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     C        ongratulations On Your First Step Of Success!!!

Based in the heart of the city,We are committed towards our students growth and excellent training

in order to cater the growing demands of the industry, At HCM we enable students become the best

 managers and entrepreneurs, We have the best of the faculties, some of our faculties are from top

B schools as we are confined towards the best educational practices.We do not compromise on our

quality of education. And we also make sure our students do not miss out on their social life, as we

understand that it is necessary for one to have a balanced life, both professional and social life.

Students, faculty and staff from all fields have the opportunity to explore, excel, and achieve more

here than they would have imagined. We ensure that our students get the best practical knowledge

which will be on par with the present B school standards.Every student will get the best industrial

exposure and as well as Class room training. Guest lectures are arranged from the top corporates both

from India and abroad. Students are also trained with a special programme known as MUCIA student

development program. Where the students are trained in accordance with MUCIA USA which contains

Personality development, Six Sigma, SAP,Oracle, international Business etiquettes which will prepare

our students to face any challenges in life.
About Our Dean ......

                                                               “If you want to be a future entrepreneur think like an
                                                               entrepreneur and act like an entrepreneur, If you want to be a
                                                               future Managing director, think like a director and act like a

                                                                  Ex-Managing Director-UB Holdings
          Satish Kaul                                             Ex-Managing Director- Shawallace .
                                                                  Ex-Managing Director-Mc Dowells
He Completed His Schooling at St. Anne’s; Bombay And He Did His 12th In Bombay
A n d P a s s e d O u t W i t h A D i s t i n c t i o n . H e G r a d u a t e d I n C h e m i s t r y A n d P h y s i c s . I t ’s A
T r a d i t i o n I n B o m b a y T h a t Yo u F i n i s h Yo u r 11 t h A n d G e t I n t o A D e g r e e A n d H e
Fortunately Got Into The Best Colleges In Bombay St. Xavier ’s. Later Wanted To Get
I n t o M b a . B e f o r e G e t t i n g I n t o M b a , M a r k e t i n g W h i c h Wa s H i s P a s s i o n H e H a d To
Work As A Salesman For A Year, Since His Financial Conditions Did Not Support Him.
He Completed His Mba From Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management,
B o m b a y A n d Wa s O ff e r e d J o b B y We l l K n o w n C o m p a n i e s L i k e M i c o B o s c h A n d
S a r a b h a i ( w h i c h Wa s T h r e e Ti m e s B i g g e r T h a n H i n d u s t a n L i v e r ) . S a r a b h a i Wa s T h e
F i r s t C o m p a n y To S t a r t W i t h D e t e r g e n t s ; T h e y W e r e I n t o S o a p s , C o s m e t i c s ,
Shampoos. He Started His Career With Sarabhai For 2 Years As An Assistant Product
Manager. He Then Joined A Company Called Polychem (which Basically Deals With Liquors And
P o l y s t y r e i n e ) A n d H e l p e d T h e C o m p a n y E x p e d i t i o u s l y .
Later On He Got Into Forbes (which Has A Liquor Division) As
A Head Of Sales And Marketing. In The Year 1979 Got A Call From Lt. Vittal Mallya, To
Be The Head Of Harbertsons (as Marketing Manager) And Also Had The Privilege In
A s s i s t i n g M r. V i j a y M a l l y a I n H i s B u s i n e s s A t S i n g a p o r e , A f t e r T h a t U n d e r w e n t A
Training Session In Usa In The Field Of Medical Electronics Division. And Came Back And Started
Mallya Apollo Hospital Which Was A Joint Ventrure Between Mallya And Appollo Group,
Now Known As Vittal Mallya The Year 1986 He Became The Vice President Of Mc Dowell’s And Helped The
Company To Gain Huge Profits. Later He Became The Managing Director Of Ub – The Holding Company Of Ub
Group At A Young Age Of 40. In The Year 1990 He Joined Jumbo Electronics, Dubai Where He Was A Director.
H e W e n t To C a l c u t t a To I m p r o v e L i q u o r B u s i n e s s O f S h a w W a l l l a c e .

During This Journey Of Success He Has Expierenced The Corporate Culture Of Every Country And Now He Is With
S t . h o p k i n s To T r a n s f o r m E v e r y S t u d e n t I n t o T h e F u t u r e M a n a g i n g D i r e c t o r .
From the Leaders....

