The Importance of Probiotics: Restore a Healthy Balance by wendymaris


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									                                                                   Probiotics: What They
                                                                       Are and Why They're

                                                                   It is almost certain that you have heard
                                                                   something about probiotics and
                                                                   prebiotics. However, you may be
                                                                   wondering what these supplements are
                                                                   and if they are something you should
                                                                   consider taking. In this article, we will
examine those questions and help you identify the right answer for you.

Bacteria: The Essential Balance
First, it is vital that you realize that we require bacteria to remain healthy, even though this may be
counter-intuitive. This is because the digestive tract needs the right balance of certain bacteria to be
able to properly perform its function. While it is true that some bacteria are harmful, especially when
they get into parts of the body where they don't belong, or if they grow out of control. Nevertheless, the
right balance of beneficial bacteria" is vital for maintaining your health.                                                                            Wendy Maris
This Balance Can Get Out of Whack
The unfortunate reality is that a range of factors can disturb the balance. Antibiotics, for example, are a
frequent causes of imbalance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Antibiotics will sometimes
decimate the populations of beneficial microorganisms in addition to the toxic bacteria they are
intended to kill. This, in turn, can lead to damage of your digestive system's ability to do it job properly,
as well as cause damage to your intestinal lining. Once this has occurred, restoring the proper balance
can be difficult.

Restoring Balance: The Role of Probiotics
Fortunately, restoring this balance is precisely what probiotics do. Probiotics are oral supplements that
contain dormant beneficial bacteria. When you take probiotics, beneficial bacteria begin to take hold
again in your colon, thereby restoring the proper balance by crowding out harmful microorganisms.
Regular use of probiotic supplements can not only establish the right balance again, but also ensure that
it persists.

Are All Probiotics Equal?
The short answer is no. In the first place, many probiotics on the market have only one variety of
bacteria in them, which is most often Acidophilus. In contrast, some of the supplements that are
available contain up to twenty different kinds of bacteria. Greater variety is what you are looking for.

Moreover, dosage, or concentration, is also important. But, when we say dosage, we do not mean the
number of pills you take. Instead we are talking about the concentration of bacteria in each pill. This is
denoted by CFU, which stands for Colony Forming Units. Many probiotic supplements on the market
contain only a few hundred thousand CFUs, whereas the better ones contain up to billions of CFUs. It's
wise to opt for the higher dosages in order to maximize the effect.

Prebiotics: The Nurturing Component
So then, what are prebiotics? Like all living organisms, bacteria require proper nutrients in order to
survive and grow. This is precisely the function of prebiotics; they nurture the growth and survival of                                                                            Wendy Maris
beneficial bacteria. Hence, it's always a good idea to choose probiotic supplements that also contain

In conclusion, you must have a healthy balance of the right bacteria for your digestive system to
properly digest what you eat and for you to stay healthy. That's why it's beneficial for you to take a
daily probiotics supplement which contains a high dosage of a variety of "good" bacteria. The take
home message is that probiotics are an excellent addition to your good-health arsenal!

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