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					                                Digital Citizenship Implementation Plan

The LISD CyberSafety sites within Moodle (SchoolWeb) share acceptable use guidelines for our
students and parents and provide multimedia presentations which meet the standards for providing
information to students about cyberbullying and Internet safety.

The Digital Citizenship for Educators course includes an overview of current research and LISD
district policy; a multimedia presentation for staff with a definition of Digital Citizenship and its
importance in society; a glossary of terminology which is updated frequently; and a list of Brown
Bag Lunch topics on the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship which introduce lesson resources:

Digital Citizenship for Students (Elementary) provides teachers and administrators with options on how
to encourage Digital Citizenship with their students. Each topic block contains an activity that can be
used weekly on campuses as announcements or interwoven through direct instruction:

Digital Citizenship for Students (Secondary) supports and promotes Digital Citizenship by including a
weekly “Did You Know” announcement with the expectation that teachers and student groups will
augment the existing information with student-made products and will result in a "challenge" for
teachers to initiate classroom conversations on these topics. A "Word of the Day" will prompt open-
ended student discussions, and there are examples of how each core curriculum area can incorporate
Digital Citizenship into instruction:

The Bring Your Own Technology Course is a resource for district staff on best practices in the use of
student-owned devices with a section that links to district resources on Digital Citizenship:

Timeline for Implementation:

Access to the courses within SchoolWeb is available immediately for guests, parents, students, and
district personnel. Updates to the Digital Citizenship for Educators and Students, as well as, the other
online resources are made as new information becomes available.

By the end of September, each Instructional Technologist will have met with their principals to discuss
how their campuses will implement each of these courses in order to meet the Federal Standards and
provide our students and staff with an understanding of Digital Citizenship. Principals will be
encouraged to begin engaging their students and staff as soon as possible on this topic.

The Instructional Technologists will be collaborating with special interest groups on the campuses (for
example, PTA, STUCO, Journalism, Webmastering classes, Technology Applications classes) to create
opportunities to highlight Digital Citizenship through student projects. The Instructional Technology
team will support the Choices program during CyberSafety Week which will take place on March 5-9,
2012, and the Cyberbullying presentation on February 23, 2012, from the Texas School Safety Center.

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