Being a well-conceived response to the growing demands for professionally
trained executives and Entrepreneurs in the New Economy, Hopkins offers you
the right management education you need today. I welcome you to turn this to
your best advantage, and assure you that by the time you graduate from our
Institution, you will be in different league altogether- professionally as well as



The members of advisory board comprises of different industrial sector and academic experts.
The memebers meets to upgrade and fine-tune the curriculum to meet industry requirements and
determine plans for academic excellence. The members of the board review all business programs
to ensure high standards of academic delivery. The Board also determines and verifies outcomes for
the various modules taught in the programs. The Board provides direction to the Board of Directors
of the College in all matters pertaining to HCM academic resources, programming, strategic planning,
 student affair and any other related academic issues.

    Mr.Manjunath Eswar- south Head- Standard chartered Bank.
    Mr.Venkata Murthy- South Head- L&T Mutual Fund.
    Mr.Nischal BA- AVP- Religare.
    Ms.Trisha Hazarika- Business Analyst- IBM Bangalore.
    Dr Ramesh Kumar-Competence Development Facilitator -ING Vysya Bank limited .
    Ms.Trinita Irene- Business Developement Manager-Red FM
    Mr.Nazeer Ahmed- MD, NACONS.
    Ms.Manjushree- HR,
    Mr.Prashanth-Finance Manager, Biocon Ltd.

                               Qualification: Btech, PGDBM From IIM Calcutta (pgp-23)
                             1)Worked With Itc As Area Manager
                             2)Regional Manager At Mrf Tyres South East Asiamanager At Xerox
                             3)Vice President (marketing With Av Birla-based From Bombay)
                             4)Looked After Grasim & Hindalco Units ,started Birla Tyres Unit
                             Marketing,system & Production,entrepreneurial Development,
                             Strategic Management
MR.Sarit Kumar

    Qualification: Aicwa – Associate Member Of The Institute Of Costs And Works Accountants
    Acs – Associate Member Of The Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India (membership # 10995)

   1) International School Of Business And Media
   2).welingkar Institute Of Management Electronics City
   Finance&accounts,corporate Finance,audit And Taxation,legal

                   S.s Of Faculty Of Letters, English Literature English Literature (ba)
                   1)ex-asst. Marketing Manager/admin In Kusuma Megahperdana, Jakarta Indonesia
                   2)asst. Public Relations Consultant/news Translator/admin In Mediacomm,
                   Jakarta Indonesia
                   Expertise: Corporate Communication

   Llb From Kuvempu University - 1997
   Masters In Business Administration – 2008, Visvabharti University

  1)visiting Faculty At Vimas, Hrm And Businesslaw
  2) Visiting Faculty At Vijai Institute Of Management
  3 Administrator, Ideacafe, Malleswaram, Bangalore - November 2007

  EXPERTISE: BUSINESS LAW                                                                          MS.JAYALAKSHMI.H.P

                       , Icwa(i), Post Graduate Diploma In Business Administration (pgdba)
                                 Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Programming, Systems Design And Analysis.
                                 Visiting Faculty For Several Management Colleges In Bangalore Including:
                                 Alliance Business Academy
                                 Regional Institute Of Cooperative Management (ricm)
                                 Oxford College Of Management. •iipsm
 Mr.VIJAYA KUMAR.V               Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College •mount Carmel College
                                 Acharya Institutions
                                 Rv Institute Of Management.
                                 EXPERTISE:OrganisationalBehaviour,Human Resource Management
  Mba @ Hopkins....
As our dean believes that “if you Want to be a future director, think like a director and act like a director”, Every
topic @ HCM is taught through a real life example and through activities, we at HCM do not believe in theoretical
approach towards MBA , we have changed the way education is been taught .
There is a huge gap between what we study and what we do in our career, Often when students complete MBA
and start working they come across situations where they will have no clue how to respond to that situation.
Today there is no time for corporates to recruit students and train them on their cost, the corporate world has
changed, they expect you to start performing from day one. We at Hopkins prepare on the tricks and trades of
corporate world,we train you from cracking an interview to negotiating the package, we prepare you for the
challenges you are going to face in corporate world, we train you how to move up in your career.
Let us take you through how we can successfully prepare you for the corporate world.

Ice breaker
Every one of us has one common weakness and that is not talking to strangers,todays world it is important to
know the way of knowing people, Our Ice breaker is a program where you get to know your class mates , you set
goals for next 2 years , you realize your inner potential and this is been done by one of the most inspirational
personality Deepak Justin.
Follow him on

Business cards

We take the credit of being the first business school that has ever issued a visiting card to a student, we at
Hopkins believe that your business card reveals your identity and it gives you a corporate image, Your business
card is the first way of branding yourself, the only way professional remember you is when you leave your cards
with them, every hopkinite carries a business card with him or her.

