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					                                                                                        Duty Statement
Position Details

 Position Title:                         EDUCATIONAL DESIGNER/ MultiMedia
 Faculty/Department/Unit:                Learning and Teaching Portfolio
 Discipline:                             Faculty of Health Sciences
 Position Classification:                HEO 7
 Primary Function:                       The purpose of this position works in collaboration with members of
                                         the design team and faculty academics to design and develop
                                         multimedia-based teaching resources that engage students and staff
                                         in quality learning experiences.

 Reports to:                             Educational Designer/Project Manager
 Positions reporting to this             None

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria must be consistent with the duties of the job listed overleaf. These criteria are to be used for the
advertisement, for short-listing, in the interview process and for short-term appointments on nomination.

Essential (important factors which are required to do the job)

    Proven skills and experience in the design & development of multimedia-based educational resources
     including Flash animation, desktop video production and file streaming.

    Demonstrated knowledge & experience of all aspects of multimedia development lifecycle, process and
     procedures to ensure quality educational multimedia projects.

    Demonstrated interpersonal and professional communication skills to be able to effectively communicate
     design and technology issues to a variety of people at different levels within the faculty and university

    Experience or strong interest in educational design, particularly student-centred learning

    Strong desire to develop and deliver academic professional development programs and resources
     relating to multimedia and its application within an educational setting

    Demonstrated knowledge and experience of current industry trends as well as emerging technologies
     and their application within an educational setting.

    Demonstrated independent judgement, negotiation and problem solving skills

    Strong client focus and commitment to quality processes and outcomes

    Demonstrated capacity to work coherently within a team

    Demonstrated time management and/or project management skills

    Demonstrated high motivation to keep abreast of professional and technological developments in
     relevant areas and to extend skills where necessary

    Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision, with attention to detail and to continuously review
     and establish new work procedures.

                          Equal employment opportunity is University policy
Training/qualifications (or equivalent experience): Tertiary qualifications in a relevant discipline (and relevant

Desirable (additional factors which are useful to do the job)
    Experience in a health related field
    Qualification in education or educational design
    Knowledge of the allied health professions represented in the Faculty

Work Performed

The duties and responsibilities of this position are numbered in order of importance. They include the major
accountabilities of the position and the frequency that each task is generally performed. (e.g. on a daily,
weekly, monthly or yearly basis, or as required)

 1. Liaise with academics & faculty staff to design and develop multimedia-based teaching resources.

 2. Liaise with academics & faculty staff to provide advice and support during the design and development
    of teaching materials associated with multimedia projects (including print, online, audio and video).

 3. Manage assigned projects to achieve objectives within agreed timeframes and provide regular progress

 4. Design multimedia resources that are based on the:
     Use of sound teaching/learning strategies
     Development of formative and summative assessment strategies that reflect the diversity of learners
      and educational objectives of courses or units of study
     Consideration of best practice in and the sustainability of the use of new technologies and distribution
      media including print, online, audio and video

 5. Provide learning media and/or lecture recording production and post production support to academic
    staff / other stakeholders.

 6. Advise upon and action a faculty-wide approach to the production, distribution and storage of audio-
    video learning resources

 7. Manage in-house and contract staff to achieve multimedia production outcomes

 8. Mentor and advise professional & academic staff in regards to contemporary learning & teaching
    principles and practices, instructional strategies, delivery approaches, appropriate use of technology,
    assessment and feedback strategies

 9. Implement excellent knowledge management principles and processes to ensure effective roll-out and
    maintenance of multimedia-based materials

 10. In collaboration with relevant university staff (incl., faculty librarian, AV services) support the integration
     of digital resources and services (such as library) into student-centred learning experiences

 11. Participate in the design, development and delivery of academic professional development activities

 12. Continuously look for new ways to enhance own knowledge and learning

 13. Actively participate in professional development activities to ensure own knowledge and skills are kept
     up to date

 14. Contribute to the development of a positive and productive team environment

                        Equal employment opportunity is University policy
The Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action responsibilities specific to this position
are as follows:

    OH&S: Ensure that the work, for which the position holder is responsible for, is carried out in ways which
     safeguard the OHS of staff and/or students in their charge and visitors including contractors who are

    EEO: An understand of and commitment to the principles of EEO and AA


I confirm that this Duty Statement reflects the inherent requirements and true priorities of
this position. Only relevant skills and experience have been specified as essential or

Head of Department/Unit:

Name: __________________________________

Signature: _______________________________

Date: __________________________________

                      Equal employment opportunity is University policy

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