Lead Acquisition Model

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					                                                                                                      Lead Acquisition Model
         Direct Marketing Campaigns                                                      Indirect Marketing Programs
 Paid        Online                                                         Organic     Channel         Public           Referral           Client
                               Email           Phone         Event
Search        Ads                                                           Search      Partners       Relations        Sites (blog)       Referrals

                                                                                                                            Orange Boxes Indicate
Registration 1                                                                                                              Marketing Automation
                                                                              Registration 2
                                                                                                                            Software Activation:
Landing Page
                                                                             Whitepaper Form                                1. Lead Acquisition
   Form 1
                                                                                                              Lead          2. Lead Scoring
                                                       Prospect               Webcast Form
Landing Page                                                                                                 Acquired       3. Lead Nurturing
                                                        Activity                                                            4. Lead Assignment
   Form 2
                                                                             Free Trial Form
                                                       Page Views                                                           *Website visitors will not
                           * Website Visitor                                 Newsletter Form                                be individually
                                                                                                                            tracked/scored until they
 Acquired                                                                                                                   submit form or click on
                                                                                                                            email link.

    Lead Scoring                                   Lead Nurturing Campaign (email)                                        Lead Assignment
                                           6 Step Email Drip Campaign:
                                           (1 email sent out each week)                 Prospect Score = 70+
    Explicit Profile Score
     (title, industry, etc.)                   1. Webcast/Podcast Library
                                               2. Whitepapers & RFP
                                               3. Technical Data Sheets                         Lead
                                                                                               Qualified                          CRM System
                                               4. Pricing Model & SLA
                                               5. Free Trial Offer
   Implicit Activity Score
                                               6. Demo with Sales Rep
   (page views, downloads)
                                                  Lead Score Increases in Points Until Qualified (Sales-Ready)               Measure Campaign ROI

Description: Use Demand Metric’s Lead Acquisition Model as a framework to create a process diagram that will visually communicate how your target market will engage with your brand and ultimately become a qualified sales lead.
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