                                          Management Student
                                                                                                   Management Student
Innovations @ Hcm....

Social Networking in education
The only way one can get an opportunity is through ones network or through contacts , many of us realize the importance of
networking only after we start our career, for the first time in the history of education students are taught how to network on social
media like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc and meet professional people.
Hopkinties are given assignments such as increasing their professional network on social websites.

                                                                                    Now isn't that an innovation in education?
Entrepreneurship Program

All these years there was a huge gap between Chartered accountants and MBA's and that was the practical knowledge and
statutory knowledge, our entrepreneurship program was started with a view to bridge a gap between CA's and MBA's.
It's a unique program conducted by qualified Chartered Accountants and IIM faculties where one is trained on how to start a
company starting from getting the necessary government approvals , Opening a bank account, and filing service tax and
income tax.
In this program a student starts with a Sole proprietorship firm with a good business plan and then goes on to create a
partnership firm and then a private limited company to public limited company and then gets their company listed to BSE and
NSE , everything on their own.
By the end of this program a student would be ready to handle or start business organization, And the same business plan
would be presented to the venture capitalists.This program is first of its kind in India and we proudly say its our innovation.
Leadership and Team building...

Leadership and Team building
First and foremost, one needs to be a leader and a good team player in order to lead a successful career, we at Hopkins teach
you what leadership and teambuilding not through books but through taking you to an outbound camp , and through various
tasks and activities. Here you will learn how important team work and leadership is, and you will be able to apply your learning
into your career.

One opts for specialization to get specialized and become a master of that particular domain,in order to become a master of
the specialization one opts for we have innovated the concept of teaching each specialization in the following manner which
makes our students superior than students from other institutions and helps them get higher packages and better placements.

Finance is no longer traditional where only theoretical knowledge is needed, one needs to know right from basics till the
CFO's role. At Hopkins students who opt for finance will undergo a program called “MANAGER TO CFO” the program is
designed based of current corporate requirements where they will be taught the right from passing accounts to analyzing
balance sheet, company formation (incorporation to getting the company listed on BSE and NSE) there will be regular
interaction with CFO's and company secretaries of large corporates , Students will also be taught on Tally and SAS(Statistical
Analytics Software) which will provide bigger and better job opportunities .

Marketing comprises of different aspects such as Sales,advertising,Public relations, and many more, to make one expert in
marketing we have tied up with certain corporate where our students get an opportunity to practically launch the companies
product, advertise the product, plan strategies on their own and present in to the respective companies in order to increase
the sales and much more, the students are also provided training on marketing modules of SAP and also SIX sigma .
One becomes an expert of marketing after the above exercise and will be capable of launching their own brand or get into the
middle level management of any corporate.
Human Resource
AT Hopkins students who opt for HRM as specialization will be taught on a program called “Entry to exit” where they are
taught on following aspects
    ? Sourcing of resumes from job portals or from placement consultancies
    ? Interviewing a candidate.
    ? Negotiating the salary package,
    ? Calculating the break up like P.F,Gratuity,Superannuation,Basic Pay, HRA and many more aspects which comprises
        an offer letter.
    ? Appraisals
    ? Innovative strategies of retaining an employee.
    ? Seperation Formalities and also final settlement.
One needs to know the above aspects practically so that they start performing on the day one of their job, and the corporates
are keen on hiring students with the above skills.

Other Specializations include

International Business,
Information Technology,
Retail Management,
Banking and Financial Management.

One can opt for dual specialization during their last semester.

Students are provided with an internship in blue chip companies where they work as management trainees for four
days a week and attend classes for rest of the week. This gives an opportunity for a student to understand the
corporate world practically and provides great exposure towards the industry with a good stipend. At the end of the
course during the final placements students will have one year of corporate experience which gives them an edge
over any other MBA student.

Final Placements

As we prepare our students based on the corporate requirement and at the end of the 4 th semester one carries 1
year of work experience, the industry is standard is 4 lacs for an MBA with 1 year experienced, with our active
placement services, we successfully place our students with the best package ,best job profiles at best positions.

Our students are placed almost in all major companies and the salary detials as given below.

