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					Kindle Fire Review - Top Five Features
It's undeniable that Kindle Fire is quite the rage these days; it offers astounding features at half the price of other

tablets, hence it's not uncommon to find a rave Kindle Fire review. This 7-inch tablet is an excellent gadget that

boasts of myriad features and with its increasing popularity, you'll be amazed that it actually lives up to the hype. The

Fire is Amazon's latest addition to its numerous Kindle gadgets, only that its features are not limited to that of an e-

reader. The vibrant colored touch screen of this tablet uses the latest technology that allows for high resolution;

making it perfect to watch movies, play games, surf, or read with. Through an easily set up WI-Fi, you can download

your favorite content in a touch. Undoubtedly, the simple and distinct interface of the Fire enables the user to utilize

its features with an apparent ease. And you'll find many a Kindle Fire review that raves at just how excellent this

tablet is.

The Fire is widely known for its many fun and exceptional features. And while a Kindle Fire review can discuss all of
them; it would be more efficient to focus on its top five features. One of the best is its fast dual core processor;

which basically ensures that the Fireworks in a faster pace. This means you can read books, download web content

or videos, and stream music at the same time without any sort of difficulty. Now that's truly amazing, right? The Fire
also uses a cloud browser called Amazon silk; which makes surfing the web a breeze on the Fire. Add this perk with

the built-in WI-Fi and you'll be surprised at what you can do on this gadget. If you're more inclined to watch TV shows

or movies, you can easily do so using the Fire. Since you're given access to 100,000 titles, boredom will be kept at
bay when you're using the Fire. You can either rent or purchase the digital content of the movies from Amazon. If

you'd rather spend time using the plethora of the popular apps, you can do so on the Kindle Fire. Thousands of them

are accessible through the Fire, including fun and exciting games from developers like PopCap, Zynga, Game loft
and a whole lot of others. Most importantly, with the Fire, you can access an entire library of books, newspapers or

magazines. It's definitely awesome to store up to 6000 books in your Kindle Fire; and these piles of e-Books can add

up to your seemingly endless reading list. Besides, you can read them in full color screen. Isn't that brilliant? Well,

these are the most notable features that makes the Kindle Fire stand out from the rest.

Still, there are loads of other features that the Fire provides. Surely a clear indication that this awesome gadget will let

you access innumerable perks and apps. Hence it's not surprising that more and more people are going for this cool

and relatively affordable gadget. It's definitely worth it, don't you think?

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