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									Intranet Optimization Checklist

The purpose of this tool is to provide a checklist for optimizing your Intranet. Improving
the usability, quality, and ownership of intranet content will lead to increased user
adoption & satisfaction, and result in reduced support costs.

Intranet Optimization Checklist

 Done     Description of Task

          Read our guide: Revitalizing Intranets Reduces Support Costs

          Conduct an Intranet Usage Survey to identify how the intranet is being used

          Develop Intranet Revitalization Project Charter to document goals & timelines

          Evaluate key mid-market vendors and build Intranet Business Case

          Work with your I/T department to select and configure your intranet system

          Audit intranet content to identify content owners or lack of content ownership
Identify User Needs - use our Intranet FAQ Worksheet to interview each department
and identify your top 10 most frequently asked questions.

Assess intranet content to determine if up-to-date, accurate, relevant, etc.

Document what needs to be updated, created, refined, or taken off intranet

Assign content ownership and distribute Project Request Forms to all staff

Organize intranet contents into a hierarchy with logical navigation paths

Design a Homepage with FAQ section, links to each department and a Search

Send out internal email communication to staff regarding re-launch of intranet

Conduct intranet user-training sessions by department to reinforce adoption

Deliver monthly intranet reminder email highlighting new content and resolutions to
common support calls to communicate cost-savings of intranet

Survey intranet usage 3 months after re-launch to monitor project success

Conduct an Intranet Revitalization Post-Project Evaluation to assess results

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