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An Information Technology student majoring in Networking and Network Security with an extensive
and diversified IT background. Experience in the Health Care Information Systems and Aviation field.
Technology savvy self-starter, adept at moving into new environments and extrapolating existing
experience to efficiently adapt to new technologies. Strong communicator with the skills to lead and
work in team environments.

Professional Accomplishments
Information Technology Services
    2009: My University
     Front line support assisting students and troubleshooting hardware problems.
     PC imaging, troubleshooting, and helpdesk support using HEAT support system.
Some Hospital: Information Services
   2009 – Present: Some Hospital Information Services – Helpdesk Analyst
    Level 1 Technical support (troubleshooting software, hardware, basic networking).
    Daily checks included temperature readings, NAS backup responsibilities, server status.
    Using active directory and exchange to troubleshoot email, password and login issues.

    2007 & 2008: Summer Student
     Inventoried computers and printers in the Corporation’s facilities.
     Assisted Help Desk Analysts with daily tasks and projects.
     Offered support to Corporation staff. Proficient with the HEAT support system.
Research Assistant: Some University
    2008: My University
    Designed and maintained the Health Informatics Research website.
    Worked with professors and other assistants to integrate various projects into the program.
    Secured and backed files up for the website.
Some  Flight School: Dispatch
      2006-2008: Some Flight School dispatch and customer support
      Open and close the operation, clean up and prepare for the next day of business.
      Maintained a 100% operational rate for all aircraft by performing safety checks, which allowed
       business profits to be maximized due to zero downtime.
     Answer phone calls; answer questions regarding the company and its services.
         Currently training at some flight school
         Private Pilot License ground school completed with an 85% average.


Computer Skills:
Excellent knowledge of personal computer hardware and software, as well as networking systems.
Familiar with various computer languages (C, C++, .NET, Assembly, HTML, PHP, MYSQL).

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My University

Year II - Bachelor of Information Technology: Networking & Network Security (Honors)
Expected Graduation Date: Summer of 2011 – Current GPA: 3.25 (B+)

Relevant Education: Networking (I, II, III, III), Introduction to Programming, Object Oriented Programming,
Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Project Management,
Collaborative Leadership, Information Technology.


       Certificate of Course Completion: CCNA Exploration: Routing Protocols & Concepts
       Certificate of Course Completion: CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals
       Certificate of Course Completion: CCNP: Building Scalable Internetworks (BCSI)
       Hubbell Canada Award for Information Technology and Engineering students
       Member of the Faculty of Business and IT’s first & second year Orientation Crew
       Computer Science award at My highschool

Technical Expertise:

       Hardware: Upgrades/replacements, peripheral hardware repairs. Cisco Switches, Routers, Wireless
        Access Points. Printer repair, Scanner Repair.

       Software: Microsoft Visual Basic.NET 2005-2008, File maker Pro, Microsoft Office Suite, Macromedia
        Dreamweaver, HEAT, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory.

       Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OSX,
        Cisco IOS 12.0+.

       Network/Protocols: LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, FTP, TFTP, Ethernet, OSI model.

Available Upon Request

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