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									Detection of Cervical Cancer

How do I detect that a woman infected with HPV that cause cervical cancer? Symptoms of a person
infected with HPV are not visible and not easily observable. The easiest way to find out by cytological
examination of the cervix. This examination is currently popular with a Pap smear or Papanicolaou
smear taken from a Greek doctor who invented this method of George N. Papanicolaou. However, there
are also various other methods for early detection of HPV infection and cervical cancer as follows:


IVA is the abbreviation of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid. Method of examination with cervical smear
or cervix with acetic acid. Then observed for any abnormalities such as white areas. If no color change, it
may be no infection of the cervix. You can do at the health center with a relatively cheap price. This can
be done only for early detection. If it looks suspicious signs, then the other detection methods are
further to be done.

Pap smear

Pap smear test method is generally the doctors use a scraper or brush to remove a small sample of
cervical cells or cervical. Then the cells will be analyzed in the laboratory. The test can reveal whether
there is infection, inflammation, or abnormal cells. According to the world, with regular Pap smear tests
have reduced the number of deaths from cervical cancer.

Thin prep

Thin prep method is more accurate than the Pap smear. If the Pap smear is only taking a portion of the
cells in the cervix or uterus, the Thin prep will examine all parts of the cervix or uterus. Of course the
result will be far more accurate and precise.

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