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					Poems by slidester

Inevitably Longing, Inevitably Gone There is no brand new day /    Just as sure as there is no

The Omniscience Of The Azimuth Need to get to God 'bout all you take to heart Received

Time Out Of Mind Look at the powerful people / Stealing the salt from the earth

A Meteor Done Crashed And Burn When you told me you love him I just knew I had to let it

Hushabye Lullaby Comes a time when the baby needs settling downHushabye Mountain is best

Life Begets No Regrets To Them Who Forgets Whatever it is I sure ain’t bein’ what I used to

Live By The Plan, Die By The Plan (Or Lack Thereof) Lennon wrote in Beautiful Boy (Darling

The Happiness Cage So there was this remarkable parrot living in a cage / Knew how to talk

Access Denied you came to me in a dream / where I saw you unraveling

The Man Who Forgot Everything it came to me so suddenly / in strange combination

The Man Who Knew Too Much my blood's swift unburden / could only come /        after all /

Forgive To Live Another Day You ask for forgiveness / Cause my bitterness keeps erupting

Where There's Hope Where there was you / There was hope / But where there was hope

Unloving The Alien While scotch on the rocks is what I be drinking / It be helping me girl

Forget Me Not Where are the summers of my life / Have the seasons all gone cold

You Made Your Bed Now Lie In It ta ta ta da da mmm ta ta ta da da / mmm da da da Bent

Ok. It Was Leaving You. We just be floatin’ around like kites with no string / Dumb and

Who Makes Seashells Walking on the beach one dayMy five and four year old in hand

Justify My Margins Yeah I know I know I took you down / When it was that time of the

The Dead Speak Louder Than Words Preachers preach teachers teach sinners sin / And the
Another Birthday Another Bottle Of Wine Dear friend throw the wineI'm in love with a

I Reckon You Think You Been Redeemed Don’t spit on them flowers / Them flowers ain’t

Wrath Of The Unspoken Yes I know how much you love me / But can’t you realize

Desecration Martin of Tours while still a soldier at Samarobriva / Came across a

Bulletproof I see you goin’ round on your bike looking oh so pretty / Bicycle helmet

Forget The Past Condemned To Relive It If I take your words stick them on a painting of

You Ended Up Here Around 370 BC Plato wrote / at the end of the Phaedrus

It's Time can't do it no more / I tried / denied / I don't wanna feel stupid /

Movin' On Out The Door Yeah well we can all just go sit back and laugh / Looking back it

River Run Wide River Run Deep My sexuality / Might not be your reality / And that may be a

And The Gods Laughed New history new honey I feel it I know it inside / Found me a girl at

Satisfaction For What? I don't know how you get satisfaction / In sending me emails to see Yeah you got your badge of honor and it’s all dried up / All the spit

Love With The Proper Stranger There’s no danger girl in going into the woods with me / I

Fire Balm On My Lips Man before I knowd it she was gone from my life / Turned on a dime

Kiss Me One Last Time Before I Say Goodbye I came back just to make you feel like shit /

I Just Wanna See His Face Been livin' a life so alone and confusedFeeling alone be settin' me

Cool Blue And May It Serve You Well You got yours I got mineTired of hidin' what we be

Acrostic Blues For You I don’t know if in these words you’ll see / Nothing that you haven’t

In My Time Of Dyin' There's so many girls in my life that I've knownOnly for some did I

Divine And Providential With Dog In Road Divine and providential / Two words be sitting in my

Everything: Redacted And Refracted from Acrostic Blues For YouNot for me to really say
Psychic Misery God's good grace would save us allBut individually it's your call

Live to Love You only got / One life to live / So live to love / What more can you

If Seeing Is Believing I love you I need you words you don't wanna hearWith them

Two Abandoned Lockers Still Sittin' Side By Side I remember you be telling me 'bout how we

Don't Change Your Heart While we were talking you got a call / You be sounding a little

It's A Clean Machine You left and then went to another far away planet / For all that it

