibits a google group for
11                                                      Todd McIntyre      High      12/13/2010
     discussions (not voting) under the Brown Act.

   Review past BAC minutes to add suggestions
12 from Committee members to this action item          Shirley Johnson     Med       12/13/2010
   list, so the suggestions are tracked

   Consider putting the fourth spare bike car into
14 operation, once it is repaired (it was burned in   Michelle Bouchard    Med       12/13/2010
   a crash).
     Send destination tags to Warm Planet Bikes as
17                                                    Todd McIntyre     High   12/13/2010
     an outlet, now that ticket offices are closed.

21 Report on bike sharing project                     Todd McIntyre     High   12/13/2010

     Charter subcommittee to consider public input
25                                                    Jerri-Ann Meyer   High   12/13/2010
     on BAC draft charter

27 Address bike sharing                                 Committee       High   8/25/2010
28 Address bike parking amenities                       Committee       Low    8/25/2010
   Address needs for mirrors in some passage
29                                                      Committee       Low    8/25/2010
   Update wording on signs in bike cars
31 instructing cyclists to use destination tags, if   Todd McIntyre     Low    12/13/2010

   Regarding priority seating for cyclists, what
33 was the wording on the signs that used to be       Todd McIntyre     High   12/13/2010
   in bike cars?

     Determine where to place the signs suggesting
16                                                 Michelle Bouchard    High   12/13/2010
     non-cyclists sit elsewhere

     Consider placing destination tags in the
19                                                    Todd McIntyre     Med    12/13/2010
     literature racks in the bike car

   Consider scheduling two gallery bike cars on
37 train 138 (now that train 236 is canceled, train    Rick Degman      High   1/20/2011
   138 is bumping bikes)
   Reconsider putting two gallery bike cars on
38 train 324, the most problematic train for            Rick Degman       High   1/20/2011
   bumping bikes
34 Can Bike Link be used for lockers?                  Todd McIntyre      Low    12/13/2010

     Consider consolidating management of all bike
36                                                     Todd McIntyre      Med    12/13/2010
   Signage in bike cars suggesting non-cyclists sit
   1. Modify wording proposed by staff at
15                                                     Todd McIntyre      High   12/13/2010
   December 17 BAC meeting, so that non-
   cyclists understand the reason.
   2. Detemine where to place the signage

   Destination tags:
   1. Place destination tags in grip lockers on
   trains, so conductors have ready access and
18                                                     Todd McIntyre      High   12/13/2010
   can carry them
   2. Consider placing destination tags in the
   literature racks in the bike car

   Revisit the age restriction for bringing a bike
   onboard. Specifically allow bicyclists under the
20 age of 12 to bring their bikes onboard if they      Todd McIntyre      Low    12/13/2010
   are accompanied by someone older than 12
   (or 18?).

   Post charter of other committees on their web
22 sites (not just Caltrain committees, but other      Todd McIntyre      Low    12/13/2010
   Samtrans-related committees as well)

                                                       Jerri-Ann Meyer
     Present subcommittee recommendation on
24                                                     Carlos Babcock     Med    12/13/2010
     station improvements
                                                       Ryan Kaufman

   What are the issues that arise from having the
32 wheelchair lift and the bike car in the same       Michelle Bouchard   Low    12/13/2010
     How many seats are there in Bombardier vs
41                                                     Rick Degman      Med    1/20/2011
     gallery cars?

   Correct the posted Meeting Summary for the
   BAC meeting held 12/13/10. The minutes are
44                                                    Rosemary Lake     Low    1/20/2011
   accurate wrt B. Burr's comment, but the posted
   Meeting Summary needs to be corrected.
   Schedule special BAC meeting to include the
   following agenda items at a minimum:
   1.Resolution for Consistent and Sufficient
   Bicycle Capacity Onboard Caltrain
45                                                    Todd McIntyre     High   1/20/2011
   2. Presentation on the San Mateo County
   Transportation Authority Bike & Pedestrian Call
   for Projects
   3. Committee Requests
   Trains with Two Gallery Bike Cars:
   1. Look at re-doing consist turns in Feb or
   March, now that the fourth spare bike car could
   potentially be put into service (repairs have
   been completed)
39 2. Consider scheduling two gallery bike cars on     Rick Degman      High   1/20/2011
   train 138 (now that train 236 is canceled, train
   138 is bumping bikes)
   3. Reconsider putting two gallery bike cars on
   train 324, the most problematic train for
   bumping bikes

