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					Items           Parameters          MDVR
                Oper Language       Chinese/English
                OSD                 OSD menu
                                    User Password/
                                    Admin Password
                Video Input         4Ch
                Video Output        1Ch
                                    Support 1 channel or synchronous
                                     4 channels preview.

                                    PAL 25 FPS
                Recording Ratio
                                    NTSC 30 FPS

                Image Compression   H264 Main Profile, 75FPS D1/s
                Audio input         4
Audio           Audio output        1
                Recording mode      Audio and Video Sync
                                    4-ch CIF:25fps, 4-ch HD1:25fps,
                Video format
                Video stream        ISO14496-10
                                    CIF: 1536Kbps ~ 128Kbps,8 levels optional.
                                    Highest:1 level
                                    HD1: 2048Kbps ~ 380Kbps,8 levels optional.
Image           Video Rate (kbps)
                                    Highest:1 level
processing &
                                    D1: 2048Kbps ~ 400Kbps,8 levels
                                    optional.Highest:1 level
                Audio Bitrate       4Kbytes/s

                Storage             Support Dual SD card storage,32GB for each.

                                    6 alarm input, No alarm below 4V, high level
                Alarm input
Alarm                               alarm above 4V.
                Alarm output        2 alarm outout, high level 12V output.
                Serial Interface    Support 1-RS232 interface
Port          Serial Interface      Support 2-RS485 interface

                WIFI interface      Support 802.11b/g
               Auto Station Reporter   Support connecting Auto Station Reporteror or
               Interface               control pane via extended interface
               Audio power amplifier   Support 2-ch audio power amplifier output
               CDMA                    Built-in CDMA module
               GRPS/EDGE               Built-in GPRS / EDGE module
               3G(HSDPA/EVDO/          Built-in 3G(HSDPA / EVDO /
               WCDMA)                  WCDMA)module
                                       Built-in GPS module,Geographic
GPS                                    coodinates、speed can be read in
                                       coding flow,and can be wireless uploaded.
Acceleration                           Built in acceleration G-Sensor
               Analysis of PC          Video playback on PC,and analyse the
               playback                vehicle
                                       info in the file.
                                       Video preview via WIFI、GPS upload、alarm
               CMS                     upload, central command and parameters
                                       configuration, etc.
Upgrade                                Support SD cards upgrade.
GeoVision Compact DVR                    GeoVision Video Server
16/ 10 languages                         16/ 10 languages
Web Interface/ OSD menu                  Web interface
User Password/                           User Password/
Admin Password                           Admin Password
4Ch                                      2Ch / 4Ch
4Ch                                      2Ch / 4Ch
Support 1 channel or synchronous         Support 1 channel or synchronous
 4 channels preview.                      4 channels preview.
                                         NTSC 30 fps per channel
                                         60 fps in total for 2 channels, 120 fps in
NTSC 30fps at D1 resolution              total for 4 channels
PAL 25fps at D1 resolution               PAL 25 fps per channel;
                                         50 fps in total for 2 channels, 100 fps in
                                         total for 4 channels
Geo Mpeg4-ASP                            H.264, MPEG4,MJPEG
4                                        2Ch / 4Ch
1                                        1

NTSC 30fps at D1 resolution              NTSC 30fps at D1 resolution
PAL 25fps at D1 resolution               PAL 25fps at D1 resolution

Configurable frame rate and bandwidth,   Configurable frame rate and bandwidth,
Constant and variable bitrate            Constant and variable bitrate

1 SATA HDD of 2.5’’ or 3.5’’ (
HDD converter required for 2.5’’
HDD from GeoVision)                 Mass storage through USB (optional)
2 external USB mass storage devices
DVD RW backup
4 inputs                                 4 inputs
4 outputs                                4 outputs
RS-232 for GPS                           RS-232 or UART for GPS
RS-485 for PTZ                           1 Wiegand interface

USB WIFI Dongle                          USB WIFI Dongle
USB Adaptor              USB Adaptor

RS232 GPS module         RS-232 or UART GPS module

Video Playback on PC     Video Playback on PC
GeoVision CMS solution   GeoVision CMS solution
- Control Center         - Control Center
- Center V2              - Center V2
- VSM                    - VSM
Over the internet        Over the internet

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