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					Village Planning Board Meeting
July 26, 2010 7:30pm
Village Municipal Center

Attendance: Planning Board: Chairwoman Christina Bishop, Members Nancy Hughes,
G. Wayne Shaw, and Russell Bronson, Tim Mead was absent.

Village Officials/Staff: Dean Hyatt, Village Board Trustee and Denise Davies, Deputy
Village/Planning Board Clerk

Others: Melissa Kingsley, Michael Zinn; Lindsay and Christina Schieffelin, Lindsay
Schieffelin, Jr., Lori Andrus-Winn, John Winn, Rev. James Peterson, Marilyn Elgie,
Rev. Bill Steinmitz, Dianne Kudrez, Paul Manchester, Madeline Wentworth, Hadassah
Dube, Margaret Stokowski and Tony Stokowski.

 Public Hearing: Chairwoman Bishop opened the Public Hearing at 7:31pm and read the
list of Procedures for Public Hearings. Mr. Schieffelin addressed the Board and
summarized his request for a Home Occupation Special Use Permit at 4 Irving Avenue.
He would like to offer personal training to former members of Gemini Fitness &
Aquatics Club (Gemini Fitness & Aquatics Club closed in the Spring) There were a
number of members that had paid the annual membership in advance, free personal
training would be a way to make up the time/dollars that the business owed them. He
reiterated that this would be a temporary situation, as they are actively seeking a location
to reopen their business. He also advised the Board that only two to three people would
be in their home at once, there would be no signage or advertising, the hours are
acceptable and parking is available behind the house.

The floor was then open to meeting attendees who wished to speak:
Mrs. Andrus-Winn, Rev. Peterson, Mrs. Elgie, Rev. Steinmetz, Ms. Kudrez, Mr.
Manchester, Ms. Wentworth and Mrs. Stokowski all spoke favorably of the Schieffelins
and the services they are providing. Mrs. Schieffelin reminded the Board that this is a
temporary situation and asked if they had any suggestions about possible locations to rent
that were not in need of upgrading or remodeling. Chairwoman Bishop noted there are
many letters of support that will be entered into the minutes, they are from: John and Lisa
Manchester, Dwayne and JoAnn Nadeau, Ann Marie Mazzucco, Lynn Gutches (former
employee), Daryl and David Hammond, Alfred Dunfee, Nancy Fish, Meredith and
Rachel Hammond, David and Irene Wilson, Carol Dennison, Diana Masterson-Parker,
Rose Smith, and Thomas Van Zandt. Ann Hitchen, Roy Hanser and Ed Jurnak are all
neighbors, also in support of the Special Use Permit.

Mr. Bronson moved that the Public Hearing be closed at 7:45 it was seconded by Ms.
Hughes and approved unanimously.

Chairwoman Bishop called the Regular Meeting to Order at 7:45pm.
 Ratify Meeting Minutes: Mr. Bronson moved acceptance of the minutes of the June 28,
2010 meeting as circulated by Planning Board Clerk Denise Davies. Ms. Hughes
seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Old Business:
The Board reviewed Lindsay Schieffelin’s Special Use Permit for a Home Occupation at
2-4 Irving Avenue offering personal training to former Gemini Fitness & Aquatics Club
members. After a brief period of discussion the Board commented that it was obvious
that this was important to the community, and not a problem or concern for the
immediate neighbors; parking was not an issue as many people walked to their residence,
they did however, remind Mr. Schieffelin that snow removal in the winter months needs
to be addressed in a timely manner. The Board commented that they have never seen so
much support for an applicant. Mr. Bronson moved the approval of the Special Use
Permit with a one year term maximum; it was seconded by Ms. Hughes, and it carried

New Business:
Granville Rescue Squad-Site plan Review
Mike Zinn approached the board advising that the ZBA had approved the Area Variance
for the Granville Rescue Squad’s construction of a garage on 52 East Main Street. It was
agreed the existing building is an excellent training site, and the ground water /storm
water concerns can be remedied by installing a dry well and doing some site work.
Having agreed that the concerns can be remedied, Mr. Bronson moved the motion to
accept the application and approve the Site Plan review; it was seconded by Ms. Hughes
and passed unanimously.

Melissa Kingsley-Special Use Permit
Melissa Kingsley had presented the board with an application for a Special Use Permit to
allow a Home Occupation at her residence on 9 North Maple Street. She opened a hair
salon in her home; has installed a ramp and converted a 9’x12’ room to one chair salon
(she has no plans to expand). There is separate off street parking for the business and no
signage will be installed as Ms. Kingsley has an established clientele. Ms. Kingsley
explained that the salon has been open since April without the proper Special Use Permit
as she was not aware that it was needed. Chairwoman Bishop advised a Public Hearing
will be scheduled for August 23rd, a legal notice will be placed in the Granville Sentinel
and we will notice adjacent property owners. She further advised the Planning Board
cannot issue conditional approval and Ms. Kingsley will need to stop the operation of her
salon upon receiving our cease and decease letter.

Public Open: Chairwoman Bishop opened the Meeting to Public Comment at 8:15pm.
Tony Stokowski inquired about changes in the Zoning Law.

After a brief period of discussion concerning Mr. Schieffelin’s Special Use Permit, Ms.
Hughes moved that the permit be permanent with a one year condition, not a temporary
permit with a one year term so they can re-apply if necessary. Mr. Shaw seconded the
motion; it was approved three to one with Mr. Bronson opposing.

Schedule Public Hearing & Next Meeting: Chairwoman Bishop advised that the next
scheduled meeting of the Village Planning Board would be August 23rd, 2010 at 7:30pm
at the Village Municipal Building with August 13th, 2010 being the last date to submit
applications. A Public Hearing for Ms. Kingsley’s Special Use Permit would be held at
7:30 pm prior to the Planning Board meeting.

Mr. Bronson moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:30 pm, Ms. Hughes seconded the
motion and it carried without objection.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise J. Davies
Planning Board Clerk