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					                 MS. PAIGE
August 8, 2008

                 Ms. Paige is a patriotic
                 English teacher and
                 drama club sponsor
                 who spends her spare
                 time rescuing stray
                 German teachers from
                 summer technology

                                            Another Drama Club Spectacular
                                            November 13-14, 2008
                                            By Joni Paige
                                            Ms. Paige’s classroom is located in   in history among the productions         Unfortunately, Ms. Paige is
                                            room 110 at Springfield Southeast      to grace our stage.                now hovering somewhere near the
                                            High School, 2350 E. Ash St.,              ✭2007 The Fifteen Minute      half-century mark age-wise and
                                            Springfield, Illinois 62704.           Hamlet and Curst be he that        has trouble remembering the
                                                  Fourteen years ago, when Ms.    Moves my Bones                     details of the illustrious past of
                                            Paige was an itty-bitty new                ✭2006 Inherit the Wind        the Southeast stage. That being
                                            English teacher at SSHS, there             ✭2005 Winder One Acts         the case, none of these dates are
                                            was no drama club. Always, the             ✭2004 The Pink Panther        accurate, although most of the
                                            drama queen, Ms. Paige, along         Strikes Again (again!)             titles are close.
                                            with SHS English teacher, Mrs.             ✭2003 Up the Down                   This is one example of how
                                            Greco (then she was Ms. Norton),      Staircase                          you can showcase yourself to a
                                            established the Southeast Drama            ✭ 2002 Arsenic and Old        possible casting director. Of
                                            Club. Our first play was a little      Lace                               course, there are other ways, as
                                            known comedy, “Let him Sleep ‘til          ✭2001 Reserve Two for         well. We will explore many of
                                            it’s Time for his Funeral.” We        Murder                             these possibilities this week. The
                                            have come a long way since then.           ✭2000 Twelve Angry Jurors     key message here is that you want
                                            Now nearly a decade and a half             ✭1999 John Lennon and Me      your resumé to stand out from all
                                            old, the SSHS Drama Club can               ✭1998 The Pink Panther        the rest. Think creatively.
                                            claim some of the greatest plays      Strikes Again (premiere)


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