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Product Launch Checklist

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The purpose of this tool is to provide a checklist for the product launch process.

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									                                                                                                                                         Product Launch Checklist


1. Data from the "Product Launch Checklist" tab automatically creates a Gantt Chart on the "Gantt Chart" tab.

2. Simply edit the Stage, Department, Task, Description, Owner, Start, Duration, End, and Status fields.

3. We have created drop-down lists to show you how to make this tool very user friendly. If you need help editing drop down lists or color coding, please visit:

4. Once you enter the Start date of a task and the Duration (# days), the End date will automatically be calculated.

5. You can use the filters at the top of each column on the "Product Launch Checklist" tab to drill down on specific items and create a custom report, such as what are all of our
"Overdue" tasks.

6. If you have any difficulties, you can always contact product support at
                                                                                                                             Product Launch Checklist
Stage                     Department         Task        Description                                   Owner       Start                   End         Status

                                                         Validate the understanding of Market
1 Market Problems         Product Team   Market Needs    Problems that this new product was             Sally    6-Jan-11        35      10-Feb-11   Completed
                                                         developed to address

                                                         Review the customer requirements that
2 Customer Requirements    Technical     Requirements                                                   Jim      10-Feb-11       35      17-Mar-11    On Track
                                                         resulted in this product's feature set

                                                         Make sure that the Marketing and PR
                                                         functions have the product specifications
2 Customer Requirements Product Team     Feature Specs   and feature detail to help craft supporting   Michael   17-Mar-11       35      21-Apr-11    Overdue
                                                         marketing materials, web pages, press
                                                         releases, etc.

                                                         Make sure that the Support function
                                                         understands the new product's feature set
2 Customer Requirements Product Team        Support                                                     Tom      21-Apr-11       28      19-May-11    At Risk
                                                         to prepare needed documentation,
                                                         training and support materials.

                                                         Review the competitive analysis to
                                                         understand the differentiation that exists
3 Competitive Analysis     Marketing      Competition    in the new product. Make sure that the         Jim      21-Apr-11       21      12-May-11   Not Started
                                                         product launch marketing messages
                                                         reflect this differentation.

                                                         Understand the market position that was
                                                         determined for the new product. Verify
4 Positioning              Marketing      Positioning                                                   Sally    10-May-11       21      31-May-11   Not Started
                                                         that the Positioning is still valid and the
                                                         product's differentation.

                                                         Work with Marketing, Sales and PR to
4 Positioning             Product Team    Messaging      make sure that all key product messages        Paul     1-Jun-11        30       1-Jul-11   Not Started
                                                         flow from the Positioning.

                                                         Determine if the launch of this new
                                                         product is still aligned with corporate
4 Positioning              Executive       Alignment     strategy. If not, understand what must        Nancy     1-Jun-11        21      22-Jun-11   Not Started
                                                         change - the product or the strategy - to
                                                         not create market confusion or potential
                                                         embarrassment when the product is
                                                         Review the Business Case to understand
                                                         all assumptions that must go into the
5 Business Case             Finance      Business Case   pricing for the new product. See if           Nancy     1-Jun-11        21      22-Jun-11   Not Started
                                                         anything has changed since the Business
                                                         Case was approved that might require
                                                         you to adopt different pricing.
                                                         Work with Product Management and any
5 Business Case           Product Team      Pricing      other stakeholders to finalize launch          Jim      15-Jun-11       28      13-Jul-11   Not Started
                                                         pricing based on the Business Case.

                                                         Review the Product Roadmap to ensure
                                                         that all the planned features for the
6 Product Roadmap          Technical       Roadmap       pending product release are in fact in the     Sally    1-Jun-11        49      20-Jul-11   Not Started
                                                         new product. If some features were
                                                         omitted, make sure there are no
                                                         references to them in launch and
                                                         Set specific, measurable goals for this
7 Product Launch          Product Team     Set Goals     Product Launch. Most often, the goal of a      Tom      15-Jun-11       21       6-Jul-11   Not Started
                                                         Launch is to create sales momentum.

                                                         Select someone to lead the Product
7 Product Launch          Product Team    Pick Leader    Launch, ideally someone from the              Nancy     21-Jun-11       21      12-Jul-11   Not Started
                                                         Product Management function.
                                                   Ensure that the Launch team leader has
7 Product Launch    Executive      Sponsorship                                                    Sally    15-Jun-11   21    6-Jul-11   Not Started
                                                   executive sponsorship.