     Present ad hoc committee recommendation on         Dave Kade
23                                                                      High   12/13/2010
     bike capacity                                    Shirley Johnson

     Provide the passenger count data showing
40                                                     Rick Degman      Med    1/20/2011
     seated capacity of train 324 at peak load

   Under the Brown Act, can a special meeting
   directly follow a regular meeting in the same
46 room with the same attendees, with the special     Todd McIntyre     Low    1/20/2011
   meeting agenda items being posted 24 hours
   in advance?
   Update on status of budgetary issues and
48                                                       Todd McIntyre     High   3/17/2011
   service plan for Caltrain at May meeting
   Add resolution for bikes onboard high speed
49                                                       Shirley Johnson   Low    3/17/2011
   rail to May BAC agenda
   Reconsider putting two gallery bike cars on
50 train 324, the most problematic train for              Rick Degman      HIgh   1/20/2011
   bumping bikes
   Post signage on outside of bike cars
51                                                        Rick Degman      High   3/17/2011
   requesting non-cyclists sit elsewhere

     Provide information on project selection criteria
53                                                       Todd McIntyre     High   3/17/2011
     at May meeting

   Bike lockers:
   1. Consider consolidating management of all
   bike lockers
13                                                       Todd McIntyre     Low    12/13/2010
   2. Could the Clipper card be used for on-
   demand access to bike lockers?
   3. Could Bike Link be used for bike lockers?

26 Address Diridon transit center                          Committee       Low    8/25/2010
     Discuss with executive team whether BAC
43                                                     Todd McIntyre   High   1/20/2011
     report can be agendized at JPB meetings

     Provide update on bike sharing program at July
52                                                     Todd McIntyre   Low    3/17/2011

   In the next onboard user survey, consider the
   1. include a checkbox to ascertain how many
   people who rode their bikes to the station
   brought their bikes onboard, and
47 2. include a checkbox under reasons to ride         Todd McIntyre   Low    3/17/2011
   Caltrain "because I can bring my bike onboard"
   3. Include a data field to determine the mileage
   to the station.
   4. Include check box to determine if train riders
   came to the station via bike share.
   Staff to provide feedback on project
56 prioritization proposal presented at 5/19/2011      Todd McIntyre   High   5/19/2011
   BAC meeting by BAC Chair
Due Date    Status/Comment
            Done. Staff can prepare a meeting summary about
            two weeks after the meeting is held. Draft minutes will
            be posted one week before the next meeting along
            with the agenda.
            Done. Staff plans to provide 10 copies to the public at
            meetings, and will also post on the website.
9/28/2010   Done. Not at this time.
8/31/2010   Done. Yes, it was put in place as of last week.
            Done. Todd worked with customer service to develop
            a standard reply.

9/28/2010   Done. Report_Caltrain_Loses_Ridership

10/25/2010 Done.

           Done. In 2010, 98.1% of bumps occurred during peak
           hours. Trains were considered peak-hour trains if they
           left the first station
10/25/2010 * morning: 5:45am–9:00am
           * evening: 4:00pm–7:00pm
           Arrival time at the last station served was not
           considered. Originating stations were San Francisco,
           Gilroy, San Jose Tamien, and San Jose Diridon.

10/25/2010 Done. Reported Bumps Data Sheets

10/25/2010 Done. FAQ Bike Car Placement

            Done. 54952.2, slide 9 of Brown Act Presentation,

1/13/2010   Done. See action items 26 - 30.

            Done. Rick Degman reported that the fourth spare
            bike car is repaired. It is not in the current turn
   TBD      schedule, but is saved in reserve to try to maintain the
            two-bike-car consist line-up. It may be possible to plug
            it into the next turn schedule. See action item 39.
1/20/2011   Done.

