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					               Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
            Safety and PPE                        PPE: The sensible way to protect your senses.
     Keep you healthy and injury free.
                                                               PPE: Uniforms of life.
     Save the senses you hold dear;
    Make sure to wear protective gear.            Once you've been given the proper equipment,
                                                                 Please use it!
     Avoid the crunch-wear your PPE.
                                                         Like hard hats and safety glasses,
           It's just good sense                                Your hearing protection
   To use the proper safety equipment.                     Is only as good as you let it be.

          Don't be a horse's rear.                       It's the little things that get you;
          Wear that safety gear.                        Wear proper protective equipment.

       Winning the race means                          It can't protect you unless you wear it.
     Wearing your safety equipment.
                                                 Industrial workers can shift into safety with PPE.
        Don't assume you are safe
      Use your protective equipment.                  If you're cheap when it comes to safety,
                                                          It can cost a lot more than money.
Don't horse around with PPE - wear it right.
                                                                If you wear your PPE,
   Be picky about wearing safety gear.                 You'll be on the cutting edge of safety.

       Protect your eyes and ears                  If you wear loose clothing around machines,
   So you can use them in future years.               You could lose more than just your shirt!

         Wear safety equipment                                 Hardhats on for safety!
         Where it will protect you.
                                                   Dress for the occasion, use the proper PPE.
Use good horse sense when picking PPE.
                                                             Don't stick your neck out;
 Safety Equipment - not using is abusing.                     Wear protective gear.
      Be cool - wear PPE as a rule.
                                                         Dress defensively; use your PPE.
      Wearing your safety equipment
       makes good horse sense.                    Don't monkey around with makeshift protection.
        It pays off in the long run.
                                                          Don't let noise hurt your income;
         Horsing around with PPE                                  Wear proper PPE.
         Could turn into a tragedy.
                                               Don't let a question of attitude cause you to lose face;
        Safety gear is not much good,                              Wear your PPE.
   If you don't wear it where you should.
                                                            Don't be dressed to spill;
    You should not have to be nagged                   Wear appropriate clothing for the job.
     To wear your safety equipment.
                                                     Doesn't your job come with enough risks?
        Dress for the unexpected.                                  Use your PPE.

              No need to fear                       Choose the right bodyguard; use your PPE.
       If you wear the proper gear.
                                               Be sure grass is the only thing you cut this summer.
        Safety gives no guarantee                      Wear the proper PPE at home too!
       Without wearing proper PPE.
                                                          Be on the best dressed list;
         PPE with holes and tears                      Wear personal protective equipment.
    Bring unexpected cuts and snares.
                                                           You won't have anything to fear
   Personal protective equipment safety                  If you wear all of your safety gear.
       Is taking out what you put in.
                                                      You can count on your fingers and toes.
         Because I wore my PPE,
               I can still see all of me!                            Can they count on you?

               Wear your safety gear,                                Workers who do it right
               It can come in handy.                           Retire with better hearing and sight!

     We should always care for our safety wear.               Top priority this year is safety gear.
                                                            Wear your safety line to save your spine.
       Check your equipment before you start
       Or from this world you soon may part.                         The proper safety gear
                                                                    Makes injuries disappear.
         Use proper PPE and safe you'll be.
                                                                   Safety gear should be used
         Take time to use your safety gear.                        And never, ever be refused.
        Or else you may end up on your rear.
                                                                      Safety gear neglect
              Don't wait 'til it's too late.                    Can have a frightening side effect!
             Use safety equipment now!
                                                                       Safety fits, so wear it.
                       If it's torn,
                 It shouldn't be worn.                           Safety equipment used right
                                                           Can save your senses of hearing and sight.
               Protective clothing-
         The answer to a burning question.                             Safety equipment
                                                                  Should be a part of every job.
           Save yourself from the coffin;
              Use safety gear often.                            Safety equipment has a purpose.
                                                                        Put it in service!
                 PPE is the way to go,
        If you're not sure how to pin the flow.              Put on your safety equipment after break;
                                                           It will protect you from injury, pain and ache.
         Protect yourself through the year;
        Make sure to wear your safety gear.              Protective gear everywhere is not being dense,
                                                       But don't forget the use of workplace common sense!
           You have the right stuff, use it.
              Always wear your PPE.                             Properly use it, or probably lose it.

