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									                 STATE HEALTH SOCIETY, TAMILNADU

                     STANDING COMMITTEE ON NGO

                    MINUTES OF THE FIRST MEETING

The First Meeting of Standing Committee on NGO for approval of NRHM/RCH
Schemes was conducted at Mission Director’s Chamber, State Health Society,
5th Floor, DMS complex, Teynampet on 17.09.2010 at 3.00 p.m, under the
Chairmanship of Mission Director, State Health Society.

Following members attended the meeting:

    1.   Tmt. Girija Vaidyanathan, I.A.S.,    Chair Person of
         Mission Director                     Standing Committee
         State Rural Health Mission
         State Health Society – Tamilnadu,

    2.   Dr. S. Vijayakumar, I.A.S.,          Member
         Project Director,
         Tamil Nadu Health System Project,

    3.   Dr. A.K. Rajendran,                  Convener
         Additional Director,
         State Health Society – Tamilnadu,

    4.   Dr. Veluchamy                         Member
         Additional Director, Directorate of
         Medical and Rural Health Services.
         (Representing Director of Medical and
         Rural Health Services)

    5.   Dr. K. Amudhadevi,                    Member
         Joint Director (Inspection),
         O/o. The Directorate of Public Health
         and Preventive Medicine, Chennai.
         (Representing Director of Public
         Health and Preventive Medicine)

    6.   Dr. B.Radhakrishnan,                   Member
         Deputy Director,
         Directorate of Medical Education,
         O/o. Directorate of Medical Education,
         (Representing Director of Medical

    7.   Thiru.V.Krishnasamy,                 Member
         Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts
         O/o. The Directorate of Public Health
         and Preventive Medicine, Chennai.

    8.   Thiru.C.G Muralikrishnan,              Member
         Deputy Director, Directorate of Family
         Welfare, Chennai-6
         (Representing Director of Family

    9.   Dr. Rakkal Goitonde                        Member
         Community Health Cell,
         No.31, Prakasam Street,
         T.Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.

Agenda No. 1    Leave of absence

The Standing Committee on NGO resolved to grant leave of absence to the
following member.

    1.   The Secretary,                             Member
         Voluntary Health Services, Adyar,

                State Health Society –Scheme of Early Intervention Services for
Agenda No. 2    Children with Disabilities in Collaboration with NGOs- approval
                – requested – reg.

  1. Approved to nominate the Maduram Narayanan Center for supervision of
     the establishment of Early Intervention Centers for Mental Disability for
     the eight pilot centres through State Commissioner for the Differently

  2. Approved to establish early intervention center by setting up an
     additional 4 such centres in each district (Thootukudi and Cuddalore) in
     select PHC’s (annexure) similar to the uniform pattern of infrastructure
     and services as offered by the Commissioner for Differently Abled.

  3. Approved to release necessary funds to the NGO as proposed after
     entering into MOU, during the current financial year from NRHM funds
     under Innovation.

  4. Committee suggested to expand the coverage of the scheme by including
     Dindigul district as the Collector Dindigul ha already been involved in
     piloting a similar scheme in the district subject to available to of funds. It
     was also suggested to link the scheme with Mental Health Programme
     and Sarva Siksha Abhyan so as to get the maximum effect from the
     combined synergy.

                State Health Society –Capacity Building for Health Care
                Providers – Training of Medical Officer of Upgraded PHC in
                ultrasonogram to detect the foetal abnormalities through hands
Agenda No. 3
                on and online by the identified sonologist of suitable reputed
                organization through developed software – approval –
                requested – reg.

  1. Approved to initiate further action of the project as per the suggestions of
     the technical committee as below.
     a) Both the Organizations may be asked to provide the following-

          i.   To assess the compatibility of Ultrasonogram equipment at the
               block PHC and a report on further requirement for the existing
               USG and the computer system.

         ii.   The syllabus and a copy of the training module on Prenatal

        iii.   Details of the trainers available in each district.

     b) A time frame of 2 weeks may be given to the organization for
        submission of these documents.

  2. A decision on eligibility and number of districts may be taken by the
     Mission Director based on the above documents.
  3. Approved to call for financial bid from the organizations after getting the
     above document, so as to avoid further loss of time.
  4. The committee observed that as this was a completely commercial bid, it
     need not be brought before the NGO committee in future.

                State Health Society – Scheme for Prevention and Management
Agenda No. 4    of Disabilities in Kanthili Block as a pilot phase at Thirupathur
                HUD of Vellore district – Approval requested – reg.

  1. Ratified the approval of permitting the Dr. Arul Selvi Community Based
     Rehabilitation Centre Tirupathur to initiate the project for Prevention
     and Management of Disabilities through community based training in
     Kanthili Block as a pilot in Thirupathur HUD of Vellore district at a cost
     of 4.5 Lakhs.

  2. Approved to release necessary funds to the NGO after entering into MOU,
     during the current financial year from NRHM – SPMU – Project/research
                State Health Society – Establishment of Neonatal Intensive Care
                units (NICU) in all the Districts to reduce Neonatal deaths–New
                Strategy- Recruitment of Staff nurse for the NICU in the Phase 1
Agenda No. 5
                districts (10 centers) and Phase 2 (31 centers) through NGO
                EAKAM in coordination with State Health Society / State IMNCI
                cell as PPP model-Approval requested – reg.

   1. Approved to accept the offer of EKAM (NGO) to provide staff nurse in the
       NICU centers of the Districts (Madurai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallore,
       Perambalore and Cuddalore) in view of the urgency to start the NICU
       centres and difficulty in getting the staff nurses posted in the NICU
       center through the DMS.

   2. The Committee has suggested that the actual administrative cost
       towards recruitment, training and salary of staff nurse as proposed can
       be paid through State IMNCI Cell.

   3. The Committee took note of the fact that, EKAM (NGO) has already
       entered into a PPP with ICH as per the order of Government of
       Tamilnadu (GO. Ms. No.1278, dt.04.11.2008) and asked the State
       Health Society to examine whether the same could be extended for
       further hiring of staff nurses to other NICU centres in the State through
       the above NGO and if so, place the same proposal before the next
       Executive Committee meeting.


                                            EXECUTIVE SECRETARY

                                               MISSION DIRECTOR

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