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									Food surveillance – a guide to
using the new food sampling form

Systems and Capacity Building Program
Food Safety & Regulation
Health Protection, WICA

•   The new food surveillance database will provide local government and the Department of
    Health with better information about the hygiene and safety of food sold in Victoria.

•   The database was developed in response to the VCEC enquiry into food safety regulation
    in Victoria, which recommended the collection and delivery of an annual report on the
    data from food surveillance activities as a measure of effectiveness.

•   The Food Safety and Regulation Unit reviewed several years of reports, and recognised
    that to achieve this reporting requirement local government data would need to include:

                     – Consistent descriptions of food
                     – Consistent analytical tests performed on similar foods
What’s new

• This food sampling form was developed to provide consistent
  descriptions, allowing for statewide analysis of surveillance data and
  comparisons between regions, food types, etc.

• Work to standardise minimum microbiological testing on foods is
  underway – standardising chemical testing will be considered in the
  first review.

• Laboratory results will be transmitted directly from the analysts to the
  new database within the department.

• Councils will be able to view their data through a secure web
  interface. At this stage only your council’s data will be available to
The Sampling form

• The form was developed by a large working group of EHOs with the
  aim of following Food Standard Code terminology wherever possible,
  but reflecting EHO practice.
• The form is supported by a database, and each council will be able to
  access their information through a secure web interface.
• Following the pilot, the form and the underlying database were
• The next review of the form and the underlying database is
  scheduled for 2 years from the introduction of the system (due March
Pilot trial of the form

A test run of the form lead to some refinements after feedback from both
EHOs and analysts
–The trial ran from December 2009 to March 2010 - 9 LGA were involved from:
                 »   Bass Coast Shire
                 »   Baw Baw Shire
                 »   Casey City Council
                 »   City of Greater Geelong
                 »   City of Melbourne
                 »   City of Yarra
                 »   Glen Eira Council
                 »   Murrindindi Shire
                 »   Whitehorse City Council
    • An on-line questionnaire of EHOs was undertaken to collect feedback and
    • Face-to-face meetings were held with analysts to discuss their response
      to the form
Intentions of this exercise

• Familiarise participants with the sampling form
• Highlight the mandatory fields for data collection
• Highlight some practice change aspects of the new
• Provide some examples of how to fill out the sample
  forms for examples of foods
• Highlight other supporting documents and materials for
  the use of this form
How to operate the following slides


1. You need to continue this PowerPoint presentation in slide
   show mode.

2. You should print out 11 copies of the sample submission
   form for use during the following exercises

•   The following slides have animations in them. Clicking your
    mouse may disrupt these animations.
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    The Victorian Food Surveillance form –
    some features
Council name and
premises registration                                          Forms should be
number together                                                used for all food
create a unique                                                sampling (note do
identifier for the                                             not use for outbreak
premises                                                       investigations)

Food description
fields (descriptors)
allow for standardised
descriptions of food.

The form has fields
for council records,
and is printed in                                  Press “Page Down” now
triplicate to ensure                               to move to next screen
sufficient copies for
lab use and council
    Mandatory fields and why –
    top panel of form


                                                                              Date and time of collection – important in
                                                                              tracking results from labs
                                                                                Pre-packaged versus unpackaged –
                                                                                different that the risk
                                                             Testing purpose: rememberpotential department will be
Council name, registration                                                                       Press – statutory
                                                              be collated the Temperature of storageforthis means the
                             The data from these fields will reporting onin number of samples taken“Page Down” now
number and sample                                                                                 use the form for
                                                             surveillance annually. You can alsoto move to next screen
                             the department, and re-presented to the            temperature the sample was at time of
number are essential                                         complaints                     after complaints.
                             council through the secure website. For or follow-up testingNote that there is an “other”
fields for data              example, you will be able to sort your sample used to request all testingthe specific
                                                             This form can be option – for you to write requirements, not
identification                                               class
                             results according to premises just for microbiology.
                                                                                temperature if needed
      Mandatory fields and why –
      the food descriptors

                                                               Initially, officers may find it
                                                               necessary to ask more questions
                                                               about what is in the food.
                                                                         For environmental sampling of
                                                                         premises – use this descriptor
                                                                         box : remember if you choose
FSP template
                                                                         “other” to provide additional
                                                                         details below
foods have their
own descriptor                                                               Refer to the on-line glossary
box                For most foods, the only options that                     where necessary to
                                                                             understand the descriptors
                   you will need to select are in this first
                   descriptor box. You can select as many
                   as are appropriate. Once the
                   appropriate options are selected in this
                   box, don’t duplicate your work by                          For vitamised meals,
                   selecting any other boxes on the form.                     select the options in this
                                                                              descriptor box: but If the
                                                                              nursing home serves the
                                                                              same meal (non-
                                                                              vitamised) to patients it
                                                                              would be classified
                                                                        Press “Page Down” now as a
                                                                              ready to screen
                                                                        to move to next eat/composite
Council specific fields – the lower panel

These fields are not transmitted to the database. The information fields here were
recommended by the EHOs in the working group and the pilot trial as being useful for
council records.

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                                                                    to move to next screen
Examples of foods

The following examples provide some guidance regarding food
  descriptors to help you to use the sampling form consistently.
Copies of the sample form are necessary to complete this exercise
  – there are 11 example foods.
As you move through the slides, you will have a a short time to tick
  the food descriptors on your hard copy sample form.
Then the food descriptors will automatically show up on the
  screen, with the boxes checked, so you can check your answer.
               Press “Page Down” now
Follow the     to move to next screen   prompt to move to the next
Have your hard copy of the sampling form ready now!
1    – Spinach and cheese

                            Press “Page Down” now
                            to move to next screen
2   Rice paper rolls
     – Contain chicken, prawn, lettuce,
     herbs, rice noodles

                                          Press “Page Down” now
                                          to move to next screen
3 Chicken Caesar Salad
   – Rocket, chicken, parmesan cheese,
   bacon, mayonnaise (may include raw egg)

                                             Press “Page Down” now
                                             to move to next screen
4   Sushi
     – cooked tuna, Avocado, rice

                          Press “Page Down” now
                          to move to next screen
5   Fruit salad

                  Press “Page Down” now
                  to move to next screen
6 Almonds


                                        Press “Page Down” now
                                        to move to next screen
7   Sweet and sour pork

                          Press “Page Down” now
                          to move to next screen
8   Fried rice

                 Press “Page Down” now
                 to move to next screen
9   Pasta salad

                  Press “Page Down” now
                  to move to next screen
10 Soft   cheese
  (from pasteurised milk)


                                                                Press “Page Down” now
                                                                to move to next screen
11 Tiramisu raw egg)


                       Press “Page Down” now
                       to move to next screen
Further resources

• Consistent description and testing of food samples is important for
  both the department and the LGA in assessing the effectiveness of
  food safety regulatory measures.

• The department maintains a password protected web-page
  containing information on the sampling form, and other resources
  for EHOs

 • At this site you will find FAQ documents, the on-line glossary and
   other guidance documents to help you to use the sampling form.

• If you have any questions, or problems with the form, or you don’t
  have the password for the website, contact the department at

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