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Use this Partnership Marketing Scorecard to document your objectives, initiatives, measures, and targets for the next 12-18 months.

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									                Partnership Marketing Strategy Scorecard


2. Idenify and list your company's key targets from each objective.
                Partnership Marketing Strategy Scorecard

Use this tool to document partnership objectives, intiatives, measures and targets fo the next
12-18 months.

1. Following the suggestions given in the "Partnership Marketing Scorecard", identify and
document your core objectives for the upcoming year.

2. Idenify and list your company's key targets from each objective.

3. Evaluate how these objectives will be considered successful (KPIs and metrics) and when
(target timeframe) they will be completed.
                                                                                                  Partnership Marketing Strategy Scorecard

 Partnership Marketing Scorecard - [insert company name & date]

Objective #1 - Establish Openness & Transparency in the Partnership

Objective #2 - Achieve Commitment to Partnership from Both Organizations

Objective #3 - Improve Awareness of Partnership among Key Media Sources

Objective #4 - Improve Awareness of Partnership among Customers

 Programs, Initiatives, & Actions                       Key Performance Indicators & Metrics                 Target Timeframe to Achieve Goals

 Target #1 - Senior Management Team

 Due Diligence Exercise on Partner Organization         Due Diligence Exercise Completed                     Completed by End of Q3 2008

                                                                                                             Approve Budget & Resources for Partnership by Q4
 Sponsorship for Partnership Programs                   Budget Approval & Level of Time Commitment

                                                        # of Attendees @ Monthly Sessions & Surveys          Collect Surveys from Attendees from All Attendees by
 Educate Staff & Enforce Partnership Value
                                                        Completed                                            Q1 2009

 Target #2 - Key Media Sources

 Update Company News Section on Website                 Number of Page Views (Company News Page)             10000 Page Views by End of Q1 2009

                                                                                                             25000 Impressions, 5000 Hits on Microsite - End of Q2
 Increase Relevant LOB Advertising (Online & Offline)   # of Impressions & Traffic on Microsite

 Communicate Partnership via Press Releases             Number of Hits, Impressions, Pick-ups                Submit 5 Press Releases Each Quarter

 Target #3 - Customers

 Understand Brand Perceptions (Both Partners)           Brand Perception Survey Results                      Establish Benchmarks in Q3 2008

 Update Branding on Website, Collateral, & Other
                                                        % of materials converted to include both brands      Update Branding Where Appropriate by Q1 2009

 Send Email Marketing Message to Existing Customers     Number of click-throughs                             15000 by End of Q1 2009

 Target #4 - Prospective Market Segments

 Understand Preferences in Key Markets                  Conduct Perception Survey                            Establish Benchmarks in Q1 2009

 Increase Partnership Awareness in Key Markets          % of Awareness in Sample Group                       35% Awareness in Sample Groups by Q3 2009

 Target #5 - Internal Communication

 Increase Communication Via Open Forum on Intranet      # of Discussion Postings                             20 Postings by Q4 2008

 Send Internal Email Message with Survey to Staff       Number of Surveys Complete                           60% Complete - End of Q2 2009

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