The Honorable Charles Schumer

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					The Honorable Charles Schumer
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Schumer:
As a Ukrainian American (and your constituent), I was deeply distressed by your recent opinion
piece in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Russia Can Be Part of the Answer on Iran.” Having
known you as a supporter of our community, I was utterly disappointed by your suggestion that
the nation of my ancestors, as well as others, be used as trade commodities in order to appease
Russia and convince it to help eliminate a threat to the world.

I remind you that our Ukrainian community suffered greatly under “Russian hegemony over
Eastern Europe,” as you are quoted in the article. For decades, Ukrainians were mercilessly
persecuted by Russia, whose “greatness” you suggest Mr. Putin to restore. In your many
appearances before the Ukrainian community as we commemorated the Ukrainian Genocide
(Holodomor) of 1932-1933, you respectfully referred to it as the "Ukrainian Holocaust" against
the Ukrainian nation perpetrated by the government of the Soviet Union. Yet, in your opinion
piece, you find it possible to suggest that modern-day Russia be allowed to dominate over
independent nations of Central and East Europe in order for the U.S. to achieve its goals.

Senator Schumer, your recommendations and suggestions are inconsistent with many of your
previous statements. You have always stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the nations seeking
freedom from the former Soviet Union, as well as have been extremely supportive of the
countries in the former Soviet bloc to eliminate Russian hegemony in Central and East Europe,
and to establish their independent, vibrant, and democratic governments. Proposals such as
yours, suggest that the United States, the strongest democratic state in the world, play into
Russia’s longing for their past “greatness and glory” and allow it to control other nations.

I respectfully call upon you to formally meet with representatives of the Ukrainian American
community and clarify your statements in the Wall Street Journal op-ed. Your attention to this
matter is critical.


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