           Show your safety commitment-                                Prevent the pain;
             Use the proper equipment.                             Wear protective equipment.

 There is no substitute for proper safety equipment!                 PPEs are serious tools
                                                                Not ornaments for careless fools.
You have everything to lose by not wearing your PPE.
                                                               PPE only works when it's worn right.
              You are irreplaceable;
             Wear your PPE every day.                   Personal protection results in accident prevention.

               Without proper PPE,                                       One, two, three,
            Hazards will stop at nothing.                                Wear your PPE.

                 When buying PPE,                                   Make a fashion statement;
            You're shopping for your life;                              Wear your PPE.
                  Don't get cheap.
       You're not safe if your equipment isn't.                       I made a commitment:
                                                           To protect myself and use safety equipment.
        What have you got to lose? Your life!
              Wear the proper PPE.                                 PPE - It's not what you wear
                                                                      but how you wear it.
                  Wear your PPE;
            After all, you're only human.                           Having the gear is a start;
                                                                    Using it makes you smart.
     The measure of safety is proper fitted PPE.
                                                                       Hardhat, hard toe
      The great cover-up is all about your PPE.                    Keeps you always on the go.
   The first item on a safety inspection list should be                    For your protection
          To wear your own safety equipment.                         make the equipment connection.

    The best safety device is one that's being used!                       Don't spare it; wear it.

  Take care of your PPE, and it will take care of you.                 Proper protective equipment
                                                                       Can smooth out the wrinkles.
             Surround yourself with safety;
                    Use your PPE.                                       Don't horse around here;
                                                                     Always respect your safety gear.
              Safety gear suits everyone.
                                                                     Don't be casual about your PPE.
       Safety equipment never goes out of style.                             Take it seriously!

         Safeguard the best years of your life;                            Protect your thinker.
                Use the proper PPE.                                  Use a hard hat and safety glasses
                                                                           Whenever you tinker.
Remembering to use your PPE is not Mission Impossible
            - But Mission Responsible.                                 Being safe means being fit
                                                                      With the proper safety clothing.
    Remember your PPE is tailored for your needs.
                                                               Get the proper equipment and help you need,
     Protecting your life is what safety is all about!             Before performing a dangerous deed.
                   PPE is required,                        Always keep you personal protective equipment handy.
               Or you may lose your job
                 Without getting fired!                      Take time to slip into something a little more safe.

                  PPE is self defense;                                     You're in good hands
                   Plain and simple.                             With your personal protective equipment.

              PPE is safety you can wear.                              Utilizing the right protection
                                                                  May save a lesson in shower direction.
            Personal protective equipment:
              Don't put it off – put it on.                            Okay and thumbs up to PPE.
                                                                       They lead to a safety victory.
              Even though you wear PPE
             Don't tune out safety hazards.                        Head protection can save destruction,
                                                                     Anywhere around construction.
            Don't end up in a hospital bed.
             Wear your hard hat instead.                          Avoid the pain by protecting your brain.
                                                                           Wear your hard hat.
               Wearing your hardhat today
      Will let you whistle a happy tune tomorrow.                       Hardhats prevent headlines.
              To keep yourself from pain,                             If you don't wear your hardhat,
                  Protect your brain.                               You might have to take your lumps.

                 Don't get knocked flat                             A falling object may not be seen,
            By failing to wear your hardhat.                       So protect your head and stay keen.

             Wear your hardhat every day.                               You can't see falling debris.
      Falling objects could be heading your way.                         So wear the proper PPE.

           A mind is a terrible thing to dent.                    Don't end up hurt or even worse dead.
         Always wear your safety equipment.                         Keep that hardhat on your head.

        Wearing the proper head protection                           Of falling bricks I have no fear.
    Guards against danger from another direction.                   My hardhat's vital, that's very clear.

