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									                        49th ERA-EDTA CONGRESS
   eraedta2012.org   www.            ,
                            MAY 24-27 2012

                                             PARIS, France

First Announcement
MAY 24-27 2012 PARIS, France


           Gérard M. London, France

            Adrian Covic, Romania

    Chairperson of the Administrative Offices
             Rosanna Coppo, Italy

    of “Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation”
           Norbert Lameire, Belgium

           Chairperson of the Registry
          Christoph Wanner, Germany

           Ordinary Council Members
              Peter Barany, Sweden
         Peter Blankestijn, Netherlands
         Dominique Chauveau, France
           Markus Ketteler, Germany
  (Chairperson of the Paper Selection Committee)
             Marian Klinger, Poland
         Ivan Rychlik, Czech Republic
          Kostas Siamopoulos, Greece
         Gultekin Süleymanlar, Turkey

        Congress Presidents (Paris 2012)
             Pierre Ronco, France
         Raymond Vanholder, Belgium
It is our great pleasure to invite you to Paris in May 2012 to take part in the 49th
congress of ERA-EDTA. The Society is planning a meeting of outstanding scientific
quality in the beautiful city of Paris.

The meeting will be held in the Palais des Congrès at Porte Maillot close to the Arc
de Triomphe which is located in the heart of the city within walking distance of most
hotels and less than 20 minutes by public transport from all points of interest.

The Scientific Committee, chaired by Jürgen Floege, is already working to ensure a
wide choice of lectures and symposia covering the most aspects of basic and clinical
Nephrology including the most recent research. CME sessions will be offered. Spe-
cial negotiated rates for hotels in all categories will be available and travel grants

The Water Lilies, one of Claude Monet’s best known paintings, was chosen as the
symbol of the ERA-EDTA Congress in Paris for several reasons which we hope you will
discover during your stay in our wonderful city -“la ville-lumière” or the city of light.
Water and the life stemming from it, are symbols that relate easily to a discipline
that was born from the effort to master salt and water balance and sought, through
dialysis, to correct the water unbalance of the diseased kidneys. The similarities with
Monet’s work are even deeper. This great impressionist painter made over 250 oil
paintings on the nympheas, in a constant search for perfection. As physicians, we may
find our affinities with the painter’s constant need to observe and describe the world.
As researchers, we may identify with the search for the perfect light, through the rep-
etition of studies of the same images, until they are seen from all the possible points of
view. There is even a simple and deeper reason that guided our choice: the nympheas
are just beautiful, and we all need beauty in our life devoted to medicine and research.
The Water Lilies will be a recurrent theme of the Social Programme which we have al-
ready started to prepare for you. There are so many things to see and to feel in Paris.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris in May 2012.
  Gérard M. London                   Pierre Ronco                Dominique Chauveau
 ERA-EDTA President                Congress President             Congress Secretary

           49th ERA-EDTA CONGRESS
           MAY 24-27 2012 PARIS, France

                       ORGANISING COMMITTEE

            ERA-EDTA President: Gérard M. London, France
                Congress President: Pierre Ronco, France
            Congress Secretary: Dominique Chauveau, France

                              Local Committee:
         Patrice Deteix, President of Société de Néphrologie, France
 Thierry Hannedouche, President of Société Francophone de Dialyse, France
Georges Mourad, President of Société Francophone de Transplantation, France
  Patrick Niaudet, President of Société de Néphrologie Pédiatrique, France

                        SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE

                      Chair: Jürgen Floege, Germany

                           Mustafa Arici, Turkey
                         Bernard Canaud, France
                      Giovambattista Capasso, Italy
                          Pierre Cochat, France
                            John Feehally, UK
                         Bengt Fellstrom, Sweden
                          Joao Frazao, Portugal
                        Markus Ketteler, Germany
                        Nine Knoers, Netherlands
                          Armin Kurtz, Germany
                        Johannes Mann, Germany
                           Patrick Maxwell, UK
                         Klaus Olgaard, Denmark
                           Manuel Praga, Spain
                         Laszlo Rosivall, Hungary
                      Francesco Paolo Schena, Italy
                           Nicholas Topley, UK
                      Raymond Vanholder, Belgium

