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									Marketing Analyst
Position Overview

Reporting to the Director of Marketing, the Marketing Analyst is responsible for providing
information and insights regarding customers, markets, competitors, and campaign
effectiveness, to measure performance and support business decisions. The ideal candidate
will have experience planning and managing various research projects, and be able to work
closely with senior management to interpret findings.


      Provide ROI analysis of all marketing campaigns and sales activities
      Design research projects that answer specific business questions
      Work with Product Management to identify new market opportunities and work with
       beta-customers to complete concept-testing for new products
      Conduct market research to: analyze competitors; determine brand perceptions;
       evaluate market penetration; understand customer needs
      Develop focus groups and surveys to capture market research data
      Analyze marketing metrics to identify cause-effect relationships between marketing
       actions and financial outcomes to increase profitability
      Manage market segmentation, targeting, and positioning exercises as needed
      Build a marketing dashboard that visualizes key performance indicators
      Perform annual customer satisfaction survey and compile results report
      Complete competitive analysis to maintain our competitive advantages
      Conduct industry analysis: Social, Technological, Economic, and Political.
      Integrate market research data with our CRM system to create new leads
      Monitor and track competitive advertisements, PR, and website messaging
Job Requirements

     University degree or college diploma in business, marketing, or related field
     Minimum of 2 years experience in a marketing or market research
     Exceptional knowledge of marketing, sales, and business processes
     Strong project management, business writing, and reporting skills
     Ability to develop strong relationships and work with senior level executives
     Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
     Solid business acumen, management, analytical, and problem-solving skills
     Strong computer skills, including business intelligence and reporting software
     Effective time management, organizational, and leadership skills
     Ability to travel at least 15% or as required
least 15% or as required

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