              A hardhat will do the trick,                         Bad things may be coming your way.
    Especially if you're fixing to get hit with a brick.                Keep your head covered.

                   Hard hat protected                               Hearing loss is a controllable thing
           For the unexpected.                              Screen out the noise
                                                        Before your ears begin to ring
      You will rise above the rest
 When others see you've done your best                  Get rid of excessive 'pounds'
                                                         Wear hearing protection -
          Being a safety leader                          You'll reduce the sounds
        Can be a real pick-me-up!
                                                             Protect your ears
Loud noises muffled by plugs in your ears              And you'll enjoy them for years
  Will keep you hearing for many years
                                                           Hearing Protection -
  Keep knocking but you can't come in!             De Fence Between You And Deafness

             Protect your ears                   Use hearing protection to keep your poise
             For future years                   By protecting your ears from excessive noise

           I'll hear when I retire                          Wear ear protection
                  Will you?                           Or you'll need hearing correction!

             Want to hear?                       If you are going to think of anything today...
             Wear your gear!                                     Think Safety!

    Always use 'sound discretion'                      Hearing protection is a must
 When choosing your hearing protection            To keep your eardrums from going bust!

           Don't tune it out -                         When there is noise pollution
    Move your feet to the safety beat!                Hearing protection is the solution

         Wear hearing protection                               For safety's sake!
          For noise deflection                         It's your hearing that's at stake!

       Retaining your ability to hear               Noise can be tough over the years
        Depends on you wearing                   But you will be safe if you cover your ears
         The proper safety gear
                                                 Wear your ear protection and wear it right!
        Listen Up - Pay Attention               Then noises won't hurt you, try as they might!
       PPE makes sound protection
                                                  Hearing is important, it's a must to defend
           Use hearing protection                  PPE keeps loud noises from getting in
Without it - it's 'hear' today, gone tomorrow
                                                                  Be Wise
 Against loud noises I'm sure you will see                 Listen With Your Eyes!
      How smart it is to wear PPE
                                                 If you don't wear hearing safety equipment
      You can put your mind to rest               This could be your greatest fear - to hear
         With the sweet sound                                   Or not to hear
       Of hearing safety success
                                                           Noise can't hurt you
    Whether you're working or playing                  When you wear the safety gear
      When noise in on the attack                          You're supposed to
            Wear protection
    Or you're hearing won't be back!                         What you don't hear
                                                             May be as important
         Noise can't penetrate                                As what you do
 When your hearing protection is first rate
                                                    Noise can be tough over the years
        Without hearing protection,              But you will be safe if you cover your ears
            Your ears may suffer
          With hearing protection,                  Protect your ears from those big, bad,
         It's like wearing a muffler                             Awful noises
                                                To later enjoy some melodical, tranquil voices
         Wear your ear protection
         And silence the enemy                           Proper hearing protection
                                                    Helps keep noises from breaking in!
      Protecting yourself from these big guys                     In the fight to protect your hearing
       Will allow you to hear your little ones                   Wear hearing protection to be a winner

          Always wear your safety gear                                 Wear your hearing armour
      You'll never know when danger is near                            Eliminate harmful clamour

     To protect your hearing for many a year                          Ear protection is the solution
    Cover your ears when loud noises are near                              To noise pollution

      Keep protection poised - for loud noise                    Hearing protection may be inconvenient
                                                                       But it's your best insurance
     Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Lend an ear to safety                         For hearing well into the future

    Not wearing ear protection in noisy places                          Safety is a precious gift
     Results in you reading everyone's faces                        Protect it 'til the end of your shift!

          Listen Up! There is no doubt!                                       Make it your
         Hearing loss you can do without!                                 Everyday commitment
                                                                            To use the proper
             If you find yourself in fear                                   Safety equipment.
               You should have used
                  The proper gear!                                    The wrong safety equipment
                                                                      Can let you down in a hurry!
           If you get hooked on safety,
             get safety hooked on you!                                   Stay hooked on safety.

               Tie one on for safety.                              Get "hooked" on workplace safety.

Is anything holding you back from leaving your job?

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