POPCORN by dandanhuanghuang


									                                                                                                                                                                    }t f&tftfitlb          Jltabtt,        Thuriday, April 30,1992
                            THE 6TH DECADE
                                                                                                             'Straight Talk' Fails                                                                  New Option Available
      Careful Study Yields
                                                                                                            To Make a Statement                                                                     In Mastectomy Forms
    High Investment Returns                                                                        No small amount of movies make me             /:*•                                             By ANNE DUDDY-GEISLINGER                  is evenly distributed over the chest
                                                                                                think of that great (cent from On tht
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sp*ei*lty Wriittnfvr Tt* WntfirM Uadrr   wall, it may feel lighter than other
                                      • ByHtrHoit
   I can't m i t t Ihe temptation to offer     Zekster: Marvin. I've been writing about
                                                                                                Waltrfronl — the famous soliloguy
                                                                                                Marlon Brando deliver! to Rod Sleigcr,
                                                                                               "IcoukU' beentumpin*. IcouloV been a
                                                                                                                                                    POPCORN                                      After years of research, develop- forms.
                                                                                                                                                                                              ment and end-user testing there is a The new Discrene system can be
                                                                                                                                                                                              totally new breast form option for worn by most women who have un-
                                                                                               contendah, instead of a bum...which is                                                         post-mastectomy women.                   dergone a simple, modified radical or
you MOM cockuil chatter from tome of           opportunities in the stock market.                                                                                                                Otscrene by Coloplast is Ihe first in some case radical mastectomy.
the iMdiog invcMon.                                                                             what I am."
                                                  Q. What opportunities are there today            A better script ecu Id havemadeSrraig/if                                                   major product advancement in 12 With the recent discussions be-
   Farcumple, Warren Buffet u y s , "The       in Ihe stock market?                            Talk a contender, instead of a predictably
first n i k h not toloie. The second rule is      A. Many cyclical, technology and                                                                                                            years for women who have had breast tween Food and Drug Administration
not tofonet the firal.lt'tfar belter lobuy                                                     cute romantic comedy, which is what it                                                         cancer surgery and wear aprosthesis. and other healthcare professionals
                                               stable growth stocks offer potential it         is.
• wondctful company at a fait price than       this time for gains anticipating an eco-                                                                                                      Di serene uses a new breast-form at- concerning the safety of implant
a fail company »l a wonderful price. A                                                             James Woods, late of the shadowed                                                         tachment system that incorporates a surgery, this product offers another
                                               nomic recovery.                                 visage and the terious-roles-only mode,
great Investment opportunity occurs when          Q. What slocks would you say have            tries yet another foray into the world of                                                     gentle adhesive skin support wilh option.
a marveloui buuneu encounters a one-           great potential?                                light-hearted filmdom, starring here as                                                       hook and loop material that securely        Discrene can be an alternative to
time rui|«, but aolvaMeproblem. When a            A. Companies like Humana, a Hospi-           Jack, the hardboiled inve stigative reporter                                                  holds the breast form to the chest reconstruction, or a bridge to be used
miMgeincM with a repuuiion for bfil-           tal Management Company; Chemical                for the Chicago Sun-Timts. Sharing Ihe                                                        wall, allowing it to move in harmony between surgery and the decision lo
liancclacUetslMiineuwithareputation            Bank. DuPonl. Bristol Meyers, Schering-          screen with Mr. Woods it Dolly Parton as                                                     with the rest of a womens' body.
for bad economic*, it i i Ihereputationof      Plough, Waste Management and United                                                                                                                                                     have implant or reconstructive sur-
the buiineu that remains intact."                                                               Dr. Shirlee, the all-of-a-sudden-famous,                                                        The Discrene system is designed gery.
                                               Technologies all offer potential for good
   Now, here are «ocne words of wisdom         gains in the future as Ihe economy im-
                                                                                               radio call-in shrink.                                 Michael Goldberger                      wilh a womens' life style in                Coloplast, the manufacturer of the
from Peter Lynch, who brought us one of        proves and business activity increases,             The problem is Dolly's persona, Ihe
                                                                                               biggeit th ing lo hit Ihe Chicago air waves         ' • < • • • • • • • • ••• • •             mind...wearers can confidently par- Discrene form, has been developing
the leading mutual funds — Fidelity's             Q. Where is the bond market going?                                                                                                         ticipate in many activities: It can be and manufacturing wound-care
MafeUM Fund: "Spend at least as much                                                           in a dog'i age. Is no doctor.                                                                 worn while swimming, showering, products for over three decades, it is
time researching a Mock as you would              A. As the economy improves, some                 Quite si mply.a comedy of errors mixed          POPCORN RATINCSn                         playing tennis and even while sleep- a company that has dedicated itself to
choosing a refrigerator. Take advantage        pressure may be placed on demands for           with a healthy smattering of mistaken                     POOR
                                               money — pushing interest raten slightly         identity hascatapulled Shirlee from failed                                                    ing.                                     creating a better quality of life for its
of what you already know — the average         higher for long-term 30-year Treasury                                                                         FAIR                               It also will allow those wearing it a customers.