                   Average Salary            Minimum Salary           Maximum Salary
                   Rs.3.8 Lakhs PA           Rs.2.4 Lakhs PA           Rs. 6.8 Lakhs PA

HCM Provides 100% placement assistance to students who are enrolled in its programs. Here is the list of
companies where the students and alumni of HCM are working currently

     Altos Advisory Services Ltd.    Hindustan Unilever Ltd.          Oracle India Ltd.
     Alltech                         Hotel Royal Orchid               One Force
     Altran                          Honeywell                        Outlook
     ANZ Bank                        HTMT Global Solutions            Ocwen Finance
                                     HSBC                             Ordyn Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
     Accumen Finance
                                     HDFC Bank                        Penguins Outreach Retail Pvt. Ltd.
     Altisource Finance              IBM India.
     Asian Paints                    iGate Global Solutions           Proton Zone.
     Accenture                       Infosys                          Priya Events
     Adtree                          ICICI Bank                       Percept
     AMBA                            Info Bridge India                Reliance
     Angel Broking                   Indiamart                        Rak Mulder
     Apex Bank                       ITC Windsor                      Sodexho Pass Services (I) Pvt. Ltd
                                      Kotak Mahindra                  Spice Telecom
     Bharti Airtel Services
                                     Klauz Chemicals                  Sterling Commerce Solution India
     Blue Star Infotech              Jones Lang Lasalle
     Birla Sunlife                   JM Finance                       Swiss Re Shared Services (India)
     BATA                            Jubiliant Biosys Limited         SSGA Finance
     Berger Paints                   Jindal Steels                    Symphony Marketing Solutions
     Canarys Automations Ltd.        JP Morgan Chase                  Systlogic
     Cease Fire                      Leoxsys                          Spring Events
     Coffee Day                      Load Controls India Private Ltd. Taj Hotel, Royal Orchid Hotel
                                     Ordyn Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Thomson Routers
     Convergys India Services
                                     Ram Ceramics                     T.C.S (Tata Consultancy Services)
     Commodity India                 Religare Securities
     Citrix                                                           Target Coporation India Limited
                                     Reliance Retial
     Decathalon                      Microsense Pvt. Ltd.             Three Bond India Pvt. Ltd.
     EADS                                                             Trianz Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
     Ernst & Young                                                    Trade India
     Essl Germany                                                     Valtech India Pvt. Ltd.
     Esteem Infotech                                                  Wipro Technologies
facilities & Infrastructure.....

Adventure learning program

At HCM major portion of learning is taken place outside the campus ,we provide
students with regular industrial visits and activities that call for team work, stress
management, decision making, leadership and other qualities required for an
entrepreneur. We also organize leadership camps and adventure learning
activities like water sports and virtual games.


HCM provides Air-conditioned classrooms which are equipped with latest
technological aids.


We have an excellent library which includes all the study materials, previous years
question papers, periodicals, journals, business magazines and other reference


In order to prepare students for the corporate world, they are provided with free
laptops as a part of standard kit while joining.

Wi-Fi Campus

HCM provides Wi-Fi facility throughout the campus.

Guest Lectures

Eminent personalities from different industries and walks of life and classroom
are invited to share their experiences and give students a global outlook through
interactive programs.


HCM provides separate boarding and lodging facilities for boys and girls. The
facilities are customized to suit every individuals need.
University And Syllabus.....

An interstate University of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamilnadu.
The University is UGC and AIU approved.

The principle objective of the establishment of the Dravidian University is
to promote integrated studies on the common heritage of the
Dravidian speakers facilitating a strong perception of oneness among them.

Government of Andhra Pradesh has benevolently come forward to establish Dravidian University through a
Act in October 1997 involving the support of the other Southern States, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.
It is located at a trilingual junction at Kuppam, Chittor Dstrict in the South-Western tip of A.P,
which is only 4 kms away from Karnataka, 8 kms from Tamil Nadu and of course very close to Kerala border,
which is less than 4.5 hrs drive.
                  Semester I
                                                                         Semester II
            Principles Of Management
            Organizational Behavior                                      Managerial Economics
            Business Environment And Government Policy                   Human Resource Management
            Accounting For Management                                    Financial Management
            Business Communication                                       Marketing Management
            Quantitative Techniques Of Management                        Production Management
            I.T. Application For Management                              Operations Research
                                                                         Research In Management
                   Semester III

