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									           Happy Birthday !!
          1st        Ketayun Irani

          3rd        Irmgard Hi-Chacko

          6th        Archana Rathi                                                                                                                                                  WOMEN’S INTERNATIONAL CLUB
          7th        Corinna Chandorkar—loves traveling, dogs and having fun with friends.                                                                                                                                December 2009
          9th        Anisha Kanjilal-- is an ex-dentist turned antique furniture dealer, currently training in
                     western classical singing. She is a voracious reader, who loves anything to do with Judaism
                                                                                                                       Hello Ladies,
                     and ancient Egyptology and is also kept busy looking after her 2 young sons.
          9th Yasmin Gojer                                                                                             December is always an exciting month. The weather is pleasant and it is a good time to spend time
                                                                                                                       outdoors. Preparation for the Christmas and the New Year celebrations begin. WIN's activities all take
          10th Geeta Samarth --A business woman by profession with a passion for cooking, yoga & keeping               place by the 17th of December in order to break for the holidays so please make time for them.
                th                                                                                                     Enclosed with this newsletter you will find a Form for the nomination of next year's Executive
          10 Nina Vakil –enjoys the outdoors and nature.                                                               Committee. Please read it carefully, nominate who you think would make an efficient and dedicated
                                                                                                                       WIN secretary, treasurer, vice president and president. Forms are to filled completely with all the
          15th Annet Thielsch                                                                                          necessary signatures and submitted to the presidents. The deadline for submission is January 11,
          28th Nandita Anjaria-- loves philosophy, music, books, movies, meeting interesting people,                   2010.
                     travelling, and don't forget good food!
                                                                                                                       Our member Anuradha Rao is well on the way to a full recovery after her recent surgery. Hope to see
          29 Alpana Marwah                                                                                             you soon Anu!!!"

          31st Tina Eichmann                                                                                           Preparations for the WIN/Max Mueller Bhavan Christmas Fair are on in full swing. Most of the NGO's and
                                                                                                                       SHG's as well as our own members are ready to put up their stalls on Sunday the 6th of December. But as
                                                                                                                       always, it is not enough!!! We are for ever asking for donations of members, be it for the White Elephant
          Aimee Wadia's new email id is:                                                         Stall, used books, food to eat there or take home, preservatives, pickles etc. We thank our members who
                                                                                                                       have pledged already and ask those who have not yet done so, to put on their thinking caps and come up
          Zarin Boyce became the proud grandmother of Maya on the 1st of October. Congratulations Zarin.               with items for us to sell.
                                                                                                                       There are activities planned for the children too, St. Nicolas is coming, live auction, lucky dips. Please
          Adek and Rien Boogaard became proud parents of a baby girl. She was born on the 21st of October              take the items to Max Mueller Bhavan directly or bring them to the Fellowship on the 4th of December.
                                                                                                                       Food has to be handed in on the morning of the 6th.
          and Tiara Alida is her name. A sister for Rebecca, Guido and Ralph. Congratulations to the Boogaard
          clan.                                                                                                        Come one, come all, ask all your friends to come too, spend some time with us and plan to buy ALL
                                                                                                                       your Christmas Gifts that day.
          New mobile No. for Nicole Bakker 956105536                                                                   Any questions?, please call Reshma, Barbara, Nicola, Tania or Nafisa.

                                         A Warm Win Welcome To:
                                                                                                                                                                 In Memoriam.
          ELKE KOHLER                     JEFFERIN SEQUEIRA             KADRIYE TOPCU,      LAURIE MORGAN
          Oxford Hallmark A201,           95, Clover Hills,             G 402 Waterfront,   104 C Copa Cabana,          "We are sad to inform members about the sudden demise of our dear Angela Chitte on the 17th of
          Lane 7, Koregaon Park,          Pisoli Road,                  South Avenue,       Fortaleza,                  November. Angela was a long time member and became friends with many. Her witty stories and
          Pune 411001                     Near NIBM road,               Kalyaninagar.       Kalyaninagar, Pune.         endearing ways, will remain in our minds for a long time.
          Tel:41285998/9011090168         Pune 411048.                  Pune 411014         Tel: 9766373929             May she Rest in Peace...
          dob-25.5.49                     Tel: 41230987/9561082098      Tel:9763397170    Angela, you will be missed."
          German                     dob-2.6.55
          dob -11-3-1963                dob-1.1.1969        USA
                                          Australian                    German