Been There Done That One more phone call is that all that we get? / Another day older but

Free At Last Free at last / Free at last / I'm comin' home / And I'll be free at last

Truth Hits Everyone After meeting this girl I asked you don't write do you? / She said it's

gun in the singular there's somebody's gun in my linen closetunder some towels of which I

An i For An I yes there are two of me / there's one I you see

Thinkin' Big Thoughts Fed up with contests that I never win / It is written I lose before I

The Fight In You Bumped into you in my search for salvationStrictly by chance and beyond

the King is Dead Long Live the King Remember how we used to goAnd get them cones at the

Fool For You Honey How many times have you done made love / When it really wasn’t him you

Where Do You Stand? We are all bit players / In the never ending

Careful What You Wish for You say you be looking for meAll those year

Shadows In The Rain take me down / from this reign of pain / so we just be / shadows in the

Separation Heartstrings You have that little boy / Tugging at your heartstring

Day Of Reckoning get along little doggies / get along / get along little doggies /

In a Way That You'd Understand You got your reasons / I got mine too / I always hated you

Just Shoot Me Postman brung me my pills the other dayPills to make me grow in every which
Roomful Of Mirrors If this dog could bark he'd be lettin' you know Only fools tread where

Anomaly it is what it is is it what it is what it is is it it is what is is what

Silver And Gold Once upon a time you dressed so fine / You were one sexy bitch all down

Life Interrupted Just checked myself into ICU /Want you to know that I can bleed too /Give

Snapped My house burnt down the other day Me Wanda and the kids didn't have no say

Broke Down i didn't get far / with sex love / jesus and a / broke down car / / /

Iris by GooGoo Dolls and / when everything's / made to be broken / I just want you / to

Words Not Missed Best Left Behind This is of a writing you no longer see Posted taken down

Don't Let It Bleed Bloodletting what was that all about / Originally a healing practiced

Poet For Hire While amateurs steal and the pros just borrow / Words from the past may

Heart Soul Body and Mind you / know the heart / inside this soul / within this body / that

Monkey Got Spunk Is there some kind of line between pleasure and pain Or does it all bleed If Jesus be a member of In between, that is, being

For No One She called me and told me of what I was writing She just couldn't take it

I Don't Feel It Was Wrong I ain't no different than the mutt in the pound Someone's gonna

It's Me That You See Oh what have we here my little dear? / Don't cry / Let me wipe away

Be simplicity / implicitly / ubiquitously / synchronicity / explicitly /

The Ripples Of Life How ironic it is / That I would find myself to be / Drowning in the sea

The Wind The Sky And You So many ships sailed by in my life / An unpredictable sea waves of

Control Z The pain is east the pain is west / Two distant lovers from the past /

You Talking To Me? Hey man don't lay your numbers on me Keeping track of this and that,

Dive Into Pink Compare me to all / Compare me to none / I could care less / If I ain't
It's All Too Heavy Say it all and say it well / Or someone's gonna ring the bell

Bed's Too Big Without You Honey was such a lousy f**k It was something that I could never

The Unsinkable Ship I lived all my life like there would be no tomorrow / And now I'm a man

Just Maybe Just Might It Will Be What It is The moment that Gino first arrived in my life

The Blind Leading the Blind When we first met all that we knew Was of a comfort in knowing

Words I Say Everything I have to say was said today or yesterday And if there's no

I Know I Hurt You More Than You Ever Hurt Me Please don’t take anything I write with any

Sam Was One of the Biggest Mistakes I've Made (I Never Intended to Hurt You With That)

An Imaginary Wife In An Imaginary Life I thought Joonie was the girl who could save me from

Voodoo Doll Done Gone Blues She come on like a flat six pack / She good at taking / But she

It's Not Control It's Love Confess your sins to those in control / Its expected of you no

What is and What Could Never Be The next storm that comes my way That brings the night

What Happened? I looked for reason but could not find one I looked for meaning where

Ode to the Bitch That Framed Me Comes a day /When you will say /He lost his way /He had

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