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Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, 17 January 2001 — Clearing 21®, which will be the
common clearing system used by Euronext markets in Amsterdam, Brussels and
Paris by the end of the year, has been operational on Euronext equity markets in
Paris since January 12. Already up and running on Euronext Paris derivatives
markets Monep and Matif since September 8 last year, Clearing 21 ® is a recognized
industry standard developed jointly by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the
New York Mercantile Exchange. The Paris Bourse acquired the system in 1997
through a technology exchange agreement which also enabled the CME to adopt
NSC, the Euronext trading system.

Following three years of development work conducted by teams from Clearnet SA
and Atos-Euronext(1), Clearing 21® is now the world's only real-time clearing system
for both equities and derivatives. Modular, open architecture make if fully compatible
with the automated back-office processing systems of market members, whatever
their geographical bases. Members also benefit from new capacity for immediate
fine-tuning of treasury management, lower back-office costs and lower margin
requirements, thanks to scope for cross margining. Finally, Clearing 21 ® makes it
easier for institutions to operate as remote clearers.

Clearnet SA is to act as the clearing house and central counterparty for markets in
Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris following a merger with Euronext clearing houses in
Amsterdam and Brussels. It will thus be the first clearing house to process cross-
border transactions in real time for both equity and derivatives markets.

(1) Atos-Euronext is a company founded in January 2000 by Euronext in association with
Atos, a leading IT services company since renamed Atos Origin. Atos-Euronext is charged
with the development and marketing of Euronext trading and clearing systems.

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Amsterdam - Raymond Salet - (00 31) 20 550 44 33
Brussels - Anne De Gang - (00 32) 2 509 13 92
Paris – Antoinette Darpy - (00 33) 1 49 27 11 31

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