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Media Specialist Job Description by demandmetric

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Use this template to develop a job description for a Media Specialist.

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									Media Specialist Job Description
Position Overview

Reporting the VP Marketing, the Media Specialist is responsible for managing media
strategy and relations. Additional responsibilities include: planning, writing, and distributing
press releases; development of online/offline advertising campaigns; tracking, measuring,
and reporting campaign results; and selecting media channels.


      Develop a comprehensive media relation’s strategy and media plan.
      Implement media plan with assistance of project managers/stakeholders.
      Manage budget for advertising, PR, and other media related process.
      Evaluate new media technologies such as blogs, RSS, video, webcasts etc.
      Organize marketing materials and logistics for industry tradeshows
      Be accountable for measuring and reporting on campaign results.
      Supervise, design, author and/or edit, all media documents.
      Perform market targeting to determine optimal media placements.
      Present all media documents to VP Marketing for final approval.
      Manage scheduling, posting, and tracking of advertisements.
      Compile bi-weekly status report of media placement results.
      Lead bi-weekly media meetings and provide insights into bi-weekly results.
      Select appropriate PR tools/services and build network of relevant journalists.
      Identify channels for online/offline media placements and advertisements.
      Maintain knowledge of media trends, developments and best practices.

Job Requirements

      University degree or college diploma in business or a related field
      Minimum of 5 years experience in a media relations capacity
   Experience purchasing and managing a variety of online/offline media campaigns
    with various cost structures such as cost per click, cost per ad, etc
   Knowledge of interactive and offline marketing concepts and practices
   Ability to develop strong relationships with relevant industry journalists
   Exception written and verbal communication skills
   Able to compile and analyze performance data to develop metrics that support
    decision-making for subsequent campaigns
   Solid business acumen, management, and problem-solving skills
   Entrepreneurial spirit and driven to succeed
   Strong computer skills, especially Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
   Effective time management, organization, and leadership skills
ganization, and leadership skills

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