            ERA-EDTA President
              Gérard M. London
                Hopital Manhes
             8 rue Roger Clavier
            91712 Fleury-Mérogis
            Fax: +33-1-69256525
        E-mail: president@era-edta.org

             Congress President
                  Pierre Ronco
      Service de Néphrologie et Dialyses
                 Hôpital Tenon
               4, rue de la Chine
                   75020 Paris
            Fax : +33-1-56016999
        E-mail: pierreronco@yahoo.fr

               Congress Secretary
             Dominique Chauveau
Service de Néphrologie et Immunologie Clinique
               Hôpital de Rangueil
            31059 Toulouse cedex 9
              Fax: +33-5-61322351
      E-mail: chauveau.d@chu-toulouse.fr

      Chair of the Scientific Committee
                  Jürgen Floege
             Medizinische Klinik II
               der RWTH Aachen
                 Pauwelsstr. 30
                D-52074 Aachen
             Fax: +49-241-8082446
    E-mail: juergen.floege@rwth-aachen.de
MAY 24-27 2012 PARIS, France

         ERA-EDTA Congress Office
               Via Spolverini 2
            I-43126 Parma - Italy
          Phone: +39-0521-989078
           Fax: +39-0521-959242
        E-mail: congress@era-edta.org
      E-mail: registrations@era-edta.org
  Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales Contact
             Mr. Paolo Zavalloni
          ERA-EDTA Congress Office
        E-mail: zavalloni@era-edta.org
         ERA-EDTA Membership Office
       c/o Mrs. Monica Fontana Faughnan
                 Office Manager
                Via Aldo Moro 18
     I-35030 Bastia di Rovolon (PD) - Italy
            Phone: +39-049-9913028
             Fax: +39-049-9910957
       E-mail: membership@era-edta.org
            Hotel accommodation
               29, rue du Colisée
             F-75008 Paris - France
            Phone: +33-1-70360430
             Fax: +33-1-70360421
       Sales Manager: Christophe Cogez
           Phone: +33-1-70360437
      E-mail: era-edta2012@wipresa.com
            Social Events and Tours
               Colloquium Paris
           12, rue de la Croix Faubin
         F-75557 Paris cedex 1 - France
            Phone: +33-1-44641515
              Fax +33-1-44641516
      Sr Project Manager: Sylvie Mündler
            Phone: +33-1-44641469
             Fax: +33-1-44641516
      E-mail: s.mundler@clq-group.com
Scientific Programme overview
The Scientific Committee of the 49th ERA-EDTA congress looks forward to preparing
a highly attractive programme.
We will choose a disease-oriented thematic organization with eight main themes:

• Fluid and electrolytes, tubular transport

• Hereditary disorders, development, pregnancy

• Glomerular diseases and infectious diseases of the kidney

• Acute Kidney Injury and Intensive Care Nephrology

• CKD – epidemiology, prevention, progression, pathopysiology

• Hypertension, vascular disease and diabetes

• End-stage kidney disease and dialysis

• Transplantation

Within each theme, we will attempt as much as possible to integrate basic science
into the clinical context and a major focus will be on the potential of translating
research results into novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.
Major elements of the programme include plenary lectures with the presentation of
cutting edge science by world leading investigators, poster sessions with no parallel
activities, symposia with integrated mini-lectures and free communications, practi-
cal courses and industry-sponsored symposia.

                                                           Jürgen Floege
                                                 Chair of the Scientific Committee

MAY 24-27 2012 PARIS, France

Les Nymphéas, Claude Monet, Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris -
photograph by Edoardo Terzolo

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