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									                   Super Human Affiliate Secrets
   How to Use Mind Power to Outsell Your Competitors
         And Become A "Super Human Affiliate"

                                      By Jason Mangrum, Author
                                    Uberman – Almost Super Human

It's time for a different kind of lesson.

You've been learning how to be the best affiliate you can be, using the latest techniques,
gadgets and software on your computer, cluttering up your virtual office…

But haven't you noticed all the best affiliate tools and software in the world can't help you if
you can't even get your mind around the idea of being a successful affiliate marketer?

Most folks starting out in affiliate marketing try the "plug and pray" approach:

1. Plug into some "make money" system

2. Hope and pray for affiliate sales

Now, let me ask you a question...

How much money has that made you?

Chances are, it's caused you to lose a lot more money than you have ever made.

A lot of people get up each morning, wondering which book they'll read, which course they'll
take, which software they'll learn to use...

It's like you're always starting off on day one, with little or nothing to show for the previous
day's efforts. Every once in a while you might see a sale or two pop into your inbox, but this
occurs so rarely it's a high-five celebration when it does actually happen. Sound familiar?

So what's missing?
What makes you so different than those big players you see every day on some video page
flaunting their giant affiliate income paychecks in your face?

You get an idea. They get an idea.

You take action. They take action.

You see little results. They see windfalls of cash.

Where's the difference, really?

Is it in the amount of traffic they can send?

Or, the size of their mailing list perhaps?

Well... if that's the case, then how do virtually unknown people get online, start with nothing,
no traffic, no website, no list... and turn it into a full-time, very comfortable living in months?

I even know of a few guys who started with nothing more than an idea, put it into action, and
went from zero to making more than $50,000 a month in less than their first six months.

So... is it WHO you know? Nope.

It's partly who you know, but everyone starts out as mutual strangers in the internet world.

Something else must be missing.

Here's an idea:

People who make hundreds of dollars a month are content with making that amount. Either
that, or deep down, they're afraid of leaving that zone because it's what they're familiar with,
and the "unknown" brings with it, uncertainty and anxiety.

This causes them to attract that amount of money, and also causes them to sabotage
themselves from receiving, or holding onto a much greater amount.

Same goes with those who pull in thousands, tens-of-thousands, or hundreds of thousands.

This is also the same reason why most people who 'strike it rich' and win the lottery, end up
losing it all within the first couple of years or less.

If your Mind isn't aligned with the idea of making a certain level of income, no matter what you
do, you'll never hold onto it.
So that brings us to the idea that it could be something within ourselves that's keeping us from
winning those affiliate competitions.

To discover the real truth, let's go within and do a little self-reflection...

When you think about affiliate marketing, what's the first emotion that creeps up?

Is it frustration? Anger? Sadness from feeling like a loser? or a failure... hopelessness with a
tinge of possibility for a positive outcome?

Those are all common mental and emotional patterns.

And if you're trying to work while under that kind of mental frame, you're wasting your time.

Sure, you might have a lucky break, but something will surely happen along the way that will
confirm your previous beliefs, and you self-sabotage.

So do winners just never fail?


I say this again, winners NEVER fail.

How can I possibly say that, when it's a well-known quote that the most successful people in life
have failed more often than anyone else?

It's because the whole frame is different.

Winners don't see "failures" as failing.

They see it as getting one step closer to winning. To them, you only fail when you quit.

Winners never give up. Because with each attempt, they learn something new about their craft
and about themselves. Something they gain, and take with them into the next opportunity for
growth. Winners are always growing.

Losers quit after so many attempts, which are usually two or three at the max.

They confirm their belief or skepticism, and move onto the next big thing with shiny lights, hope
and false promises.

So, which are you?

No one is here to judge you. Just sit for a moment and think about it. Which have you been in
the past, up until this point - right now?
How many projects have you started, but never finished because "life" got in the way?

How many opportunities have been presented to you on a silver platter that you have ruined
for yourself from fear of what might happen?

How many times have you read or watched a step-by-step tutorial, and said "I can do that" but
never actually got around to doing it?

Do you think millionaires have this problem?

Sure they do! But again, it's in the framing.

