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									Territory Management Checklist

The purpose of this tool is to provide a checklist for managing sales territories.
Implementing a strategic sales territory management process will reduce travel time &
expenses, increase health of your account base, and help to generate more sales.

Territory Management Checklist

Done     Description of Task

         Analyze Territory Sales from Last Year – Sales Analysis Tool

         Identify your Annual Sales Target for New & Renewal Business

         Determine amount of product/service sales required to achieve sales target

         Use Closing Ratios to determine # prospects required to achieve sales target

         Identify # daily cold calls required to generate required # prospects for target

         Evaluate Key Accounts and Create Action Plan for each key account

         Profile Customers to understand revenue potential for different account types
Complete Account Scoring exercise to benchmark health of account base

Quadrant Your Territory – Ensure equidistance from Home Base (office)

Evaluate Territory Management Software Tools with Sales Management

Select a Home Base (office) that is equidistant to each of your 4 quadrants

Create Sales Proposal, Sales Script, Sales Call Report, & Sales Presentation

Develop Sales Opportunity Pipeline Report to provide increased visibility

Create Prospects List for all prospective organizations in your territory

Schedule your Days – Cold Calling, Sales Calls, Proposals, Internal Meetings

Schedule Territory Days – use rolling 4-day schedule to develop quadrants

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