Database System Architecture Overview by sreejithmkumar


									   Centralised DBMS is an architecture in which
    all the DBMS functionality , application
    programs execution and user interface
    processing is carried out in one single
   The idea is to define special servers with
    specific functionalities

   A client sends request and server responds to
    the request
   The client machines provide the user with the
    appropriate interfaces to utilise the servers as
    well as with local processing power to run
    local applications

   A server machine is a machine that provides
    services to the client machines such as file
    access,printing,archiving,or data base access
   Based on objet-oriented DBMSs
   The approach was taken to divide the
    software modules of the DBMS between client
    and server in most integrated way
   Server level may include data storage,local
    concurrency control and recovery, buffering
    ,caching etc
   Client level may include user interface,data
    dictionary etc
   This include an intermediate layer ie middle
   It accepts request from the client process it
    and sends database commands to the sever

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