FrI Country brochure rubric Fr 1 by cuiliqing


									          Making A Brochure : German City Brochure German I

  Teacher Name: Frau Omlid
                   Mme. Theisen

  Student Name:     ________________________________________

   CATEGORY         Above Proficient            Proficient               Basic Proficient         Not Proficient
Task Completion     3 or more extra details All required details are 1 - 3 Details are            3 or more details are
                    are present in the      present in the brochure missing. (17-21)              missing. (1-18)
                    brochure. (27-30)       (22-26)

Writing -           The brochure is very     The brochure is clear       The brochure is        The brochure is not
Organization        clear and very useful to and useful to the           somewhat clear and     clear and not useful to
                    the audience. (18-20) audience. (14-17)              somewhat useful to the the audience. (0-9)
                                                                         audience. (10-13)

Number of           There are 2 or more         All graphics/pictures    1-2 graphics/pictures    3 or more graphics/
Graphics/Pictures   extra graphics/             are present. Graphics/   are missing.             pictures are missing.
                    pictures. Graphics/         pictures go well with    Graphics/pictures go     Graphics/ pictures go
                    pictures go well with       text. There is some      somewhat with text.      barely with text. There
                    text and there is lots of   variety. (14-17)         There is some variety.   is a little or no variety.
                    variety. (18-20)                                     (10-13)                  (0-9)

Attractiveness &    The brochure has            The brochure has         The brochure has well- The brochure's
Organization        exceptionally attractive    attractive formatting    organized information. formatting and
                    formatting and well-        and well-organized       (4-6)                  organization of material
                    organized information.      information. (7-8)                              are confusing to the
                    (9-10)                                                                      reader. (0-3)

Writing - Grammar   There are no            There are 1-2                There are 3-4            There are more than 4
                    grammatical mistakes grammatical mistakes            grammatical mistakes     grammatical mistakes
                    in the brochure. (9-10) in the brochure. (7-8)       in the brochure. (4-6)   in the brochure. (0-3)

On Time             Brochure is turned in                                                         Brochure is turned in
                    on time. (10)                                                                 one or more days late

                                                TOTAL: ___/100

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