                                                                                                                       Presidents                    Vice Presidents              Secretaries                 Treasurers
                                                                                                                       Yasmin Gojer                  Anisha Kanjilal              Kalpana Chogle              Jasmine Jehangir / for suggestion : please contact committee members                                                    Pam Stacy                     Rita Date                    Yvette Vajda                Kerstin Stedt

          Day        Tuesday
          Time       10:30 am
          Venue      Rita Date's residence
                                                                                                            th       EATING OUT
                     Nalini Building. 13/4 Karve Rd. Pune-411004
                     Rita Date—9881468968
                     This meeting is for Executive Committee members only.                                 14        Day
                                                                                                                                Forbes Marshall Guest House, Adina, 2nd floor. Lane E, off North Main Rd. –
                                                                                                                                turn left into lane at Sweet Chariot Tel:26156735
                                                                                                                     Food       Bohri Cuisine
                                                                                                                                By popular demand!! Come and join us for this Cultural and Culinary Experience.
                                                                                                                                Enjoy food typical to this community, they way it is served, their way of life and the
             This Month, Make Time for                                                                                          clothes they wear. Get to know a bit of the history of the Bohris, all part of this
                                                                                                                                exciting eating experience. Not to be missed Vegetarians can be catered for.
                                                                                                                     Cost       Rs. 250/- to be paid for at the Fellowship
                                                                                                                     R.S.V.P.   Sanober Kotwal - 9822911007 Irmgard Hi-Chacko - 9923751173

4         Day
                     11 am
                     Hotel Deccan Rendezvous, 1203/3 Apte Rd, Off Ghole Rd.
                     Shivajinagar, Pune
                                                                                                                th   MUSIC AND DANCE

                                                                                                           15        Day
                                                                                                                                11.00 am
                                                                                                                                Rati Forbes' residence

                                                                                                                     Address    30 Koregaon Park, Lane 2
          Day        Tuesday                                                                                         Topic      Christmas Carols - with the festive season approaching, come join us for a morning of
                                                                                                                                singing Christmas carols and hearing about the origins of Christmas music. Veronica
          Time       11 am
                                                                                                                                Krishnayya who is a well known pianist and is the conductor of one of Poona's most
          Venue      Deccan Gymkhana Club
                                                                                                                                reputed choirs will talk briefly about Christmas music and help us sing well known
                     Dr V. B. Rao Conference Hall
                     1st Floor, Pune 411 004
                                                                                                                                Besides that we would like to “dress the Carols” up with some Christmas cake and a
          Topic      Dancing can be magical and transforming. It can breathe new life into a tired soul;                        little drink to get everyone into the swing of this festive season. Please come dressed
                     make a spirit soar; unleash locked-away creativity and on a more physical level can                        in red or any Christmas colours.
                     give you a great mind-body workout and can help keep your body, including your
                                                                                                                     Cost       150 Rs for the mood
                     brain, healthy as you age.
                                                                                                                     RSVP .     Maxie - 97658-96764 or Rati - 98220-49920
                     Sharvari Jamenis, classical dancer, actor in Hindi & Marathi cinema, TV serials and
                     Bollywood choreographer, presently judge on a famous dance reality show will
                     demonstrate dance based on Bollywood music!
          R.S.V.P.   Bhagyashree Ranade – 9823053067

                                                                                                                th   HOME AND ENVIRONMENT

                                                                                                           16        Day
                                                                                                                                Visit to Vimal Farms out near Talegaon Pick your own Strawberries !
                                                                                                                                Captain Katre will host our visit to his Farm where he organically grows delicious

                                                                                                                                Strawberries and later on in the season Mangos. This will be an early departure from
          Day        Thursday                                                                                                   Pune ...9.15 am meeting for the 1 hour drive to the Farm with car pooling. Bring the
          Time       11 am                                                                                                      suncream, sunhat, shoes for walking , a picnic lunch and water . Good bathroom
          Venue      Bhavna Mehta's residence No.4 “Prasanna” Mumbai –Pune Road. Kirkee.                                        facilities !
                     Tel: 25814050/9325000001                                                                        Cost       That depends on how many strawberries you pick !!
          Topic      Mehndi (Henna) demonstration. Come spend a morning watching how Mehndi is                       R.S.V.P.   Roma Deodhar 9890833091, Jan Ali 9923338963
                     applied on the hands and feet.
          R.S.V.P.   Sujata Shah—9970813151 Varindar Suchdev--9890027071

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