Graduation Project Reflection Paper Outline by cEl7545


									                                                Graduation Project Reflection Paper Outline

                                              A. Inspiration- How did you come up with the project idea? Why did you want to
                                                 complete this project? What interested you about the project?

                                                    a. _______________
                                                    b. _______________
       Introduction to the reflection paper

                                                         i. ______________                                         Example of Outline
                                                        ii. ______________                                         Structure

                                                              1. _____________
                                                              2. _____________
                                                   c. Thesis: Specific topic + active verb + approach (opinion)=  thesis
                                                   Example: Repainting the baseball dugouts provided me with an opportunity to support
                                                            my community and spend quality time with my family.
                                                   d. Details Statement:                    (if necessary… tells more about what
                                                   you did)
                                              B. Process- What did you do? How did you complete your project? How long did
                                                 the project take? Did you have any help? What resources did you use? Did you have any
                                                 setbacks or struggles throughout the process? How did you overcome them?

                                              C. Results- What was the outcome of your project? Positive, inspiring, frustrating,
Remember, the                                    etc.? Was the outcome what you expected it to be? Explain.
purpose of this
paper is to
                                              D. Learning- Reflect on your process and results. What did you learn? What
meaningful                                       went well? What didn't go as planned and why? If you had the opportunity, would you
reflection.                                      complete the project again? What would you do differently?
Make sure to
focus carefully
on developing
                                              E. Impact- Comment on the reaction from community members/those impacted by
this part of the                                 your project. Will your project continue to impact individuals in the future? How did the
                                                 project impact/change you or your perspective? Conclude your paper here.

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