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					Disneyland Resort Paris - complex of theme parks of
 Walt Disney in Marne-la-Vallée 32 miles east of Paris.
 The park is approximately 1,943 hectares. In an average
 year Disneyland Paris attending 12,500,000 people.

 The opening of the park was held on 12 April 1992. On
 the territory of the Disneyland theme park are two
 Disneyland Park (since 1992) and Walt Disney Studios
 Park (since 2002), amusement park Disney Village, a
 golf course Golf Disneyland, as well as hotels and
 business and residential neighborhoods.
         The creator of the park
Walt Disney was born 5 th of December in Chicago. His
  Parents didn’t like the city. It was big and noisy. They
  moved to the farm in Missuri.
Family had not money, but Walt wanted to paint. He
  painted by sticks and resin.
Then the family moved to Kansas city. Walt began to worked deliver news papers.
  In 1919 Walt Disney began to work in quality artist director in commers studio.
  In January 1926 Walt Disney with his brother Roy opened their first studio,
  where he created commercial works for magazines, newspapers, and movie

  Disney briefly started a company with the cartoonist Ub Iwerks, called "Iwerks-
  Disney Commercial Artists". The venture did not take off and the pair were
  forced to seek alternative paths to put food on the table. Disney and Iwwerks
  would later work together in creating some of the earliest popular Disney
  cartoon characters, including "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" and "Mickey Mouse".
Walt Elias Disney photo
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