            Done. See
            1. Public input: There should be a clearer definition
            and distinction between public representative vs
            bicycle advocacy representative.
            Reponse: Selection of members is done by the Staff
            Coordinating Council in secret, and the SCC is
            responsible for selecting members appropriate to the
            category they represent. If the public wishes to
            comment on member selection, they may do so at
            CAC or JPB meetings during public comment.
            2. Public input: Retain Caltrain BAC google group for
            discussion, but not voting.
            Response: The Caltrain BAC google group is not
            allowed due to Brown Act restrictions.
            3. Public input: The BAC should not be bound by the
            Brown Act.
            Response: While not legally required, Caltrain policy
            is that the BAC is bound by the Brown Act. See action
            item 42.
            4. Public input: The BAC should report directly to the
            Response: To be considered, see action item 43.
  TBD       Done. Addressed in action item 21.
            Transferred to action item 24, i.e., being addressed by
            staion improvement subcommittee.
            Transferred to action item 24, i.e., being addressed by
            staion improvement subcommittee.
            Done. Not necessary, signs already include this

            Done. Rosemary sent by email on 1/4/2011. The
            wording was "This area of the car is reserved for
            bicyclists and their bikes. For bike information call 1-
            800-660-4287 or pick up a Take One in the bike car."
            Combined with action item 15.
            Combined with action item 18
1/20/2011   1/20/2011: Rick said the tags are expensive, and
3/17/2011   Caltrain wants to control distribution. Will discuss at
            the conductor outreach meeting on Jan 28.

3/17/2011   Combined with action item 39.
3/17/2011   Combined with action item 39.

            Combined with action item 13.
            1/20/2011: Todd said this is being considered.
            Combined with action item 13.
  TBD       1/20/2011: An RFP is being considered to find an
            operator to manage all bike lockers.

1/13/2010   Done. Proposal from Caltrain approved at 3/17/2011
 2/9/2011   BAC meeting.

            2/15/2011 - Ops reviewed and decided against
            placing tags on trains, due primarily to the high costs
            of the tags themselves. Tags have been stocked at
            Warm Planet and the SF conductor's crew room for
            conductors to take aboard the train with them. It is
            voluntary for conductors to carry tags.
            3/17/2011: Proposal approved at March BAC meeting.
            Is a trail and will bemonitored for need to modify
            3/7/2011: An update on this issue will be included on
            the March BAC agenda.
  TBD       1/20/2011: Rick Degman said the Operations
            department is looking into it and talking to Amtrak.
            There are concerns about dwell time, but one
            possiblity may be make an exception for weekend
            trains, when families may want to take a bicycle/train
            outing, and dwell time is less of an issue than during
            commute period.
            3/17/2011: All are now posteed.

            Done. Presented at 3/17/2011 BAC meeting.
            1/20/2011: Ryan Kaufman said the committee is
            prioritizing station improvements and will post progress
            on the Caltrain BAC google goup. Todd McIntyre said
            it is not allowed to post on the Caltrain BAC google
            group due to Brown Act restrictions.
            In order to maintain accessibility at the same high
            levels for passengers needing assistance, Caltrain ops
            does not want to "mix wheels" and have bikes and
            personal mobility devices in the same car. This is
            Caltrain policy.
            Gallery cab car - 88 or 107 seats;
            Gallery trailer car - 148 seats;
            Bombardier cab car - 124 seats;
            Bombardier trailer car - 148 seats

2/15/2011   Done.

            Obsolete.Staff attempted to schedule a meeting for
            Feb. 9 & Feb. 23 or 24 and was unable to get a
            confirmed quorum. The next meeting will be the
            regularly scheduled meeting on Mar. 17

            Number 1 and 2 done, number 3 still open. Number 3
            captured as new action item 50.

