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					Euro Disney Write Up – Due: via e-mail by 11:59 PM Thursday March 24, 2011 – TONIGHT.

1,500 to 2,000 words (3 to 4 pages max) Be sure to do a word count before you submit.

1. Evaluate Disney’s decision to build a theme park in Europe.

        Suggestion: A. Evaluate this decision from a Porter five-forces viewpoint – At this point in time,
        based on the information you have, examine the overall attractiveness of the theme park industry.
        B. Examine the attractiveness of the theme park business in Europe.

        C. Consider Disney’s competitive advantage in operating a European theme park.

        D. Assess the prospects for a Disney theme park based near Paris. As the case explains, Disney
        considered a number of possible locations of a European theme park. In the end, it came down to
        a choice between Paris and Barcelona. Did Disney make the right choice? (Assess the
        advantages/disadvantages of Paris over Barcelona).

        E. Assess Disney’s approach to adapting to the local culture. Adequate or excessive/effective or

2. Can Disney Rely on the Financial Projections?

        A.D. Little produced detailed forecasts of Euro Disney’s revenue and cost streams (Summarized
        in Appendix A.) Assess the assumptions utilized in developing these projections (i.e. with
        respect to forecasted attendance, admission charges, growth in per capita expenditures).

3. Assess Disney’s choice of entry strategy. Why did Disney adopt a different approach to Europe
compared to Tokyo?

4. Recommendations for Philippe Bourguignon. There are a few big strategic issues and some
operational issues concerning the fine-tuning of Euro Disney in order to improve revenues and reduce
costs. Identify and explain your recommendations.

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