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									        Consumer Trends in the Bakery & Cereals
                 Market in the UK, 2011


This report provides the results for the Bakery & Cereals market in the UK from Canadean’s unique,
highly detailed and proprietary survey of consumers’ Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) consumption
habits, and forms part of an overall series covering all CPG product markets.Its coverage includes,
but is not limited to, consumption behaviors, the extent to which consumer trends influence their
consumption and the value of the market these trends influence, brand and private label choices as
well as retailer choices. Much of this information can also be analyzed by specific consumer group,
providing hard and fast data on consumers and markets at the product category level.


Why was the report written?

Marketers in the Bakery & Cereals market face a major challenge. Understanding market size and
segmentation is valuable, but the keys to effective targeting is knowing just how valuable specific
consumer groups are, and being able to quantify the impact of consumer trends.This report solves
these problems by providing integrated survey-based data on consumer trends, consumer groups
and market data which show exactly the size of consumer groups, how much of the Bakery & Cereals
market they account for and which consumer trends drive their behavior.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

As consumer confidence increases proportionally to economic recovery, consumer trends will be
directly affected. Since the global financial crisis of 2008–2009 the retail market has been
characterized by an increased amount of discount and own-brand products. Cereals and Bread &
Rolls are considered essential items and therefore recession has affected their consumption pattern
marginally. On the other hand Bakery products are not considered essential items and therefore
consumption patterns have been comparatively affected. As economic and market recovery
continues over 2012, consumption patterns will record a positive trend in both the Medium and
Heavy frequency bands and the amount of Non-users should decrease.


Consumer survey data for the following specific categories: the Baking Ingredients, Baking Mixes,
Bread & Rolls, Cakes, Pastries & Sweet Pies, Cereal Bars, Cereals, Cookies (Sweet Biscuits), Dough
Products, Energy Bars, Morning Goods and Savory Biscuits markets.

Detailed consumer segmentation based on survey data covering over 26 consumer groups, 20
consumer trends and consumption frequency for each product category.

Reasons To Buy
Unique proprietary data that sizes and segments consumers, tracks their behavior and shows the
impact of this on their markets

Key Highlights

Older consumers have a 30% value share of the total Bakery & Cereals market in UK, a market
leading position achieved through sheer weight of numbers as they account for 29% of the
population. Mid-Lifers are the next most valuable age group, followed closely by Kids & Babies.

Table of Contents :

1 Introduction

1.1 What is this Report About?

1.2 Definitions

1.2.1 Consumer Trends

1.2.2 Consumer Groups and Legal Drinking Age Consumption (for Alcoholic Drinks coverage)

1.2.3 End Consumers

1.2.4 Volume Units and Aggregations

1.2.5 Exchange Rates

1.2.6 Population Profiles (for interpretation of tables and charts)

List of Tables

Table 1: Volume Units for the Bakery & Cereals Market

Table 2: Foreign Exchange Rate – GBP Vs. US$, 2011

Table 3: United Kingdom Survey Respondent Profile (weighted), 2011

List of Figures

Figure 1: Consumer Panel Report Methodology

Figure 2: United Kingdom Bakery & Cereals Value Share (%), by Age Groups, 2011

Figure 3: United Kingdom Bakery & Cereals Value Share (%), by Gender, 2011

Figure 4: United Kingdom Bakery & Cereals Value Share (%), by Urban and Rural Dwellers, 2011


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