                                                   Select members from each of the
                                                   following functional areas to serve on the
7 Product Launch   Product Team     Build Team     Launch team: Product Management,               Jim      6-Jul-11    21   27-Jul-11   Not Started
                                                   Marketing, Sales, R&D, Support/service,
                                                   Channel Management.
                                                   Begin meeting well in advance of the
                                                   anticipated General Availability date for
7 Product Launch   Product Team      Meetings      the new product. A new product launch         Michael   15-Jul-11   21   5-Aug-11    Not Started
                                                   typically takes 6 -12 months to properly
                                                   plan and execute. Determine how
                                                   Decide on a set of needs to meet.
                                                   frequently the teamcommunication More
                                                   protocols and frequency of regular
7 Product Launch   Product Team      Protocol      communication between members of the           Paul     15-Jul-11   21   5-Aug-11    Not Started
                                                   Launch Team and those outside the
                                                   Launch Team with a need to know.

                                                   Using this template as your guide,
                                                   develop a detailed checklist of all
7 Product Launch   Product Team     To Do List                                                    Sally    21-Jul-11   28   18-Aug-11   Not Started
                                                   activities that must occur to successfully
                                                   launch this new product.

                                                   Develop the pre and post-launch
7 Product Launch    Marketing     Marketing Plan                                                  Jim      30-Jul-11   35   3-Sep-11    Not Started
                                                   Marketing plan

                                                   Develop the pre and post-launch
                                                   Communications plan. Consider both
7 Product Launch    Marketing     Communications   internal and external communications.         Michael   5-Aug-11    28   2-Sep-11    Not Started
                                                   What press activities are planned? Will
                                                   you communicate the launch to your
                                                   current customers differently that the
                                                   Develop your pre and post-launch events
7 Product Launch    Marketing     Event Strategy   strategy (this can be part of the Marketing   Nancy     5-Aug-11    28   2-Sep-11    Not Started

                                                   Determine the product release milestones
                                                   - working prototype, Alpha test, Beta test,
7 Product Launch    Technical                      General Availability. Document in the         Michael   10-Apr-11   35   15-May-11   Not Started
                                                   Launch Plan and develop a launch
                                                   timeline around these dates.
                                                   Stay in close communication with R&D
                                                   and Manufacturing to determine if
7 Product Launch    Technical        Testing       anything is occurring during testing that      Paul     1-May-11    63    3-Jul-11   Not Started
                                                   might delay the General Availability or
                                                   Launch date.

                                                   After you've completed your detailed
7 Product Launch   Product Team       Budget       Launch Plan, develop a budget for the          Jim      10-Aug-11   21   31-Aug-11   Not Started
                                                   Launch and get it approved.

                                                   Estimate how many impressions
7 Product Launch    Marketing        Metrics       (exposures), leads, sales and profit will      Tom      15-Aug-11   14   29-Aug-11   Not Started
                                                   result from executing your Launch Plan

                                                   Using the approved Launch budget and
                                                   estimates from the previous step (or from
7 Product Launch     Finance           ROI                                                        Sally    15-Aug-11   14   29-Aug-11   Not Started
                                                   the Business Case), develop an ROI
                                                   projection for the Launch.

                                                   If you plan to launch in international
                                                   markets, ensure that localization
7 Product Launch   Product Team    International                                                  Jim      1-Aug-11    28   29-Aug-11   Not Started
                                                   requirements, pricing and distribution are
                                                   in place.

                                                   Discuss as a team the risks to the Launch
                                                   Plan, particularly those risks that might
7 Product Launch    Executive          Risk        delay the launch or cause the launch to        Tom      1-Aug-11    21   22-Aug-11   Not Started
                                                   fail. Where possible, develop
                                                   contingency plans against these risks.
                                                            Release Milestones
                                                                                                                                               Event Strategy
                                                                                                                                             Marketing Plan
                                                                                                                                       To Do List
                                                                                                                         Build Team
                                                                                                               Pick Leader
                                                                                                           Set Goals
                                                                                               Business Case
                                            Feature Specs
           Market Needs

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