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									Nominee Program
  Canada’s Provincial Nominee

    Presentation Created: 21 June 2004
Canadian Immigration, Settlement
   and Employment Solutions
1. About KAM International
2. About Canada
3. Nominee Program Requirements
4. Strengths of Nominee Program
5. Nominee vs. Biz Entrepreneur and
   Investor Categories
6. Getting Started
1. About KAM International
Immigration Consultancy for Skilled
Professionals and Business Owners.
Team of 15 professionals dedicated to
providing specialized consultancy in Canadian
immigration and settlement.
Head office – Canada.
Branches – USA (Chicago and New Jersey);
Mexico (Monterrey).
1. About KAM International

President: Komal Swaminarayan. Over 8
years experience in Canadian immigration
law. Member in good standing of
  Association of Immigration Counsel of Canada
  Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants
  Total team strength – 15 professionals
1. About KAM International
Client Relations Manager:
  Your primary contact during the case
  Will assist in collection of documents,
  clarification of queries, and status updates
  1. KAM – A Global Presence
Our clients come from many countries around the
  world. We are presently working with clients from
  these and other countries –
Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Brazil, China,
  Colombia, Czech Republic, Gambia, Hungary, India,
  Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan,
  Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia Lebanon, Lithuania, Mauritius,
  Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nigeria,
  Oman, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, Qatar,
  Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa,
  Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom,
  United States of America, Vietnam, Zambia and
         2. About Canada
Canada continues to be the preferred
immigration destination for skilled professionals
and business entrepreneurs alike. Over 200,000
people immigrate to Canada every year.
A population of 31 million in the second largest
country of the world, presents many
opportunities for the business entrepreneur.
Canadians enjoy a universal healthcare system
and very low unemployment rates.
For 7 years in a row – 1994 to 2000, Canada has
been ranked top on the Human Development
Index of United Nations.
 2. About Canada - Economy
Over the last few years, Canada has had one
of the fastest growing economies in the G7
Canada has been consistently ranked in
various studies as one of the most
competitive countries to do business in.
The North American Free Trade Agreement
provides a tariff free market of 400+ million
consumers in Canada, USA and Mexico; with
a combined GDP of approx. US$15 trillion.
3. About the Nominee Program
 For professionals with at least 2 years of
 business or management experience.
 Immigration interviews in as little as 4 weeks
 from application.
 After interview average of 4 to 6 months for
 issuance of permanent resident visas.
 A six month middle management employment
 contract offered on arrival in Canada
 3. Program Requirements

Minimum 2 years of experience
Total net worth (all assets – liabilities)
of C$300,000 (approx. USD 230,000)
Minimum education of grade 12
Basic literacy skills in English or French
A one time contribution to a qualifying
Canadian business of C$120,000 (USD
4. Nominee Program Strengths
Very fast processing to get permanent
residence. Entire family can arrive in Canada
within a month
Interview scheduled as early as 1 month
Paid middle management contract
immediately on arrival, which can lead to
further business/employment opportunities.
No Language Testing Requirements
No Requirement to start a new business
      5.a) Comparison to Business
         Entrepreneur Program
                   Nominee Program       Business Entrepreneur

Net Worth          > C$300k & <C$800k    > C$300k

Visa Status on     Permanent, with no    Permanent visa but
Arrival            conditions            condition of launching
                                         business and create 1
Processing Time    4 to 6 months         12 to 24 months

Paid contract on   Yes, worth C$20,000   No
 5.b) Comparison to Investor
                 Nominee Program      Investor Program

Net Worth        > C$300k & <C$800k   > C$800k

Visa Status on   Permanent            Permanent
Processing       4 to 6 months        4 to 6 months
Paid contract    Yes                  No
on arrival
6. Getting Started
Email us back –
   your Client Relations Manager      or expressing your
  intent to proceed with this program
Required information will be emailed to you
After receipt of documents, an interview will
be scheduled in Canada within 1 to 2 months
Medical examinations are next
Permanent visas are issued in 4 to 6 months.
       Thank you

A Warm Welcome to Canada

      from all of us at
     KAM International

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