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Product Management Strategy Scorecard


Use this Product Management Scorecard to document product-based objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets, for the next 12-18 months.

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									                                                                                                                                                                     Product Management Scorecard

Use this Product Management Scorecard to document product-based objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets, for the next 12-18 months.
Following is a sample Product Management Scorecard that you can customize for your needs. Be sure to change the logo in the top left corner.

                                                                   Product Management Scorecard - [insert company name & date]

  Objective #1 - Implement Standardized Product Management Infrastructure: People, Processes, & Technology/Tools

  Objective #2 - Establish Market Research Data Benchmarks: Market Size, Market Share, Brand Awareness, Customer Satisfaction, Retention, etc.

  Objective #3 - Analyze & Improve Existing Products/Services and Identify Opportunities for New Product/Service Development

  Objective #4 - Enhance Product Marketing Capabilities: Website, Collateral, Case Studies, Whitepapers, Flash Presentations, PR, Thought Leadership, etc.

    Initiatives, Programs, & Actions                                             Key Performance Indicators & Metrics                          Target Timeframes to Achieve Goals

    Initiative #1 - People, Process, & Technology

    Product Management Staffing                                                  # F/T and P/T Staff                                           Hire 2 F/T Product Managers by Q3 2008

    Standardize Product Management/Marketing Processes                           # Defined Product Management Policies & Procedures            Implement New Procedures/Checklists by Q4 2008

    Product Management Technology & Tools                                        # Customized Tools and # Software Vendor Evaluations          Build 5 Tools and Evaluate 3 Vendor Solutions by 2009

    Initiative #2 - Market Research & Intelligence

    Market Research Project (Focus Groups, Surveys, & Research)                  Market Size & Share, Awareness, Satisfaction, Retention       Complete Market Research Report by Q3 2008

    Market Opportunity Identification Process                                    Defined Market Analysis & Go-To-Market Policy & Procedure     Develop New Policy & Procedure by Q4 2008

    Industry Associations & Conferences                                          # Association Memberships, # Conferences Attended             Join 2 Associations and attend 4 Conferences in 2008

    Initiative #3 - Existing Products

    Formal Product Reviews                                                       Completed Product GAP Analysis for all Existing Products      Submit Product GAP Analysis Report by Q3 2008

    Product Profitability Analysis                                               Gross Contribution, COGS, Gross Margin, Product Profit/Loss   Conduct Analysis with CFO by Q4 2008

    Product Roadmaps                                                             Defined 18-24 Month Product Roadmap for All Products          Document Product Roadmaps by Q3 2004

    Initiative #4 - New Product Development

    Cross-Selling Program (New Product Launches)                                 # New Products Developed & Launched, Product Revenues         3 New Products Launched & 250K New Revenue in 2008

    Product Feature Prioritization & Sanity-Checking                             Defined Product Feature Priority & Sanity-Check Tools         Complete Product Feature Prioritization Annually

    Product Development & Feature Release Scheduling                             # Defined Product Feature Release Schedules                   Implement Feature Release Schedules by Q2 2008

    Initiative #5 - Product Marketing

    New Collateral (Whitepapers, Case Studies, Presentations)                    # Quality Pieces of Collateral Generated                      Generate 8 New Pieces of Collateral by Q4 2008

    Website Redesign & Lead Generation Program                                   # Monthly Hits, # Qualifed Leads, # Newsletter Subscribers    Establish Initial Benchmarks for Metrics in Q4 2008

    Thought Leadership, PR, and Speaking Engagements                             # Press Releases, # Blog Pickups, # Key Note Speeches         12 Press Releases, 100 Blog Pickups, 3 Speeches in 2008

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