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					                                          ISARTORA PLATZ
                                          Volume 2 Issue 2                                             Fall /Winter Newsletter

    PEDICURES Giving a high frequency treatment service is not for
   PROCEDURE the novice the technician should have some formal
               training in electrical current treatments. There are
                                  also certain contraindications in giving this type of
                                  treatment to your client. So, what are some of the
                                  contra-indications have your client to complete foot
                                  treatment consultation card . The Contra’s : Epi-
                                  lepsy-Pacemakers-Heart Disease-High Blood Pres-
Special points of inter-
                                  sure-Pregnancy always have your clients with dis-
est:                              eases such as diabetes get a Doctors release prior to
∗ High Frequency Treatment        treatment. Exactly what is High Frequency (Telsa)
  for Swollen ankles
                                  Current) energy alternative care used in holistic
∗ Onychocryptosis-                medical treatments for purpose of stimulating blood
  Ingrown Nails see how to re-    flow in clients with circulatory conditions. HF aids
  move on You tube
                                  in lymphatic drainage which aids in warming skin
∗ Truth about Toenail Fungus      tissue when a client has cold feet and legs therefore    Inside this issue:
∗ Lymphatic Drainage of the       stimulates circulation of clients who may have poor
  foot                            circulation such as the client with Diabetes. The cli-   Ingrown Toenail returns      2
                                  ent with swollen ankles as in Inflammatory Arthritis
                                  and Gout Arthritis aids in the elimination of toxins
                                  from the body by the stimulation of sluggish drain-
                                                                                           Truth about Toenail Fungus   2
                                  age in the lymphatic system.
                                  Current Types: Alternating current {A.C.}rapid in-
                                  terrupted current which flows in on direction then
                                                                                           Case Study Lymphatic         2
                                  travel in the opposite direction.                        Drainage
     Title: Medical Assistant     Indirect Current client hold electrode while you
       Footcare Technician        perform treatment. Both of these treatments increase
                                                                                           Reflexology & Pulse Rate     3
    Certified Master Pedicurist   blood flow aids in the prevention of dry skin in dia-
          Cosmetologist           betic foot treatments. Clients with Athletes foot or
                                  toenail fungus has an anti-bacterial and germicidal      Pedial Pulse Rate            3
                                  effect. Aids with the penetration of over the counter
        European Footcare                                                                  Athletes Foot –Infections
                                  {OTC} anti fungal treatments.                                                         3
     (France, Italy, Germany)
                                                                                           Waterless Pedicure
                                   Aids in Neuropathy treatments while reducing in-        Spa Pedicures to …
   Certification, Zone Therapy                                                                                          4
                                  flamed nerve. As always have you client to talk with
                                  their Physician before perform any of the above ser-     Sanitize or Sterilize
        Sterile Technician.
Page 2                                                                                                                   Isartora’s Footnotes

The Ingrown Toenail Returns– Onychocryptosis
Described: The nail on one or both            Management: Apply and antiseptic
sides of the skin grows into the nail         solution prior to performing the service.
fold of the skin.                             Platz Ingrown toenail care method:
U-Convoluted shape of Toenail’
                                              1.Apply disinfection solution
Shape at the base sides or the end of
                                              2.Use product that has the ability to
the nail. The nail could possibly be-
come infected and painful it also             Soften nail.
tends to be a chronic nail disorder.          3. A special designed drill bit is used
Cause:Usually cutting the toenail             To remove problem.
incorrectly, shoes worn may be to nar-
row or tight at the toe box repeated          *Do-not attempt unless fully train refer
pressure along the nail fold.                 client to Doctor if infection present.

Symptoms: Redness ,swelling, pain
or if an infection present pus( See a Doc-                   VIEW ON YOUTUBE


Does your client have fungas on
the large toenail how bad is the
problem and are there any
                                                          The Truth About Toenail Fungus
health risks the                             Poor circulation from diabetes
Answer is YES!!!!!!!                         may lead to toe ulcers and infec-
                                             tions and is harder to heal. Left
If your client is a diabetic or suffers      untreated, small problems may
from circulatory problems there are          escalate, eventually spread the
A multitude of problems which may            infection to the bones. Once an
arise from something as common as a          infection invades your bones, am-
toenail fungus. Diabetics may have           putation of the toes or foot could
complications from toenail fungal            be required to save a clients life.
infections the fungal toenail may            A small sore on the toes can go
lead to ulcerations and the amputa-          unnoticed, concealed by the
tions of entire limbs if left un-            numbness. Refer this client to a
treated.                                     Doctor.

Toenail fungus-(Onychomycosis)                Have your client see a Doctor you notice any of these symptoms pus., infection, Redness

Lymphatic Drainage of the
Feet and Ankles case study #2

Client: J. David a 63 year old male Treatment : Manual lymphatic                              Flares ups accompanied by pain and
Instructor whom works 12 hour days. drainage. To understand this proce-                       swelling. He continues with receiving
Diagnose with Gout which is a form      dure you must attend a class which                    reflexology treatment a decongestant
of Arthritis his chief complaint was    instructs you how to perform lymph                    crème is used to reduce inflammation.
pain in the bottom of the foot and      drainage of the Legs. Ankles and
                                                                                              Suggested Application: Change
around the ankle due to swelling and feet.                                                    shoes use decongestant crème watch
his shoes did not fit due to swelling. .Subsequent Visit: Series of 24 visit                  diet intake.
Case History: Mr. David never use
any recommend products but opted to Weekly.
come in for regular reflexology treat- Footnotes: Mr. David would repeat-
ments and lymph drainage.               edly drink alcoholic beverages and
Initial Condition: Extremely swol-      maintained and acidic diet which
len ankles which interfere with his     would from time to time cause flare-
occupation.                             ups.
Volume 2 Issue 2                                                                                                                                                                      Page 3

