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					                                                                                                                                                                           Sales Effectiveness Scorecard

Use this Sales Effectiveness Scorecard to document sales-based objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets, for the next 12-18 months.
Following is a sample Sales Effectiveness Scorecard that you can customize for your needs. Be sure to change the logo in the top left corner.

                                                                    Sales Effectiveness Scorecard - [insert company name & date]
  Objective #1 - Recruit Quality Sales Representatives and Provide Consultative Sales Training

  Objective #2 - Improve Sales Analysis & Forecasting Capabilities to Increase Accuracy of Projections

  Objective #3 - Implement New CRM System that is Accessible for Remote Employees

  Objective #4 - Increase Productivity of Sales Team by Monitoring Key Performance Indicators & Metrics

    Initiatives, Programs, & Actions                                               Key Performance Indicators & Metrics                         Target Timeframes to Achieve Goals

    Initiative #1 - Recruit Quality Sales Representatives

    Recruit Inside/Outside Sales Representatives                                   # Qualifed Hires                                             Hire 6 Qualified Sales Representatives by Q3 2008

    Sales Skills Assessments                                                       # Skills Assessment Solutions Evaluated, Test Results        Select Solution & Profile Top Performers by Q4 2008

    Sales Compensation Plan Redesign                                               # Sales Representatives Achieving On-Target-Earnings         60% of Sales Representatives meeting OTE in 2008

    Initiative #2 - Consultative Sales Training

    Sales Training Workshops (SPIN Selling, Miller Heiman etc)                     # Workshops/Year                                             Conduct 3 Sales Training Workshops in 2008

    Key Account Planning & Stakeholder Analysis Training                           # Sales Representatives trained on these techniques          Have all Senior Sales Representatives trained in 2008

    Sales Training Manual (Policies, Procedures, Tools, etc)                       Completed Sales Training Manual, # Sales Tools               Develop Sales Training Manual with 5 Tools by Q4 2008

    Initiative #3 - Sales Analysis & Forecasting

    Formal Sales Analysis                                                          Sales Analysis for Products, Segments, Channels, & Reps      Complete Sales Analysis Exercise by Q2 2008

    Sales Forecasting (Individual & Team Forecasts)                                Total Expected Revenue by Rep and Team with Close Dates      Implement Sales Opportunity Pipeline System by Q2 2008

    Sales Process Definition                                                       Defined Sales Process with Criteria for Each Funnel Stage    Document Sales Process & Criteria by Q2 2008

    Initiative #4 - New CRM System & Data Migration

    Vendor Evaluations                                                             # Vendor Solutions Evaluated, # RFP Responses                Evaluate 5 CRM Systems by Q3 2008, Select by Q4 2008

    Hosted CRM System Implementation                                               # Contacts Imported, # System Users, Revenue Pipeline        Implement CRM by Q1 2009 (migrate all data), 200 users

    CRM System User Training & Adoption                                            User Adoption Rate, CRM Administrator Hired                  Hire CRM Admin in Q4 2008, 85% Adoption by Q2 2009

    Initiative #5 - Sales Productivity Program

    Productivity Metrics Initiative                                                # Dials, # Appointments, # New Oppportunities                Averages over 100 dials/day, 5 new opportunities/week

    Sales Pipeline Management                                                      # Opportunities in Pipeline Stages, Total Expected Revenue   Average 100K in Expected Revenue/Rep by Q3 2009

    Sales Performance Reviews                                                      # Sales Performance Reviews/Rep/Year tied to KPIs            Quarterly Reviews (Productivity/Revenue) start in 2009

Description: Use this Sales Effectiveness Scorecard to document sales-based objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets, for the next 12-18 months.
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