Project Closure Checklist by demandmetric

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									Project Closure Checklist

The purpose of this tool is to provide a checklist for effective project closure.

Project Information

Project Title:                           Date:

Project Closure Checklist

Done      Description of Task                       Completed         Notes

          All outstanding tasks completed           Enter Date        Sponsor signed-off

          Outstanding issues have been
          documented and resolved

          Goals of Project Charter were met

          Feedback from stakeholders has been
          received and documented

          End users have been trained
Measures for project success have been
assessed and communicated

Project team have been evaluated and
relieved from duty

Project costs have been paid and
accounted for by Finance

Post-project evaluation completed

Post-project evaluation report is signed
off by Project Sponsor

Best Practices have been created

Project maintenance is assigned

Steering committee has held a formal
project closure meeting

Project manager has been reviewed

All project documents archived

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