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                      Notes from the DADG meeting
                   held on Monday 26th November 2007
                            at Alfreton Library

Present:    Julie Batten, David Gilbert, Tina Glover, Sarah Laman, Stephen
            Munn, Martin Rogers, Mariella Reuser, Rick Seccombe, Angela
            Terris, Frances Watt, Ann Wright

Apologies: Vicki Campbell, Kim Johnson, Sally Lemsford, Ally Rodgers,
           Malcolm Roseburgh, Peter Shelton, Simon Susan Smith, Steptoe,
           Ian Thomas, Clare Thompson

1.    Minutes of the last meeting
       The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

2.    Derbyshire Arts Partnership

2.1   Rural Creative Industries Report
       Second phase of the study is now available.

Please email Frances for a copy

       Next steps: DAP has just put out a tender for a consultant to write a
        5 year Creative Industries Strategy for Derbyshire and Derby City
        (funded by DAP, Derby City Council and ACE). The purpose is to
        draw public sector and other support agencies together and to
        provide a clear action plan for the next 5 years.
       Arts in the Peak have been awarded some funding from the Rural
        Action Zone to run an advocacy and networking event for the
        Creative Industries for the Peak District and Derbyshire, in February.
        AiP, High Peak CVS, Focussing Creativity and DAP will work jointly
        on this event.

2.2   artsderbyshire website
       Just celebrated its first birthday
       Home page has been revamped
       Mini-sites are a new function for artists and arts organisations,
         which provide a suite of pages for those without their own website
       If any DADG members would like Frances to talk to groups of artists
         or arts groups about how to set up your own mini-site, please ask
       There is a tutorial on the site on how to set up your mini-site, and
         you can email Gillian Bates, the website editor, for help
2.3   Designer/Maker Grants
       Just awarded nine more grants
       Next year, this grant fund will be opened up to all artforms

2.4   Derbyshire Dance Network
       Over the past couple of years there have been a number of meetings
        of people involved in dance in the county – arts development
        officers, Derbyshire Sport, specialist and non-specialist teachers in
        schools, health workers, dance practitioners, etc.
       From these meetings, it was felt that it would be good to have a
        Dance Development Plan for Derbyshire, similar to other sports (for
        all ages and abilities)
       A steering group has been set up to arrange a consultation day in
        the spring to complete the audit of activity and initiate the plan
       Four strands of work for the dance development plan:
        o audit of activity
        o progression routes
        o networks
        o performances
       The Derbyshire Dance Network (Amy Rose) links into this. This
        network is there to provide CPD, training and business support for
        dance practitioners in the county.

3.    Visual Arts Sub-group
       Report from David Gilbert, Arts in the Peak, now complete and has
         been circulated -
       The next stage is to get funding for a two-year programme of
         contemporary visual arts across the county
       Applications have been submitted to: Esmeé Fairbairn
         Foundation;Their Past, Your Future 2; Arts Council England
       Applications are in process to: Heritage Lottery Fund; Paul Hamlyn
         Foundation; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Tina to invite Val Carman (public art co-ordinator for Junction Arts) to join the
Visual Arts Sub-group

4.    Marketing Sub-group
       Arts Council England has awarded DADG £50,000 for a 2 year
        audience development programme
       First year will be data and audience analysis; second year will be
        pilot action research projects to develop new audiences
       Tender for the first part will be advertised in January 2008
5.   Agenda for January meeting
      What is DADG for? - purpose
      What have we achieved?
      Looking outwards to things that may affect us, e.g. London 2012
      Open Space and Scenario Planning (Creative Launchpad to
      Whole day (very little normal business), to include – networking;
       celebration; and future plans for DADG

Ann to email DADG members to ask everyone to make a special effort to
attend the January meeting
Ann to speak to Creative Launchpad about how to manage the day and what
work we would like people to do beforehand

6.   Date of next meeting
      Friday, 18th January 2008
      10am – 4pm
      Derbyshire Dales District Council offices, Matlock Town Hall
      Lunch will be provided

Please let Nicola Wildgoose know of any special lunch or access

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