person it exposed to interesting local                                                         Arkansas dance instructor to her present
companiea and products years before            issues than for medium-term 10-year             station in life. Actually, iwas merely a                         GOOD                        wider selection of fashion alterna-         The skin support is made of a very
profeuionali.Investincompanies.nolin           Treasury issues.                                receptionist's job she wasafter when the                    '< C? EXCELLENT                  tives. Strapless sundresses, lacy soft, flexible, oxygen-permeable
the stock market."                                People would do well to look to me-          good folks at WNDY accidentally shot                                                         camisoles, bras or no bras can be materials, the same type of material
                                               dium-term issues since Ihe longer-term          Shirlee to stardom.                                                                          worn by Discrene wearers.
   Finally, Sir John Templclon's rules of      yields are not significantly higher. Those          Parton once again plays the sweet,            The neo-Pollyanna Straight Talk                                                      thai is used in wound healing. The
thumb for tuccestful investing: "Search        in higher tax brackets should consider          unassuming, good old gal, a bevy of             merely mimics Ihe movies it emulates,            Discrene's tapered edges and hol- flexibility of the product allows the
out stock* worldwide with the lowest           tax-exempt securities where yields are          homespun wit and wisdom who takes to            Tailing lo vocalize some thoughts of its     lowed back, combined with its ad- .skin support to move with the patient
price-lo-carnings ratios. Then start your      potentially more attractive.                                                                    own.                                         hesive system, create a secure seal and allows skin to breath naturally.
intensive analysis. Choose companies that                                                      her new profession with natural genius.
                                                  Q. What about mutual funds?                      Concurrently, Jack comes a courtin'             Borough Elks Plan                        lhat adapts to a women's body con-          This form has been on the national
won't be natural targets of government            A. Mutual funds are an excellent way                                                                                                      tours.
intervention, Choose hotel rooms over                                                          initially with plans of a nefarious nature.                                                                                            market since 1990 and is available in
residential real estate; for instance, free    for Ihe individual investor to diversity            Jack isn't impressed with the Dr. Shirlee      Breakfast on Sunday                           As a result there is none of the the Central New Jersey area from A
market over rent control. Sell when you        without having to select individual issues.     craze, and his reporter's instinct smells a        The Better Parades Committee of           noise, slippage and movement that is, Personal Touch Mastectomy Bou-
flnda comparable stock lhatisSO per cent          Be certain to look at long-term track        fraud. Well, Ihe usual things happen on                                                      at times, associated with a traditional tique at 100 Quimby Street, Westfield,
                                               records for consistent returns.                 the way lo blowing the whistle on Dr.            Mountainside Lodge No. 1585 of the
cheaper."                                                                                                                                       Benevolent and Protective Order of          form. And because Discrene's weight or by telephoning 232-4261.
                                                                                               Shirlee — that is. Jack falls in love with
   Now some questions to a leading ac-           Questions may be directed to Herb             the subject of what would have been his          Elks is holding a family breakfast on
count executive at Dean Witter. Marvin         Ross care of The Westfitld Leader.              next journalistic coup.                         Sunday, May 3.
                                                                                                   Naturally, Shirley gets wind of Jack's         The price ts $5 for adults and S3 for           WESTFIELD REPUBLICAN BALL
                                                                                               original motivationandisunderstandably          children. The menu includes pan-
                          iTALKING SCENTS                                                      miffed — of course she doesn't believe          cakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, toast,                           FRIDAY, 7:30 PM, MAY 1,1992
                                                                                               Jack's claim of reform and romantic             French toast, juice, coffee and tea.
                                                                                               revelation. So. what else is new?               Additional helpings are complimen-                     WESTWOOD RESTAURANT
       Sniffing Out Disease                                                                        Ostensibly, it's the same plot seen in
                                                                                               every Doris Day movie. And it almost
                                                                                                                                               tary.                                                   North Avenue, Garwood, NJ
                                                                                               works here, loo.                                   The breakfast is held at the Elks
     Trend of Present, Future                                                                      But I suggest it isn't our recently ac-     Lodge the first Sunday each month,
                                                                                                                                               October through May, This will be                     DINNER & CONCERT PIANIST
                                                                                               quired sophistication that spoils Straight
                                                                                               Talk for us. Fluff that they may be, films      the last breakfast until October.                  DANCING & REPUBLICAN SPEAKER
            By Gabriel leJ. Dor land                                                           like Pillow Tali, Miss Day with Rock
                                                                                               Hudson, and Teacher's Pel, Day wilh
                                                                                                                                                 Additional information can be re-
                                                                                                                                               ceived by calling the lodge at 232-
                                                                                               Gable, boast skillfully written scripts.        9667 evenings.                                     Tickets Call 233-7393, 232-5358, 654-1300
    D o n your doctor have a good nose?        essential aminoacid, is not broken drown
 Would he or she know if you were suf-         properly, and upon accumulation, it can
 fering from diabetes, gout or typhoid         result in mental retardation.
