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					                                  Application Process
Early Action                                                      Regular Decision
Deadline: December 1                                              Deadline: March 1
Because Early Action is non-binding, you should                   This is the final deadline for freshman applications.
consider taking advantage of this option to receive               Given the volume of applications we receive, we
an early application review. In addition, outstanding             strongly encourage you to submit your application
applicants applying Early Action will be given                    well in advance of this deadline.
priority consideration for academic scholarships
and the President’s Leadership Program.

Admissions Notification                                         Completing an Application
     CNU operates on a modified rolling admissions basis.            An application will be considered complete and ready
As soon as your completed application is received, it is        for review once we have received the following components:
reviewed, and we will attempt to notify you of your status        • Complete and signed application.
in a timely manner. In some cases, students not offered           • $45 nonrefundable application fee made out to CNU.
admission initially, but presenting competitive applications,       Online applicants may pay using a credit card. Students
will be deferred for additional consideration. In these             seeking a fee waiver should consult with their high
instances, students are given an opportunity to submit              school guidance department.
supplemental information.                                         • Official high school transcript. Please give the
                                                                    Secondary School Report Form to your guidance office
Application Options                                                 to include with your transcript.
                                                                  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores. Please arrange to have
    While you may choose to submit either an online or
                                                                    all of your test scores sent to us. CNU’s SAT code is
paper application, we encourage you to apply online. Both           5128, and our ACT code is 4345. Students applying
versions of the application can be found on our website at          through our optional standardized test plan should refer                                          to the directions on the following page.
                                                                  • The Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates, if you
Student E-mail Address                                              are applying for in-state tuition rates.
    Because we often communicate with students through
                                                                    In addition to the required components, you are
e-mail, please be sure to regularly check the e-mail address
                                                                welcome to take advantage of any of the following optional
you provide in the application and to adjust any filters to
                                                                supplements to the application:
accept e-mail from CNU.
                                                                  • A personal recommendation, preferably from a teacher
                                                                    in a core subject area.
                                                                  • Any other information you would like the admissions
                                                                    committee to be aware of as we review your application.

                                                                Any information sent to the Admissions Office should clearly
                                                                include your full name and date of birth.

                                                                    Students with special talents in the fine and performing
                                                                arts should visit our website for
                                                                guidelines on appropriate submissions.

                                                                    Students planning to play for one of our NCAA varsity
                                                                athletic teams should consult the website
                                                       for the name of the coach you wish
With an average class size of 25 students, CNU has much         to contact.
smaller classes than most public universities, and no
classes are taught by graduate teaching assistants.
Standardized Test Optional Plan                                      Admission to CNU is selective, and we anticipate more than
                                                                     8,000 applications for only 1,200 spaces in the entering class.
Students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 or rank in the
                                                                     We look for students who display the ability and desire to
upper 10% of their classes have the option of whether to submit
                                                                     benefit from a rigorous and rewarding academic environment.
standardized test scores (SAT or ACT). If you meet the above
                                                                     CNU places a great emphasis on curriculum and looks with
criteria, and do not want standardized test scores to be used
                                                                     favor on Honors, AP, IB and dual-enrollment courses. The
in the evaluation of your application, please indicate this on the
                                                                     University also seeks students with demonstrated leadership
appropriate section in the application. Applicants choosing not
                                                                     ability, a commitment to service and pride in their communities,
to submit standardized test scores are strongly encouraged to
                                                                     exemplary talents and diverse life experiences.
submit at least one recommendation from a teacher in a core
subject area. Home-schooled applicants, students attending           International Students
schools outside the United States, and students wishing to
                                                                     All citizens of countries other than the United States should
be considered for the Honors Program and the President’s
                                                                     refer to the Admissions website
Leadership Program must submit standardized test scores.
                                                                     forinternationalstudents.cfm for information on additional
Admission Criteria                                                   application requirements. All applicants who are not native
                                                                     speakers of English are required to submit results from the Test
To apply for admission, freshman applicants should pursue a
                                                                     of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
rigorous college preparatory program such as the Advanced
Studies Diploma (ASD) in Virginia. Curriculum guidelines             Transfer Admission
                                                                     Students who have graduated from secondary school and
  – 4 units of English
                                                                     taken coursework at a post-secondary institution must apply
  – 4 units of math, with at least Algebra 1, Geometry and
                                                                     as transfer students. Information on the transfer application
    Algebra II required
                                                                     and admission process can be found on the CNU website or
  – 4 units of History and Social Studies
                                                                     by contacting the Registrar’s Office,
  – 3 or 4 units of laboratory science
  – 3 units of one foreign language (preferred),
    or 2 units each of two foreign languages

     Scholarship Programs and Financial Aid Information
President’s Leadership Program                                       Honors students may qualify for renewable academic
                                                                     scholarships of $5,000 per year. Other Honors scholarships are
Students with an exceptional record of academic achievement
                                                                     available for upper-class students based on GPA and major.
and extra-curricular involvement are encouraged to apply
                                                                     Honors students are encouraged to develop a high level of
to the President’s Leadership Program. Participants in this
                                                                     academic initiative and to take advantage of opportunities
program have the opportunity to receive benefits including:
                                                                     ranging from small, specially designed classes to overseas
  • $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000 scholarships per year of study
                                                                     travel, undergraduate research and participation in national
  • Priority registration and housing                                conferences. Please visit for more
  • Up to $2,000 for stipends to study abroad                        information about the Honors Program.
  • Unique internship and networking opportunities
  • An academic minor in Leadership Studies                          Office of Financial Aid
A personal, on-campus interview is required to apply to the          CNU awards more than $20 million in financial aid each year in
program, along with a separate application. More information         the form of grants, scholarships, loans and college work-study
about this program, including the application, can be found at       programs. To receive priority consideration for merit-based                                 programs, such as the President’s Leadership Program and Honors
                                                                     Program, you should apply for admission by December 1. To apply
                                                                     for need-based financial aid, you are required to complete the
Honors Program                                                       Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available
No separate application is required to apply for the Honors          online at We encourage you to complete
Program. Students with outstanding academic credentials              the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1. CNU’s Title IV
will automatically be invited to join the Honors Program             code is 003706. You can visit the Office of Financial Aid on the
based on their initial admission applications. Some Freshman         web at

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