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									                                                                                                                              Sales Effectiveness Assessment

Use this tool to measure your organization's Sales Effectiveness. Feel free to customize this tool as required.
Give your organization a score of 1-5 for each of the following questions. Check the SCORECARD tab for results.

   Score   1   -   Strongly Disagree
   Score   2   -   Disagree
   Score   3   -   Somewhat Agree
   Score   4   -   Agree
   Score   5   -   Strongly Agree

    Recruitment & Retention
                                                                                                                   Score   Areas of Concern
 New hires usually achieve their sales targets within 3 months of being recruited and trained                       1
 We have a solid Sales Compensation Plan to retain top staff with over 50% achieving on-target-earnings             2
 Sales Skills Assessments are used to profile our top performers, screen new hires, and inform training needs       2

    Consultative Sales Training
                                                                                                                   Score   Areas of Concern
    We have adopted a consultative sales methodology such as SPIN Selling, Miller Heiman, etc                       4
    Our sales representatives are capable of discussing real customer needs and the impact of key challenges        5
    Key Account Planning, Stakeholder Analysis, and/or Territory Management tools are in place to assist reps       3
    A comprehensive Sales Training Manual with Sales Tools has been created to document our methods                 3
    Sales Training Workshops are conducted at least once per year to maintain continuous improvement                4
    We use standardized Sales Scripts, Presentations, Proposals, and other collateral to maintain consistency       2

    Sales Analysis & Forecasting
                                                                                                                   Score   Areas of Concern
    Our department-based quarterly sales forecasts are usually within 5-10% of actual sales results                 2
    Each sales representative provides an accurate sales opportunity pipeline/funnel on minimum monthly basis       2
    We analyze sales results by product/service, market segment, channels, sales representatives, etc               3
    Annual sales plans are created to set goals and quotas for the team and individual sales representatives        4
    It is easy for sales management to obtain reports on sales results by product, segment, channels, reps, etc     2
    We have a defined Sales Process with specific criteria for each stage in the opportunity pipeline/funnel        5

    Sales Force Automation/CRM Systems
                                                                                                                   Score   Areas of Concern
    Our current Sales Force Automation/CRM System is meeting our business needs and will for next 18 months         4
    We are confident that the data inside our CRM system is accurate (no duplicates, incorrect information, etc)    3
    Over 90% of our sales representatives, managers, and senior executives have adopted our CRM system              1
    We have a competent CRM Administrator who can build reports, provide training, and customize our system         4
    Our CRM System is integrated with a lead generation system providing lead scoring & prospect analytics          4

    Sales Productivity Management
                                                                                                                   Score   Areas of Concern
    We know how many sales representatives have not achieved their quota for the past 2 quarters                    5
    Performance Reviews tied to Key Performance Indicators (Productivity Metrics/Revenue) are done quarterly        4
    Productivity Metrics are tracked, monitored, and measured (# dials, appointments, new opportunities, etc)       4
    Our top performing representatives based on revenue are also highly productive and set a good example           5
    We have defined minimum standards for sales productivity metrics (work ethic) and enforce adequately            3
    Sales Management analyzes our team's Opportunity Pipeline Stages carefully to ensure we meet our targets        4
                                                                                                                                                                                          Sales Effectiveness Assessment

Use this Scorecard to benchmark capabilities, to measure improvements, and to identify your strengths & weaknesses related to best practices in Sales Effectiveness.
A score of 5.0 in each category is the highest ranking you can achieve.

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