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									Sales Analyst Job Description
Position Overview

Reporting to the Vice President of Sales, the Sales Analyst is responsible for the collection,
analysis, and reporting of sales related data in an on-going effort to increase overall sales
productivity. He/She must collect sales records and evaluate performance based on sales
quotas while taking into consideration current economic conditions. The development and
tracking of key performance indictors will be critical to enhance the understanding of the
business and to improve decision-making.

The Sales Analyst will create both standardized & custom reports, conduct quantitative
product & sales analysis, provide support for internal, retailer & consumer promotions, and
assess future needs and data integrity. He/She must develop standardized tools,
methodologies and business processes aimed at improving operational efficiency.


      Collect, analyze, evaluate and report data in order to increase sales productivity

      Collect sales records & trends and evaluate performance measured against sales

      Analyze sales and performance records, interpret results of overall sales, recommend
       promotion or change of personnel in under-productive departments

      Assist management in developing and reviewing the sales budget and rolling sales
       forecast including sales to budget variance analysis

      Analyze line of business operations (product lines, stores, etc.) to determine
       profitability and to establish a baseline for action and operational changes
   Develop models and reporting structure that identify costs (by function, process,
    fixed, variable) per unit (store, order, script, other) and identify a baseline for action

   Guide sales people (Key Accounts, Regional Sales, etc.) in entering an accurate
    forecast in our CRM tool, generate reports for forecast, and collaborate forecasts
    into weekly-monthly reports

   Align with business analysts, administrators and users of ERP-CRM-reporting tools to
    reflect sales structure in systems

   Co-ordinate the complete sales reporting and forecasting process for all sales
    channels (Key Accounts, Regional Sales, Vehicle Navigation and Data Products)

   Communicate sales reporting and sales forecasting to Senior Management

   Analyze results and set up reports containing respective conclusions, ideas, and
    general guidance

   Generate ad hoc reporting for Sales, Marketing, Pricing, Business Planning, and
    Product Management

   Analyze requests for proposals, coordinate response planning with the sales
    manager and set a schedule for bid preparation

   Prepare proposal draft, ensuring that content meets clients requirements, internal
    and legal standards

   Provide customized reporting and recommendations in support of ongoing business
    decisions or initiatives

   Work with forecasting by providing them with the necessary information and
    guidance for short and long-range forecast

   Conduct quantitative analysis including but not limited to ROI, trending,
    identification and assessment of opportunity and risk, forecasting, regressions,
    correlation, cannibalization and probability modeling

   Communicate results to key stakeholders in order to support informed business
    decisions by providing in-depth analysis and recommendations
     Ensure current and future data and software requirements are met to provide
      accurate decision support to the business

Job Requirements

     University Diploma/College Degree in Computer Science or equivalent 5 to 7 years
      in a related field

     Ability to build and maintain complex computer applications and programs that
      perform analysis, organize data and create reports from various sources

     Knowledge of relational databases and the ability to create stored procedures

     Ability to perform complex analysis such as regression, forecasting, cannibalization
      and probability modeling

     Ability to capture and document business and reporting requirements from multiple

     Ability to co-ordinate and manage simultaneous data analysis requests of varying
      size and scope

     Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to convey
      complex information to a broad audience

     Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work independently and within a team

     Expert knowledge of SQL, Excel, Foxpro, VBA, MapInfo, our CRM, computer
      programming and relational databases

     Strong knowledge of MS Office applications including Word, Excel, Project and

     Excellent group presentation skills

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