          Electives In Specialization:
                                                                   Semester IV
         Human Resource:
         Human Resource Development                             Human Resource:
         Organizational Development                             Knowledge Management
         Strategic Human Resource Management                    International Human Resource Management
         Industrial Relations                                   Labour Legislation & Management
         Performance Management                                 Compensation Management
         Leadership & Change Management                         Employee Empowerment
                                                                Management Of Creativity & Innovation
         Security Analysis And Portfolio Management             Finance:
         Strategic Financial Management                         Financial Derivatives
         Financial Markets And Institutions                     International Financial Management
         Management Of Financial Services                       Security Market Operations
         Management Control Systems                             Financial Engineering
         Risk And Insurance Management                          Mergers And Acquisitions
                                                                Global Financial Markets
         Strategic Marketing Management                         Marketing:
         Consumer Behaviour                                     Product And Brand Management
         Services Marketing                                     Advertising And Sales Promotion
         Customer Relationship Management                       Rural Marketing
         Retail Management                                      International Marketing Management
         Sales And Distribution Management                      Industrial Marketing
                                                                Marketing Research
        Other Specialization:
        Management Information Systems (mis)                    Other Specialization:
        Entrepreneurship                                        International Business
        Logistics & Supply Chain Management                     Strategic Management
        Project Report                                          Business Laws
                                                                Comprehensive Viva
Learning AT HCM....
Curricular Activities....
Life At Hopkins....
Work Hard And Party Hard !!!
 MBA Schedule....

1 Semester
Induction at Goa –Ice breaker program for 5 days followed by freshers party at Mambos
Water Sports
Scuba Diving
Life saving skills
Time management
Wellness Programme
Campus Party at Mambo's

Back to Bangalore and start with the regular classes .

Break Through- A 3 day program filled with exciting tasks and leadership training.
Handing over the laptops.
Regular classes followed by semester Exam.

2nd Semester

Industrial Visits,
Guest Lectures,
College Fest
Organising Seminars

3 Semester

International visit to Singapore and Malaysia
Singapore culture and Business Analysis,
Singapore Traffic Management
And industrial Visit
Sight Seeing at Malaysia followed by Campus Party
Internships at blue chip companies.
And choosing of Specialization.
End Of Semester 3 rd

4th Semester

Project Completion
Final Placements
Convocation Ceremony.
 Eligibility and Admission Process....

The candidates must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree or equivalent (under 10+2+3
with at least 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in any discipline from a University recognized
by Association of Indian Universities/AICTE.
Candidates appearing in the final year of their bachelor's degree are also eligible,
provided they have completed all formalities of their examination.

We accept all scores(CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/JCCAT)
Candidates without any entrance scores can take up HCM entrance test.
 HCM follows a systematic procedure for students seeking admission into its Management Program.
 Candidates applying for admission should read the following instructions carefully:

 1)Telephonic Interview:-

 We entertain smart students with excellent communication ant analytical skills ,
 and we analyse students with our own medhodology, Hence students need to take up telephonic
 interview by registering with any of our admissions officer.
 or mailing their name and number to

 2) Application Form:-

 The shortlisted candidates need to download application form from the website or collect the same from
 our office or respective associate and the duly filled application form should be sent to our office with a
 photocopy of
 the following documents.

 • Offer Letter issued from HCM
 • Up to Date Marks Sheets.
 • Address Proof.
 • Cheque/DD for the prescribed admission fee to be prepared favouring
 "St.Hopkins Educational Trust and submitted at our office our respective associate location.

 1)Special care should be taken to fill up the form, legibly and without overwriting,
 in black/blue ink and in capital letters only. No columns should be left blank.

 2)All cheques and DD's should be favoring
 "St.Hopkins Educational trust" payable at Bangalore.

 3)Admission of selected candidates will be on first come first serve basis,
 Selection will be cancelled in case of further delay
 in payment of admission fee.
A Message From the Students.....

    1.Siddharth Koul.

    At HCM I learnt the basics to be a successful
    manager and the ingredients
    to become a successful entrepreneur.

    Follow me on

                                                    2. Neetha M
                                                    HCM helped me to enhance my true strength and establish
                                                 winning qualities. It was a great learning experience as a
                                                 student at HCM. Inspiration, Joy, Motivation and Serious
                                                 Career building process take place at this Institution. I am
                                                 proud to be a part of this Institution.
                                                 Follow me on

 3. Gautam Koul

    St Hopkins College of Management is the best when it
 comes to Quality Education. Learning with Practicality is
 the soul and body for the college.
 Follow me on

                                                     4. Pavitra Darog
  5. Priyanka Sinha                                     HCM provides us an opportunity to see things in a practical
                                                     way. The training given for activities like team building,
     The learning that I got from HCM                presentation skills adds value to face any challenges of life after
  is that, what ever we do, we must                  joining HCM. Proud to be a Hopkinite.
  remember our aim at every moment                   Follow me on
  of our life.
  Follow me on
St Hopkins College of Management
St Hopkins Educational Trust           40943258
Main Branch: Ebony, 7/1, Hosur Road,
Richmond Town,Bangalore-560025

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