Chapter 22 Section 2 Notes

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					                                                  Chapter 22 Section 2 Notes

    The Second New Deal
•   Congress passed laws extending government oversight of the banking industry and raising taxes for the wealthy.
•   It funded new relief programs for the still-struggling population
    – From now on, people should work for pay.
    (The original New Deal gave direct payments to Americans in need without working)

    Works Progress Administration
•   WPA- largest peacetime jobs program in U.S. history
•   employed 8.5 million Americans on all kinds of public-works projects at a cost of about $11 billion.
•   WPA workers built roads, subways, airports, even zoos. They worked in offices, schools, museums, and factories
    earning a paycheck rather than getting a handout lifted people’s spirits

    Social Security
•   provided a pension, or guaranteed, regular payments, for many people 65 and older.
•   retired workers no longer needed to fear hunger and homelessness once they became too old to work
•   Unemployment-provided payments to workers who lost their jobs, giving them a financial cushion while they looked for
    new work

    Election of 1936,Alf Landon (R) Vs. F.D.R (D)
•   President Roosevelt campaigned on a solid record of legislative achievement and significant improvements in the
     – Unemployment had been cut in half
•   Landon received 8 electoral votes while Roosevelt received 523
      – The Democrats again gained seats in both houses of Congress
      – They also won 26 of the 33 races for governor
•   The electoral landslide also confirmed a momentous shift in American politics
       – African Americans in the North switched from the party of Lincoln (Republican) to the Democratic Party

    Court Packing Plan
•   Created by Roosevelt, frustrated that the courts had struck down many New Deal programs
•   a plan to reorganize the nation’s courts
       – give the president power to appoint many new judges and expand the Supreme Court by up to six justices
•   effort to “pack” the Supreme Court with friendly justices that would support his programs
•   Most people saw it as a a dangerous attempt to upset the constitutional balance of power
       – F.D.R supporters were troubled and his party began to desert him

    Recovery in Doubt
•   fall of 1937, the nation’s economy suffered another setback, a sharp drop in the stock market.
        – about 2 million more Americans had lost their jobs
•   F.D.R. had hoped to cut back on gov’t spending fearing the growing federal budget deficit-
        – gov’t spends more money than it takes in with taxes/income

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