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					                                          IFIP/IEEE International Conference on
                                      Management of Multimedia Networks and Services
                                                           MMNS 2002
                                                Managing IP Multimedia End-To-End
                                                              October 6-9, 2002
                                                          Santa Barbara, CA USA
Program Chairs
Kevin Almeroth
 UC Santa Barbara
                            Call For Papers
Masum Hasan
 Cisco Systems              With the popularity of the IP -based Internet, there has been a major shift towards building a worldwide,
Program Committee           all-service and all -media network based on the next -generation of IP technology. Rich multimedia is
Nazim Agoulmine
  U. of Evry
                            increasingly being incorporated into Internet applications (like Voice -over-IP, streaming video, etc.).
Ehab Al-Shaer
  DePaul University
                            However, more work is needed to evolve the Internet and the underlying networking technologies into an
Nikos Anerousis
                            infrastructure capable of supporting all       -service and all -media traffic. Significant management
Mohammed Atiquzzaman        functionality is required to ensure that these applications have a network that is both capable and
  U. of Oklahoma
Supratik Bhattacharrya      available. Management requirements may ensue from the fact that multimedia traffic may traverse
  Sprint ATL
Raouf Boutaba               networks using a wide variety of technology and each networ k may be owned, operated, and controlled
  U. of Waterloo
Greg Brewster
                            by a different organization. In order to provide end-to-end, high quality multimedia services, the network
  DePaul University
Andrew Campbell
                            must provide robust management functionality.
  Columbia University
Russ Clark                  The IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services will hold
  Georgia Tech
Metin Feridun               its fifth annual meeting Oct. 6 through Oct. 9, 2002 in Santa Barbara, CA. The IFIP/IEEE MMNS is a
  IBM Research
Dominique Gaiti             single-track conference and provides an intimate setting for discussion and debate. The program
  U. of Troyes
Mohsen Guizani              committee is solicitin g original papers describing research in the area of management of multimedia
  U. of West Florida
Abdelhakim Hafid
                            networks and services. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
Go Hasegawa
  Osaka University           •   End-to-end IP multimedia network and service management     •   Resource, performance and fault management
Ahmed Helmy
                             •   VoIP service management                                     •   Multi-point, multicast services management
David Hutchison              •   IP Video, streaming, interactive video service management   •   Network programmability for multimedia services
  Lancaster University
Muhammad Jaseemuddin         •   Provisioning of multimedia networks and services            •   Policy-based management for multimedia services
  Ryerson Polytechnic        •   Wireless and mobile multimedia network management           •   QoS management
Gautam Kar
  IBM Research               •   Optical multimedia network management                       •   Multimedia traffic management
Ahmed Karmouch
  U. of Ottawa
                             •   Cable multimedia network management                         •   Multimedia content protection
Lundy Lewis                  •   Multimedia network traffic engineering and optimization     •   Deployment of multimedia services
Derong Liu
                             •   Distributed multimedia service management                   •   Active multimedia network management
  U. of Illinois-Chicago     •   Network management models and architectures                 •   Multimedia session management
Songwu Lu
  UC Los Angeles             •   Billing and security for multi-media services               •   Middleware support for management
Hanan Lutfiyya               •   Content distribution internetworking
  U. of Western Ontario
Allen Marshall
  Queen's University
Ahmed Mehaoua
  U. of Versailles
Jose Neuman de Souza
  U. Fed. do Ceara
                            Paper Submission
Jose M. Nogueira
  U. Minas Gerais           Papers must be submitted electronically in postscript or PDF format. Detailed instructions are provided
Giovanni Pacifici
  IBM Research              on the conference web site, Paper length is limited to 20
Guy Pujolle
  U. Pierre & Marie Curie   double-spaced pages. The paper's cover page must include: title of paper, authors' names and affiliations,
Ed Perry
  HP Labs
                            contact author's name and address (both postal and electronic), a short abstract, keywords, and submission
Puneet Sharma
  HP Labs
                            area (from the list of relevant topics of interest). For any further information, please refer to the
Chien-Chung Shen            conference home page or direct your questions to
  U. of Delaware
Rolf Stadler
  CTR/Columbia Univ.
Ralf Steinmetz
  U. of Darmstadt
                            Important Dates
Burkhard Stiller
  ETH Zurich                 Submission deadline:                April 14, 2002
John Vicente
  Intel                      Notification of acceptance:         June 23, 2002
Alaa Youssef
  IBM Research               Final version:                      July 14, 2002
                             Conference:                         October 6-9, 2002

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