Reflexology and Pulse Rate
                                                                   Bradycardia– Slow heartbeat or
Pulse circulation Poor circulation is                              pulse below 60 bpm.
most commonly caused by a progres-
sive blocking of the arteries in the leg                           Pulse Alternans- Alternating weak
(athersclerosis). Those with diabetes                              and strong heartbeat pulse.
are more likely to develop poor circu-                             Tachycardia- rapid heartbeat or
lation to the foot. Other risk factors                             pulse 100 bpm or more in an adult.
for developing poor circulation include
a lack of physical activity, smoking,
high blood pressure and high choles-                               Check skin tempeture warm or cool if
terol a pedal pulse must be taken. The                             warm good circulation cool refer to the
foot becomes cooler. Cold feet prod-                               consult card may have circulation is-
ucts must be used to alleviate the con-                            sues.

Pedial pulse rate:
Pulse assessment is the detection of a clients pulse and to detect any abnormalities from the healthy state. The pulse is checked as one indicator of abnormalities of the heart by observing

the rate, rhythm, and the strength and tension of the beat against the arterial wall. The pulse may be recorded on the foot analysis card. The dorsalis pedal

artery is (at the instep). The rate, rhythm, strength, and tension of the pulse should be noted. Using a watch, the pulsations that are felt where the artery

rests against the bone are counted for half a minute, and the result doubled to give the beats per minute. However, any irregularities noted within the 30-

second count means that the pulse should be recorded for one full minute to avoid any discrepancies. However, any irregularities noted within the 30-

second count means that the pulse should be recorded for one full minute to avoid any discrepancies. The average heart rate for older children and adults

can range from 50 to 90 beats per minute (bpm). This is an average; rates vary between males and females, with age, and with the patient's health and level

of fitness. It is not abnormal for athletes to display a low pulse rate. The pulse is an indicator of the health of the heart and the arterial circulation. Factors

such as anxiety, medication, or pulmonary disease may also cause the heart rate to be faster or slower. . A low-volume, or weak, pulse may be caused by a

number of factors, including myocardial infarction, shock, intracranial pressure, or the use of vasoconstrictor drugs. Pulse pressure may become raised due

to arteriosclerosis, as the heart has to pump harder to promote the flow of blood around the body. This high-pressure pulse is called a bounding pulse, and

may also be caused by conditions such as fever, pregnancy, or thyrotoxicosis. It may also be an indicator that pulmonary disease is present.

             Athlete’s foot-Skin Fungus Infection, Dermatophytosis, Tinea Pedis, Ringworm

Athlete's foot is the most common                                dermatophytes. A more appropriate                                 appear as a dry, red peeling condi-
term to describe a fungus condition                              name is Dermatophytosis. The three                                tion on the bottom of the foot. The
involving the skin of the feet and                               names above really mean the same                                  peditech should refer the client to
toes. Another term is Tinea Pedis.                               thing.                                                            a Doctor for diagnosis and no ser-
However, that means a ringworm                                   The client first notices an itching                               vice may be given. Special foot
type infection and the term is mis-                              sensation, usually between the toes.                              powders and therapeutic crèmes
leading, since the organisms that                                The skin in that area may have                                    may be used.
cause it are not worms, but are                                  small blisters and be peeling. A less
fungus spores technically known as                               itchy form of Athlete's Foot can
                                                                                                                                                  Athlete’s Foot
                                                                       SWEATY FEET– next issue

                                                                       Defining Hyperhidrosis
        1717 South Decatur Blvd                                                                    - Sweating is nec-
                                                                       essary to control body temper
        Las Vegas Nevada 89107                                                                        ature during
                                                                      times of exercise and warm
         Phone: 702.382.3338                                                                       /hot surroundings.
      E-mail                                     Sweating is regulated by the
    E-mail:                                                                   sympathetic
                                                                      nervous system. And is rev
                                                                                                  ved-up and works
                                                                      at a very high level causing
                                                                                                    sweating to occur
                                                                      at inappropriate times in spe
 “WHERE BEAUTY MEETS HEALTH.”                                                                        cific areas of the
                                                                      Plantar Hyperhidrosis
      ISARTORA PLATZ                                                 Excessive sweating of the fee

Waterless Pedicures vs Spa Pedicures to ...Sanitize or Sterilize

Platz Method -3 steps                                                Platz Method             How cumbersome must this be?

Quick and easy Clean-up                                                                                   The old fashion Foot Spa

    Sanitation and Sterilization                                                                               Sanitation only
Key benefits:                                                                                 Drain all water and remove all debris from the foot spa.

                                                                                              Clean the surfaces and walls of the foot spas

•  Less chance of cross contamination                                                         Use a detergent and rinse with clean water
                                                                                              Use EPA-registered disinfectant Wipe dry

•  Faster and more effective treatment
                                                                                              And at the end of the day you must……..

•  Retail product potential                                                                   Remove the screen.
                                                                                              Remove debris trapped behind the screen of each foot spa

•  Tools are easily sterilized                                         Foot Spa               Wash the screen with a chlorine bleach solution
                                                                                              Immerse the screen in a disinfectant solution
                                                                                              Flush the system warm water for 10 minutes then rinse
•  Multiple treatment services can be done in one room.                                       Make a record of the date and time of this cleaning and

•  Less clean-up time
                                                                                              This method is definitely not environmentally friendly
                                                                                              And how many pedicurist are apply this rule of thumb
Step one:                                                                                     Do you really have this much time managed in your s
Wash implements                                           FINISHED                            Schedule?
Step two;                                                                                                  FOR MORE INFO EMAIL ME @
Submerge in approved disinfection solution 15-20 min;                                           
Step three;
Autoclave )   120° C                                                                                 

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