 simply by how you unelled?                        Today, when the disease is diagnosed
    bong before blood tests, urine analy-      early, Ihe infant's diet can be controlled
 se! and sophisticated scanning techniques     to avoid foods that contain the pbeny-
 came into regular use, doctors relied on      lalanine the infant cannot metabolize,
 direct examination — and their sense of       thusavoiding possible brain damage and
 smell — to diagnose their patient's con-      retardation.
 dition. In recent yean, however, olfaction        The sense of smell clearly has an in-
 as a diagnostic tool has fallen by Ihe        strumental role in diagnosing disease, but
wayside.                                       medical researchers have al so found odors
    tt can be difficult to teach olfactive     have an important and positive impnet in
diagnosislomedical students, and partof        terms of making treatment and therapy
 Ihe challenge is intrinsic to Ihe basic       more tolerable.
nature of odors. A smell cannot be pho-            Some scents can be used to promote
tographed or recorded and can be d ifficu It   relaxation and reduce stress, as they effect
to describe in words. ,               '.       physiological ch anges such asodecrease
                                               in blood pressure, a lowering of heart                                                                                                                                                       v-,»iin.i->i-ii.«-;W> •.   .•.:nii.--i,
    Recently', however, the technique of                                                                                                                                                                                                                         •

   k i p l l ip f tr tff ee i W h « b          rate, and a reduction of muscle tension. ••
developed, providing an effective means            This olfactive response is being utilized
of presenting an odor.                         :it the Sloan-Keltering Cancer Center in                                                                         O F ELECTIONS THESE DAYS
    Scent-strip fragrance inserts are fa-      New York City. Patients undergoing a
miliar to most magazine readers. Although      diagnostic scan known as magnetic
used primarily loin trod uce new perfumes      resonance imaging (MRI) are now ex-
to the public, scent strips have potential     posed toa vanilla-like fragrance loreduce                                                                      MAY W E SUGGEST A CHOICE
applications which can be extremely            their anxiety levels during the stressful
useful as a tool in leaching olfactive di-     procedure.
agnosis to medical personnel and health            Ina preliminary study lo determine the                                                                           YOU'LL ACTUALLY LIKE
care workers, as well as family members.       effect of odor, 40 of 85 patients were
    Medical professionals recognize in an      exposed to hcliotropin, which has a sweet,
emergency, the senseof smell may be Ihe        vanilla fragrance. ResearchersdclcmVined                                                                           FOUR YEARS FROM N O W
mow effective immediate tool of diag-          these patients were more likely to com-
nosis.                                         plete the stressful and lengthy MRI
    Foe example, a diabetic coma can be        treatment than a control group of patients,
detected by the presence of an unusual         whobrcathed ordinary, moistened air.
bretth odor. It has been suggested by              The group who breathed Ihe pleasant-
professors of medical education at Ihe         smclliiig heliotropin experienced two
Univenityof Illinois emergency medical         thirds less anxiety than thecomro! group.
penonnel be taught to recognize this odor      TheSloan-Ketlering study demonstrated
so they can dele rminequieklywhclheran         certain odors can be helpful in reducing
unconscious patient is suffering from          stress, and researcher are now work ing lo
diabetic coma or drug overdose. They           determine other domains where these
propose the encapsulation of medically-        benefits might be applied.
signifkanl odors In scent strips, which            As scientists learn more about how
could then be used in a study guide for        odors affect people on a physiological
medical students.                              level by reducing stress and improving
    An "otfaclive education" .strategy could   mood, many other useful applications are
be extended to include family members          being considered-
of people who are at risk for certuin              Soothing scents of Ihe future will in-
disorders.                                     clude spei.iiilly-fragrani.ttl night creams
    For example, there are tell-tale odnrs     :md linen sprays lo promote sleep and
associated with certain metabolic disor-       aromatic nlnrm clocks, already available
ders that afflict some newborn?. Maple         in Japan, tint feature a fragrant morning
syrup urine disease, cat'sod or syndrome       wukc-xip.
and hsh odor syndrome are just three of            Al the workplace, specially designed
many metabolic disorders thai ore char-        room and furniture sprays will reduce
acterized by specific odors given off by       iinxicly and tension in board meetings,
an afflicted infant.                           and In hospitals, odor-scanners will di-
   The metabolic disorder known us             agnose lung cnnier by "sniffing" the
pnenyUcetoneuria (PKU) was first iden-         patient's breath.
tified becau.se of the unusual odor asso-          The important of our sense of smell is
ciated with Ihe disease. A father of two       only now being appreciated and under-
inentally-retartted children noticed they      stood, mid in Ihe future, odor-rclnted
emitted a strong, distinctive odor.            procedures and products will play n sig-
                                               nificant imtl positive role in conlempoiiuy
   The children were tested mid found to       living.
 have high levels of phenylucciic ncid,
 which was responsible for their churiic-         Two-thirds of nil scientific and
 tcrlilic, mousey odor. Because of n           technical periodicals are printed
 metabolic problem, phenyluluninc, mi          in English,

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