Whereas an average group of affiliates might see a big to-do list of things that need to get done
to create a winning campaign, and quickly run out of steam, forget about it and move on
(because someone will just do it better) the Super Human Affiliate sees this to-do list as nothing
more than a simple obstacle to be outsourced to the best individuals for each task...

The loser takes a long, worried look and says, "I just don't have time to do all this."

The winner says, "How can I best leverage my time to make sure all this gets done fast and
efficient?" The winner then immediately pulls up his MIND-to-MIND Communication Device
(usually notepad) and gets started by talking to himself. Yes, that's right.

The most successful people I've ever met talk to themselves more than anyone else.

They are rabid note-takers. But they also know they can start a conversation by opening up
notepad, asking themselves a question (to address an obstacle) and then writing whatever
comes to Mind, until it makes sense. It’s like putting your Mind and all its processes on paper
right in front of you. Your Mind works much better when you can watch it working. 


This simple exercise is probably one of the most powerful you'll ever perform, if you just do it.

Open up a notepad on your computer, at your desk or on your phone. At the top, write a single
question that addresses the problem or obstacle you wish to overcome... say it's "How can I win
this affiliate competition" (for example)...

Instead of staring at the question for five minutes not knowing how to answer it, write:

"What are five possible actions I can take to get one step closer to overcoming this obstacle?"

Fact: It's easier for your brain to come up with five possible answers, than one definite one.

1. Write a review for XYZ product (or outsource it) []

2. Publish the review to my blog and include bonus for taking action (outsource or PLR?) []

3. Get backlinks to the review (outsource it) []

4. Share it on my social profiles (can also outsource to post on others’ profiles) []

5. Find ezines to adswap with to get my review out to others’ lists (outsource it) []

I didn't give those a lot of thought, and neither should you. You must understand that the only
reason you 'slow down' when thinking is because you stay too long on that thought.

This causes other mental and emotional associations to crop up which can and will distract you
from your primary intent.

Instead, when in CREATE mode... forget that you have a delete or backspace key. Especially if
you're writing to yourself, you aren't going to judge yourself on bad grammar or spelling. :)

The more we step out of the way and allow our creative process to flow, the more it flows.

The more we try to 'control' what we are writing, based on what we are thinking about, the
whole process slows to a crawl and stops.

Even if you're writing jibberish at first, keep writing. Even if you go blank, write something like:

"well i just went blank. not sure what to say or write. but just gonna keep writing."

Keep your fingers focused more on the rhythm of pressing the keys than the words themselves.

After a minute or two, the words will come out, they’ll make sense and they’ll blow you away.

This is a direct communication from your subconscious and it would come through perfectly, if
you can just remove the filter of your conscious perception.

That's why it's so important to get your conscious mind out of the way, and focused on
something much more mundane, such as the rhythm of the keys being pressed as you continue
to type. It's a meditation.

Everything you have ever witnessed... everything your eyes have glanced over for less than one
tenth of a second is permanently locked in your subconscious.
In truth, you do have a perfect memory.

The "trick" is learning to retrieve the information when you need it. And I've just given you the
key to doing that. Not just for winning affiliate competitions, but for doing anything productive.

The ideas you have are important.

The actions you take based on those ideas are more important.

But the mental frame you are operating under while you do either of these is vital in
determining how much you will succeed, and to what level you experience success.

This goes way beyond positive thinking. It has more to do with training your mind to bypass the
conscious filters that slow you down, cause procrastination and eventual self-sabotage.

So if you want to start -from this day forward- being a more successful affiliate, winning
competitions and outselling all your competitors, use your Mind Power.

That means using every available resource already within you -- at your conscious command.

And there is MUCH more inside you, waiting to burst out and amaze you, than you can
currently imagine. Your body/mind is a supercomputer waiting to be turned on full-blast and
activated to its fullest potential. It can give you an advantage in all aspects of your life.

Remember, it doesn't matter what other people are doing, or if you're doing the same things
they are. If you are not a success in your own mind first, you'll never reflect success in the
outside world. But train your mind to think like a WINNER and every obstacle becomes little
more than a speed-bump on your road to competition-crushing affiliate freedom.


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