October 2008 Pack 201 News Letter

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					                  October 2008 Pack 201 News Letter

See: pack201cary.org for current information
1   Popcorn orders due
1   University of Scouting – Wake Tech (L)
4   Den Meeting / Tiger Den 4 Meeting
11  Den Meeting
12  Fun Event - Bowling
14  Popcorn Distribution at church
    Time TBD
18  Combined Nov./Dec. Pack Meeting
20  RoundTable (L)

Popcorn Sales
Our Popcorn sales are almost over. We need all Popcorn orders and prize selections turned
in NOW. David Lee, our Popcorn Kernel, will be accepting the forms at the Pack meeting. If
you can not turn in your sheet at the Pack meeting, please contact David at
davidrlee@nc.rr.com or Matt Leonhard to make other arrangements. Thanks to David for
being our Popcorn Kernel this year!!

Recruiting Scouts
We’re still looking for more Scouts to join Pack 201. If you haven’t asked you sons friends,
neighbors, classmates etc… please do! You can even send them an email invitation at
http://www.thescoutzone.org/ecard.jsp Have them visit our website - http://pack201cary.org
or call me if they have questions – Matt Leonhard – 919-833-2007. Remember, your Scout
can earn the Recruiter patch if his friend joins!

Family Camping at Jordan Lake – Parkers Creek - Site #254
We had our first outdoor camping trip this month at Jordan Lake. I was not able to attend, but
the feedback has been positive and people enjoyed the Heritage Days and Astronomy
session. Thanks to Lee Sawyer and Reid Saunders for coordinating the trip!!

“Fun” Events
We had our first “Fun” event - a trip/picnic to Hill Ridge Farms on Oct. 18th . The weather was
cooler than last year, but everyone had a good time. Our next event will be bowling at
Buffaloe Lanes - 151 High House Rd in Cary. We’ll have an hour from 7-8pm, so please
arrive a little early to get shoes etc… The Pack will cover the cost for the Scouts. Any parents
or siblings that wish to participate will need to pay the $5 (tentative) price.

Helping Out With the Pack
Pack 201 asks every family to volunteer for at least one event during our scouting year. This
could be pinewood derby, Blue and Gold committees or Camping coordinator. Cub Scouting
is a family program, and our program is only as strong as the adults who volunteer their time
to make the program happen. Please visit the pack table this evening and sign up for at
least one activity. We still need a second leader for the Bear and wolf dens and a
leader or 2 for the Tiger dens.
Medical Forms
We need each a medical form for each Scout. If you filled one out last year, please review it
for any updates. See Matt Leonhard

We have the yellow Pack shirts for the new Scouts. If they haven’t picked up a shirt, please
do so soon. Additional shirts are available for $8.

Religious Emblems
This month the Crosswinds district honored the Scouts that earned their Religious Emblem in
the past year. Last year there were over 95 Scouts that earned an award but only 1 (Corey
Leonhard) from Pack 201. If you are interested in having your Scout work toward earning
their emblem, the Pack will cover the small fee for the booklet. Margaret Prakke has
volunteered to fill the Religious Emblem coordinator role. Please contact her if interested in
helping your Scout earn his award!

Scout & Parent of the Month
Congratulations to our winners!!

      Scout of the Month - Riley Scott
      Parent of the Month – Lee Sawyer

Birthday recognition:
Happy belated birthday to all Scouts who had a Birthday in October!

      Alec Wagner – Oct. 8th
      Quinzel Saunders – Oct. 21st
      Zachary Shoemaker– Oct. 22nd
      Corey Leonhard – Oct. 29th

Did I miss anyone?