            5/17/2011: Done. The resolution (with modifications)
            3/17/2011: The committee would like to discuss again
            at May meeting, because members of the ad hoc
            committee were not present at the March meeting.
            1/20/2011: Todd McIntyre neglected to include this on
            the 1/20/2011 BAC agenda by mistake, and he said it
            could not be added during the meeting due to Brown
            Act restrictions. This item has been included on the
            March BAC agenda.
            Done. According to February 2011 passenger counts,
            train 324 reaches 98% seated capacity at peak load.
            However, the passenger counts assumed 650 total
            seats, but Bombardier trains acturally have 680 to 690
            total seats, so the actual peak is 93%. Peak load lasts
            10 minutes, then seats become available as
            passengers detrain.

            Done. Yes. Per Hansen & Brigitt legal counsel.
            Done. No service cuts planned for July. See staff
            report in meeting minutes for more informatin.
5/19/2011   Done. The resolution passed.
            Done. Caltrain staff refused to put two gallery bike cars
5/19/2011   on train 324. Staff said passengers with bikes should
            use other trains.
            7/21/2011: Signage posted inside bike cars.
            Done. See presentation posted on BAC web page:
            9/15/11: Presentation made at meeting.
            7/21/2011: Staff has begun internal discussions for a
            Request for Information (RFI) process. This will give
            the agency more information on the types of
            companies and technologies that are available in the
            marketplace. Also, it will allow for an appropriate
            scope of work to be developed for potential bidders in
            a Request for Proposals (RFP) process that could
            potentially begin in early 2012 if funding is available.
            The BAC will be presented the results of the RFI and
            the key scope points for the RFP at the appropriate
            time. 9/15/2011: Staff report on bike locker
            management is agendized for the September meeting.
            9/15/11: Staff presentation on Diridon update 300
            acres joint JPB and VTA included with San Jose's
            Diridon Station Area Plan and newly adopted 2040
            General Plan drastically shifting mode sare to 50%
            single use auto, 20% public transit, 15% cycling, and
            15% walking. A request was made to include short and
            mid-term access to Diron Station. Staff will update the
            committee at specific milestones. A request was also
            made for an update on platform and signal work being
            done at Diridon.
5/19/2011   7/21/2011: Verbal update on July agenda. Will
7/21/2011   continue to keep committee posted at its meetings.
            5/19/11: Transit proposal still in front of city council.
            Plan to present update in July.
            8/25/2011: Suggested by John Brazil. John said it is 2
            part: 1) bring the committee up to speed on the status,
            2) then committee can discuss and identify
            opportunities for improvement. 9/15/2011: The Diridon
            Station plan is still early in the process and more
            conceptual in nature. As more details become
            available, Caltrain staff will be involved for and keeping
            tabs on short- and mid-term access issues, per
             11/17/11: No, cannot report to JPB. Staff will continue
             to give JPB a summary of BAC meetings, as stated in
             our charter.
 2/9/2011    7/21/2011: Nothing new to report.
5/19/2011    5/19/11: Still looking at it.
7/21/2011    3/17/2011: Todd will report back at May meeting. GM
             Scanlon has indicated that it would be appropriate for
             the BAC to report out to the JPB CAC. Staff will work
             with the two committees to establish the relationship.

             9/15/11 Presentation at Sept meeting. MTC funds
             sourced from SB375 Climate Initiatives Grant
             Program. 4 SF, SMC and SCC cities and partnering
             with BAAQMD, SFMTA, SAMTRANS, and VTA. 1,000
             bikes total. Stations TBD. 1st and last mile as well as
7/21/2011    relieving demand on limited BOB
             7/21/2011: Verbal update to be provided as part of
             staff report. 5/19/11: Staff may need until September
             for presentation, but can provide a summary as part of
             staff report for July meeting. 9/15/2011: Agendized for
             September meeting.

           9/15/2011: Discussed at September meeting. Follow
           up will be reported when the Marketing Department
           has completed the survey.
12/31/2011 7/21/2011: Idea passed along to the Marketing
           department, which is responsible for these surveys.
           Nothing to report at this time. 9/15/2011: Agendized for
           September meeting.

7/21/2011    Done. See July meeting minutes.
Parking Lot
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Due Date   Status/Comment

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