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					The cinema
When was the cinema

It was invented in Paris on 28th
December 1895, by the brothers Louis
and August Lumière.
 Who has invented
 the cinema?
The cinema was invented by the Lumière brothers.
They produced a single instrument that worked as
a camera and a projector, the Cinematographer. It
was patented on 13 February 1894. The first film
that was shoot with this instrument on 19 March
1895 was “Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory”.
The images beat the public with“ The arrival at the
La Ciotat station”. Their invention ended when it
was sold to Georges Mèlies.
Where was it invented?
On 28 December 1895 at “GRAND CAFÉ”
of Paris.
How was it invented?
For the first time on 28th/12/1895 Louis and
August Lumière exibited their invention to the
“Gran café de capucines” in Paris, projecting
on a white screen a sequence of distinctive
images, already printed with a photographic
process. In this way they create the effect of
the movement. It was called “appareil servant a
l’obtention et a la vision des eprouves
cronomatografiques” by the Lumière.
Why was it invented?
 We can say the cinema started as
 instrument of scientific surveying, returning
 back as celebration and diffusion the
 extraordinary show of science.
                                    4)1927, the first
1)On 28                             sound movie was
December of                         invented. (Il
1895 the cinema                     cantante di jazz)
was invented.
                                             5)In the 1930
                                             were invented
2)On 15 December of                          he new
1905 has been made the                       technology
old cinema.                                  (dubbing,
                                             sound dubbing)
                  3)The first '20
                  years of the XX        6)In the '90
                  century in Los         years the digital
                  Angeles was invented   cinema was
                  Hollywood.             invented
Timeline of the best Italian Films
-1905 La presa di     -1958 I soliti
Roma (Filoteo         ignoti (Mario
Alberini)‫‏‬            Monicelli)

 -1912 Quo vadis?
(Enrico Guazzoni)
                     -1960 La ciociara
                     (Vittorio De
-1948 Ladri di       Sica)‫‏‬
(Vittorio De Sica)
Timeline of the best Italian Films
-1968 C'era una    - 1997 La vita è
volta il West      bella (Roberto
(Sergio Leone)     Benigni)

 Ricomincio da     - 2002 La
 tre (Massimo      meglio gioventù
 Troisi)           (Marco Tullio
 - 1988 Nuovo      Giordana)
 Cinema Paradiso
Technical part of the
• Talking

 Talking films
 were invented in
 the first ten
 years of the XX
 those years
 films were
 followed by live
• Digital

 The arrival of
 digital films was a
 real revolution,
 because after 100
 years of story,
 cinema left its
 basic simbol: the
 motion picture.
• Where did it
  first come?

 This is a revolution that
 come from USA and
 that in Italy started in
 2005 in Silea,
 Pradamano and Trieste.
• How is made a
  digital film?

 Film is compressed in a
 file, after this it’s
 decrypted and is put in
 a central server,
 finally it’s transmitted
 by a reader; in digital
 films we can see clear,
 vivid pictures and an
 exact suond higher
 than a motion picture.
Effects of the
  invention in the
        modern world
Cinema,literature and art:
In futurism the cinema is analyzed like
independent means of expression with
remarkable possibilities.
                              Giacomo Balla
                              “Velocità in
                            The experiences of
               U.Boccioni   the futurists in the
               uniche       cinema can be
               della        connected to the
               nello        requirement to pick
               spazio”      dynamics of the
                            modern times, the
G.Balla                     movement, the
che corre
                            simultaneity, the
sul balcone”                speed of which the
                            contemporary life it
                            is impregnated.
The Manifest of the
1909 prefigure a
realization of the
provocations already
put into effect by
futurist with the
poetry and the
theatre: chaotic
collision, full freedom
from every logical and
coherent use; cinema
as natural evolution of the painting.
Cinema,literature and art:
The Neorealism has been
a movement developed
between 1940 and 1950
that has been expressed
above all in novelistic and
cinema, particularly in
Italy. The neorealists
were much influenced by
the French poetic realism.
The neorealist cinema is characterized by
stories acclimatized between the poor
working classes, with long camera takes
to the open,often on the background of
the war devastations, and often some
characters were portrayed by non-actors.
To teach and to learn
with the cinema
Considering that the children from the
most tender age are exposed to images
in motion in the schools for decades
many initiatives about cinema have
been done.
There are three typologies of
1)The vision   2)Initiatives like      3)Production of
of films       matinees in the         a video with the
without any    cinemas in which        operators and
analysis       films are used to       teacher help.
               start reflections and   “media literacy“
               arguments on several
The newsreel is a short film about the
present time and information projected
in the cinemas before the beginning of
the show and characterized by a fast
rhythm of the reportages.
The newsreel was invented in France in
1907 diffusing itself in all Europe and the
USA. During the second World War it
became a powerful instrument of
propaganda in all the totalitarian regimes.
It disappeared progressively from the
cinemas in the course of the 70s, when
the television became a mass media.
In Italy the newsreel of the post-war
period diffused new social models of
behaviour and represents a more
effective vehicle of information than the
printed publication paper. The Italian
newsreel historically more meaningful and
important is represented by that one
produced by the Luce Institute between
1927 and 1945.
Globalization could be defined like a
reduction of the distances (spatial,
cultural, etc...). The cinema has
contributed to globalization diffusing
behaviours, ideals, lifestyles and
conforming the world-wide culture.
The teenagers’s world
Children and teenagers love very
much cinema tales because cinema
stimulate the creativity in the
Cinematic art is an instrument for the
recoup of spontaneity through the
identification with the young leading
Unfortunately more children don’t
go to the cinema very often, but
only sometimes during the holidays.
Films that have more successful on
children’s world are:
     funny films


adventure films
Cinema is a source of education too,
in fact cinematic pellicle stimulate
the spectator’s immagination and it
leave into the young spectator a
strong sign.

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