Professor _ Chair_ ECE by dandanhuanghuang


									                                                and support tenure track faculty. It is antici-
                                                pated that this will be a full time position.
                                                Execution of duties may involve travel.

                                                A successful candidate for this position must
                                                possess an earned Masters degree in Electri-
         Department of Electrical
                                                cal Engineering and must have experience in
         & Computer Engineering
                                                the area of electronic devices and circuits.
        Naval Postgraduate School               Candidates must have good writing, oral,
        Monterey, California 93943              interpersonal and organizational communi-
                                                cation skills and must be eligible for a Secret
Electronics Research Faculty Position:          security clearance.
The Department of Electrical and Computer
                                                Institution and Setting:
Engineering (ECE) at the Naval Postgradu-
                                                The Naval Postgraduate School, established
ate School (NPS), Monterey, California in-
                                                in 1909, ( is the Navy’s
vites applications for a non-tenure-track re-
                                                Corporate University and offers graduate
search faculty position to support the De-
                                                programs at all levels for officers of the
partment’s research related to electronics.
                                                United States Armed Services, civilian em-
Appointment can be at the Research Assis-
                                                ployees of defense laboratories, officers and
tant, or Research Associate level depending
                                                civilians from Allied nations and employees
on qualifications and experience. The review
                                                of defense contractors. The NPS has approx-
of applications will begin immediately and
                                                imately 1500 resident students enrolled in
will continue until the position is filled.
                                                graduate degree programs as well as non-
                                                resident students served by a distance learn-
The NPS Mission:                                ing program. The ECE Department has ap-
The mission of the Naval Postgraduate
                                                proximately 30 tenure track and non-tenure
School is to “provide relevant and unique
                                                track civilian and military faculty members
advanced education and research programs
                                                who spend about half-time teaching and
in order to increase the combat effectiveness
                                                half-time performing sponsored research.
of U.S. and Allied armed forces and enhance
the security of the United States”. Con-
                                                The park-like 144-acre NPS campus is lo-
sistent with this mission the ECE Depart-
                                                cated on the Monterey Peninsula, adjacent to
ment seeks to provide students with the
                                                the waters of Monterey Bay and only
highest quality and most defense-relevant
                                                minutes from the Monterey Peninsula Air-
education available in electrical and com-
                                                port. The area offers a pristine environment
puter engineering.
                                                of unparalleled scenic beauty, parks, restau-
                                                rants, art galleries and cultural events. Other
Position Description:                           local research and educational institutions
The successful candidate will support exter-
                                                include the California State University at
nally funded research projects in the area of
                                                Monterey Bay, the University of California
electronic devices and circuits. He or she
                                                at Santa Cruz, Monterey Institute of Interna-
will be expected to work with various elec-
                                                tional Studies, the Defense Language Insti-
tronic measurement equipment for experi-
                                                tute, Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine
mentation and to assist in measurements and
                                                Station, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Re-
simulations of electronic devices and cir-
                                                search Institute, Moss Landing Marine La-
                                                boratories, the Naval Research Laboratory
                                                (West) and Monterey Peninsula College.
 The overall level of employment will de-
pend on the candidate’s ability to publish
                                                Salary and Benefits:
Naval Postgraduate School non-tenure track         plication material must clearly state the ap-
faculty members are employed as excepted-          plicant’s citizenship.) Applications should
status federal civil servants on a salary scale    be submitted electronically or in hardcopy
that is competitive with other universities.       to:
Faculty members who are employed more              Prof. Clark Robertson, Chair
than half-time are eligible for the health in-     Department of Electrical and Computer En-
surance, life insurance and retirement bene-       gineering
fits available to all federal government em-       Room 437 Spanagel Hall
ployees. Academic appointments and salary          Naval Postgraduate School
are commensurate with qualifications and           Monterey, CA 93943-5121
experience.                                        (831) 656-2081
Application Procedure:
Applicants must submit a cover letter de-          Review of applications will begin immedi-
scribing their qualifications for this position,   ately and applications will be accepted until
a comprehensive curriculum vitae or resume         the position is filled. The Naval Postgradu-
and contact and e-mail address information         ate School is an Equal Opportunity Employ-
for a minimum of three references. (The ap-        er.

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