Project Change Request Form

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					Project Change Request Form

The purpose of this tool is to standardize all Project Change Requests so that we can
evaluate and prioritize requests appropriately to facilitate delivery.

Change Requester Information

Department:                              Priority:     High    Med       Low

Contact Name:                            Contact Email:

Project Sponsor:                         Date:

Project Title

Communicate which project you would like to change the scope for.

Scope Changes

Briefly document what deliverables you would like to add to the project plan and discuss
the benefits and value that this change adds to the project.

Impact of Non-Completion

Should resources not be available for this scope change, describe how the business will be
impacted by non-completion of this proposed amendment.
Impact on Project Timelines

Estimate how this change in scope will affect project timelines and end date.

Additional Resources Required

           What resources will be required to complete this portion of the project?
           What is the estimated cost to add this deliverable into the project?

Project Change Request Approval (required signatures)

Change Requester:                               Project Sponsor:

Date:                                           Date:

Name:                                           Name:

Signature:                                      Signature:

Project Manager:




Description: Use this tool to standardize all project change requests to ensure scope changes are approved, and timelines/budgets are adjusted accordingly.
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