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                  Objective                          PERFORMANCE                     No.          STRATEGY                       DELIVERABLES                IMPLEMENTATION TIME LINE
                                                      INDICATORS                                                                                      2005       2006       2007        2008
1- To create flexible learning opportunities   On-time resource availability for     1-1   Whole class computer lab         Get quotes for machines
                                               class lessons                               with data projector

                                                                                     1-2   50 laptop computers for use Get quotes for laptops
                                                                                           as whole class set or to be
                                                                                           broken up into 'pods' as

                                                                                     1-3   Pods' of seven computer in       Get quotes for machines
                                                                                           each class                       and network wiring

                                               Ability to create a learning space    1-4   Wireless infrastructure
                                               anywhere in the school                      throughout the school

                                               Teachers can access their             1-5   Citrix Presentation Server
                                               desktop environment anywhere                delivering desktop and
                                               anytime                                     applications via the

                                               Students can access workspaces        1-6   E-Learning spaces such as
                                               anywhere anytime                            Moodle and Lams delivered
                                                                                           via LAN/Wan

                                               Availability of subsidised Internet   1-7   Leverage LCAQD volume to
                                               access for school staff                     negotiate a competitive
                                                                                           bandwidth agreement with
                                                                                           an ISP for staff

2- To further ICT knowledge in our students    A comprehensive ICT based             2-1   Create matrix
                                               outcomes matrix is available for
                                               all teaching staff in the school

                                               Use of ICT outcomes in all            2-2
                                               teaching plans

                                               ICT specialist is available to        2-3
                                               assist teachers in better planning
                                               and implementation of ICT's into
                                               their programs

                                                                                           Prepared by Grace Lutheran Primary School 3/31/2012                                                 Page 1

3- To expand opportunities for
planning/evaluation using ICT

4- To increase engagement levels via ICT in   Installation of smart boards into     4-1   Begin a staged
classes                                       every class room                            implementation of
                                                                                          multimedia equipment in all
                                                                                          classrooms and specialists
                                              Creation of varied, relevant and      4-2
                                              interesting online experiences
                                              which aid in fulfilling outcomes

                                              Creation of more personalised         4-3   Supply classrooms with
                                              content for use in class activities         digital cameras, both still
                                                                                          and video, scanners and the
                                                                                          software to digitally edit

5- To facilitate school/community links and   Use of programs such as LAMS,         5-1   Activate these portals and
access                                        TASS Parent Kiosk and Moodle                give families a unique
                                              to open portals for school parent           identifier

                                              Availability of night-time computer   5-2   Develop basic computer
                                              classes for Adult community                 courses to run at night

                                              Availability of subsidised Internet   5-3   Leverage LCAQD volume to
                                              access for school parents                   negotiate a competitive
                                                                                          bandwidth agreement with
                                                                                          an ISP for staff

6- To implement focused ICT PD for staff                                                                                  Find and organise PD
                                                                                                                          opportunities for staff

7- To manage and process information in a     Use of a recognised anti-virus        7-1   Buy and install anti-virus
secure, flexible and timely manner            system on the school network                software

                                              Use of recognised security            7-2
                                              measures as outline in Microsoft
                                              Security Recommendations

                                                                                          Prepared by Grace Lutheran Primary School 3/31/2012       Page 2

Use correct file management     7-3
procedures with cover storage
and backup

                                      Prepared by Grace Lutheran Primary School 3/31/2012   Page 3

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